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This Upcycled Table Project has turned out to be so cool! … Why is it that summer flies by and winter lingers on here in the Midwest? I am grasping tightly to summer but it is slipping through my fingers.

So in an effort to make sure I am not a crazy woman running around a day before school starts trying to get my life in order, I am starting a little pre-school organization.

School starts for us on August 13th and one of the areas in our newish house (can I say that if I have lived here for a year) that drove my kids and myself crazy is that our printer resided on the floor and there was never paper in the printer. 

So when I snagged a vintage $3 typewriter table at a yard sale I knew it would be perfect in our family office space

However, it looked pretty sad and needed a little refresh. Enter on stage right some cans of spray paint! And, let’s not forget…I am the queen of the upcycling!

typewriter table transformed


  • Krylon Spray Paint: Coral Isle, Periwinkle, Gold Metallic and Sea Glass
  • Krylon primer
  • Scotch Blue Painters Tape
  • Tool set (to take apart the table)
  • Wire brush and steel wool
  • Optional: disposable brush and paper plate

How To Upcycle a $3 Table

One of the things I noticed about the typewriter table is there was a little lip on the metal frame that I could cut a piece of wood to fit on top of. 

That would easily convert to be a place to keep extra printer paper. 


vintage typewriter table
typewriter table before

Step 1

I started by taking apart the table so that I could easily paint the different parts. 

It had like 30 years of filth on it so I used a wire brush and steel wool with a little mild dish soap to clean it up.

Step 2

Once dry I tied up the legs between two ladders and sprayed it with spray primer first since the finish wasn’t even and there was some mild rust spots.

spray painting a typewriter table
typewriter table parts

Step 3

Next I sprayed the frame with Krylon Gold Metallic.

gold typewriter table

Step 4

While that was drying I primed the table tops. 

I followed that up with Krylon Coral Isle spray paint.

spray painted typewriter table

Step 5

Next I cut a piece of 1/4” plywood to fit in that lip on the frame and painted that Coral Isle too.

updated typewriter table

Step 6

Now this isn’t the actual way you are supposed to use spray paint. But there are no rules with creating right? 

I actually taped off the table legs with Scotch Blue painter’s tape and then used a foam brush and spray paint sprayed onto a paper plate and brushed the spray paint on. 

The reason for this craziness is two fold: I wanted those exact colors since there are other things I have sprayed in the room with those colors. 

Secondly, spraying the stripes would require me to  tape off the entire table. That seemed like way too much work. 

However, if you would rather purchase small craft paints that would be way easier.

typewiter table
printer cart

Step 7

After dry, I removed the tape to reveal gorgeous stripes that pick up on the colors of the room.

printer cart with wheels

Step 8

Then I put everything back together again, including the new piece of wood I cut for a paper shelf. 

However I didn’t like the raw edge showing. So I found a tiny piece of scrap molding from another project and painted that up.

Since it was impossible to attach the molding to the 1/4” wood I used I just hot glued it in place. GASP!

Woodworkers around the world grown. But DIYers like us chest bump and high five at the ingenuity.

typewriter table printer cart
typewriter table with shelf

It turned out too cute for $3 and a few cans of spray paint. 

And the functionality it gave our family was well worth its weight in gold spray paint. 🙂

typewriter table transformed
printer cart typewriter table

coral and gold typewriter table

The three different colors of spray paint pick up on the color scheme in the office. 

It was a perfect way to tie those colors in a subtle way.


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