Krylon Painted Paint Stick Address Sign

I might be obsessed with these slim pieces of wood, especially at the cost of wood these days!.  There are just so many things you can do with them.  Since I inherited a box of paint sticks, anticipate more projects in the future.  Krylon asked me if I wanted to participate in a project featuring a color pallet of their choosing.  So they sent me two color pallets to use to create something summery.



Now, this certainly isn’t a color pallet I normally would lean towards.  But it does make a fun poppy outdoor address sign.


krylon spring pallet

Since my builder basic plastic numbers weren’t doing my house any favors I figured adding some POP of color could certainly help.  I mean, after all, this is what I started with…

address sign


6 – 5 gallon paint sticks

wood glue

chop saw

tape measure and pencil

Krylon spray primer

spray paint (I used Rich Plum, Bright Idea, Shimmer Metallic Blue, and Jasper Natural Stone – no longer available, but this is similar, Charcoal Sand)

plastic address numbers

3M sanding sponge

thin nails

air nailer

1.  With my chop saw, I cut two paint sticks about 17†long.  Then I cut up 4 other paint sticks to 5†for a total of 12 sticks.  I sanded the sticks smooth so it would take the paint well.  Wipe dust.

paint stick project

2.  Next I spray primed all the wood pieces and the plastic numbers.

address sign drections

3.  Then I sprayed 4 of each 5†stick with the three different colors.

krylon metallic blue

4.  The letters and the back 17†pieces got sprayed with the Krylon Natural Stone in Jasper.

krylon spray painted address sign

5.  After dry I glued the 5†pieces onto the 17†pieces using nickels as spacers. Let it dry overnight.

address sign

6.  Using small nails, nail the numbers in place.

7.  I used a nail gun in the 4 corners to tack it in place using a level to make sure it is straight.

DIY address sign

address sign tutorial

And now I have some Spring POP to my front porch.  Once I plant some flowers and my plants begin to bloom it is going to be gorgeous!

address sign painted

DIY paint stick address sign


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Disclaimer:  This was a compensated project from Krylon.  Reposted from April 2014.

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  1. This is adorable! I love the color choices. Keep up the paint stick projects! I never thought to use them for DIY projects. You are brilliant! Going to check out some of your other paint stick creations now.

  2. The pop of color is definitely pretty. I love paint stick projects as well, although lately I’ve noticed that stores are not allowing people to just take them anymore. I had one store employee tell me he heard there was some sort of “controversy” over the paint sticks. Lol! Now my mom and husband just ask for a couple every time they are in a home improvement store;)

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