Infarrantly Creative was born back in 2007. Back then blogging was a completely different story to what it has become nowadays. The founder was Beckie Farrant who defines herself as:

“Wife and mommy first, and then a red-headed, left-handed, frugal-living, faith-walking, truth-speaking, creative-minded, purpose-driven, leadership-seeking, spray-painting, fun-loving Midwest girl”.

The blog was recently put up for sale since the owner ventured other projects and couldn’t run it anymore. She wanted to keep it alive and give a new owner the chance to thrive being Infarrantly Creative. The blog change ownership in the summer of 2022.

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What does Infarrantly mean?

Haha!   That’s one of the #1 hits from Google searches: “definition of infarrantly”. Beckie made the word up and only she can give the definition. Her last name is Farrant and she was trying to decide what her blog was going to be named. She found herself playing on the word “inherently” which means something intrinsic, innate, basically born in oneself. So she came up with inherently creative…which ended up being ” Infarrantly creative”.   Get it? 🙂

What makes Infarrantly Creative unique?

We could say that Infarrantly Creative is a “think-outside-the-box” blog focussing on recycling, repurposing, cooking, inventing, experimenting, creating … But also, since I, the new owner, took it over only a few months ago, Infarrantly Creative is now also focussed on middle aged women’s empowerment, self-love and professional success.

My name is Eva and I only discovered blogging at the beginning of this year 2022. Never paying any attention to it or remotely knowing it could actually be a full time job! But, not only that, but the dream job.

The job that makes my life and future brighter. The job where I can be myself, fully and, like Beckie, pour all my creativity and ‘outside the box’ thinking in here. Sharing it with the world and adding value so more women can take that little first step leading to a wonderful and fulfilling life. 

I am not sure how exactly that’s happened – note the sarcasm – but, suddenly, I am a middle aged woman myself, in my late 40s, with two teenagers, an ex husband, a cat, a boyfriend and a complete new life ahead of me.

For the first time in my life I am jumping into the unknown but I don’t feel scared, I feel empowered and excited and I would love that you’d feel like that too.

What can I find in Infarrantly Creative?


You’ll find a huge variety of things given the history of the blog. DIY Projects Gallery being the biggest chunk and containing all sorts of renovations, upcycling, woodworking projects.

An absolute favorite are the Roadkill Rescue projects. That is the term Beckie had dubbed when she found some curbside castaway and turned it into beautiful and usable décor.

Infarrantly Creative has been creating for almost 15 years and has inspired many people to create their own projects over and over again. Nothing will bring more delight to me that, as it has happened countless times before, one of our readers emails a picture of something they made because we inspired them. Thank you for making this girl’s dream job come true!

Welcome to Infarrantly Creative. Stay a while and get inspired x