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As a crafter, it gets hectic to organize work items before and after an experiment. That’s when I thought – why not set up a DIY large craft table that’s easy, cheap, and saves time? 

By the way, thank you for all of your wonderful comments about my paint shelf with hidden door and my wall mount ironing board. Let’s move on, shall we?

I am excited to show you my next project which is my studio DIY large craft table.  Let’s be honest, this thing is large, coming in at nearly 40 square feet.  I think I shall call it my DIY craft island.

large craft table

Before I get started on showing you how I made my huge craft table here are a few options you can purchase if you don’t want to spend the time building it yourself.  There are some great options here that can give you a similar look.

10 craft tables

How To Build Your Own Craft Table

If you’re a crafter, you’d certainly need a multipurpose, multifunctional craft table for you too. Follow the instructions here to set up one for your craft island! 

I really wanted a project area as large as possible. An area where, while still being able to have plenty of room to access the cabinets, had as well a decent walkway.


So to start… you need the Kreg Jig. I love mine and used it to build the whole thing which makes is sooooo much easier.

Building drawers was a huge dream but after building my studio cabinets I opted for simple and utilized baskets and open shelves instead.  I tweaked Ana White’s Modern craft table plan to make three oversized bases with a laminate countertop.

On Ana’s plan there was 3 sets of cubbies on one side.  I tweaked her plan to include the same set of cubbies on the other side so it was symmetrical. 

That allowed each of my bases to measure 50 1/2″ wide instead of 38″.  I made three bases and spaced them evenly apart and then added the laminate countertop.

craft island
  • For each base I cut 2 (1″ x 12″) pieces at 32″ and two to 49 1/8″ and four 34 1/4″.
  • I made pocketholes and attached the shelves to the sides. 
  • Then I added my long 49 1/8″ piece onto the top.
  • Next I added the sides, then I added the bottom.
building a craft table
craft table DIY
building a craft table
  • Lastly I added two shelves on both sides of the cubbies and added face frames to everything. 
  • Then I patched, sanded, primed and painted them Liquid Jade by Valspar.
craft workspace


Since I made three bases I could have made the table bigger or smaller by making the space between the bases longer or shorter. 

I opted for 36″ between each base. 

I only bought four bar stools but my kiddos love to sit together and craft so that way I can move two stools and fit them in one of the spots so they are right next to each other.

craft table


I opted for a white laminate top. Hoping I don’t regret the decision of going white. The reason I decided to go white was so when I take all of my pictures it would be on a nice white background.

The measurements are 53″ x 114″. This is not just a regular countertop width so you might have to work with a contractor or maybe a big box store you can order wider laminate.

Note: Feel free to change colors based on the requirement and the room’s theme.

The challenge, obviously, is trying to keep it clean. So far, so good, but it definitely takes more upkeep to stay clean than a darker surface. 

I have a roll of paper towels, magic erasers, and some Shaklee cleaner on hand at all times.

Here’s the challenge I faced:

The laminate was oversized (did you know you can get it in 5″ x 12″ sheets???) so a friend of mine who specializes in working with laminate fabricated it for me.

He cut strips of plywood for the countertop to rest on and then we lugged (Holy crap it is heavy!) the laminate piece upstairs and it set perfectly on top.  Then the top was screwed onto the plywood pieces from underneath.

installing laminate countertop
craft work table


Total cost of supplies for the DIY large craft island was $407.35 (including all materials I purchased).

But in the end I splurged and bought these barstools.  It was late at night.  I was near the end of my DIY capacity and still under budget and I was tired. But I do love them and they were exactly what I was looking for and I was done DIYing.

Decorating The DIY Large Craft Table

I grabbed a bunch of the Byholma Baskets from IKEA ($7.99) as well as some glass jars that I had in my previous studio to organize.

IKEA Byholma baskets
craft room organization

On the kids side of the table I opted for Dollar Tree baskets and old pencil boxes from my days as a teacher.

craft room storage

Many of you are thinking… How do you utilize that middle base?  Aren’t those shelves under the table?  Do you really crawl under there to get your stuff? 

Nope.  That is the kids shelves and they think it is the coolest thing ever to crawl under the table to grab their coloring or construction paper.  In fact, I have found my son under there reading. HA!

middle base for craft table

The kids and I have already spent lots of time up here together creating, which helps me accomplish one of my goals of creating with my kiddos.


  • You can feel free to play with colors but ensure that it’s not harsh. Otherwise, it can affect the mood of the crafting island. 
  • Crafters need tables that are tall to help them with drafting outlines and progressing further. Hence, increase the height based on your height. 36” is ideal for countertop crafting. 
  • Allow the room between middle drawers for kids to crawl and have a fun time. 

What Height Should A Craft Table Be?

The ideal height is 36” for a countertop craft table. If you prefer sitting while crafting, you can reduce up to 6 inches. 

It has worked well for me with 36” as the height. I’d recommend the same to you too.

How Big Is A Sewing Table?

A sewing table is height – 29.4-30.5 inches. As the person sits at a lesser height, it’s ideal for fixing it to 29 inches for height. 

As I’m more of a crafter, I’d suggest a number less than 30 inches as it works well to suit your height. 

big craft table
craft table put to use
craft room table plans

I love it, I love it, I love it?  So who wants to come over for a ladies craft night?

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  1. I see my chair is waiting for me. You could such totally fun crops in your room. Love the design.

  2. Marvellous idea! I love your craft island. We´re renovating our mud/laundry room and this was a real inspiration. Great work!

  3. Totally envious of your craft island!! Totally!! & With the way you have made the spaces you can get a cute complimentary roll of gift wrap and drape over the table from one side to the next… tape underneath and then your white stays beautiful and you have an ever mood changing fun look!! I do it with my white IKEA tops on mine!! Love it!!

  4. I can’t even begin to imagine the sense of pride and joy you must feel every time you walk into this room. Everything you show us is more amazing than the thing before, and you built it all yourself. Awesome!!!

  5. OMGoodness! This space would be a dream come true for me! So much hard work and now it will pay off by having all this glorious space and storage. Sign me up for that ladies craft night! 😉

    P.S. I totally would have bought those stools, too. They’re perfect! A person can’t DIY everything. 🙂

  6. Absolutely amazing and beautiful! That color rocks and all those storage nooks make me jealous. 🙂 Those stools look perfect there…you deserved to splurge after all that construction. Looks like its something everyone can enjoy.

  7. Love!!! Lots of storage and plenty of work space. How on earth do you keep it so clean, if it was me I’d have 20 half finished projects scattered about. What an awesome space to share with the kiddos too. When is ladies craft night?!?!? I wanna come just to get a personal peek at your studio!!! Can’t wait for the next reveal post!

  8. What an amazing space! I am so jealous. My kids would think they had landed in heaven with a craft room like yours!

  9. This island is a crafter’s dream come true!! It turned out amazing, I love the color, and the fact that you made it yourself is so impressive, I just don’t seem to have the “builder” gene myself. If I could offer a tip to keep the top clean when you have really messy projects, I use one of those plastic table cloths that comes in a big roll from the party store, I just cut off a piece to fit, and then I tape it to the underside of my table to keep it in place, but it really does the job to keep my table clean (when I use it religiously.) Anyway, Congrats on finishing your island, it’s super cool!! ~ Amy

  10. Wowza! That is one SERIOUS table. I love it. The colours are fantastic. Your room is lookin’ pretty amazing.

  11. Love it Beckie! I wish I lived closer so I could come for craft night! I have to resort to the dining room table for my work surface. I have really enjoyed watching all your hard work come together in this awesome craft room!!

  12. I have been following along with this project here and on Instagram, but for whatever reason, this is the part I was most excited to see. We are getting ready to do a built in desk and work table in our office space as well – I wish it could be this big!

    However, as much as this is amazing, your paint storage idea was rather inspiring as well!

  13. LOVE IT!!!! do you have a PDF of your plans? would love to have it, so hubby can make me one! If you do PLEASE forward to my e-mail please????? Thank you and i love what you do .

  14. Wow, I am so impressed. I would love to have a craft table like this for my craft room! I just wish I was as talented as you. You certainly have a gift!

  15. Can you see the green from there? I’m literally so jealous of you. I don’t even have time to craft right now but this table is EXACTLY what I dream of. And fairly affordable (minus the chairs 😉 ) which is something my husband always wants to know first when I’m justifying things to him. 😀 Thank you for the inspiration!

  16. Please adopt me as your grandmother — I would so love to play in this room

  17. OMG I JUST LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! Can I come be your apprentice? I have always wanted to make/build just like you! this is FABULOUS! so glad I have discovered you . . . . enjoy with your kiddos! 🙂

  18. Me!Me!Me! Then you can show me what is in all those cupboards:) I LOVE your craft table! And why not add the shelves under there. There is always stuff we don’t always need access to– if it were for your use and not your kids. Was the DIY with Sandra your first time ever with wood/machinery? Because if so you are rockin’ it now!

  19. I wanna come craft with you, Beckie! I LOVE your awesome new table- it looks super professional. No one would look at it and think DIY.

  20. This is flippin awesome. This thing is massive. I currently have a 4′ x 5′ craft table in my workroom and I want to build a longer one. What is the overall length of your table? How long is your room? You did an excellent job on this space. Kudos.

  21. Damn woman! I am completely impressed and in awe. The cabinets are incredible and this craft table is absolutely perfect. Great job putting together your space…Enjoy!

  22. WOW!!!! Just when I thought that it could NOT POSSIBLY be any COOLER…you made this island….seriously….I used to think that I wanted to live in Thistlewood’s pantry but I’ve gotta say, your craft room is looking like a pretty nice spot..especially since it has a hidden ironing board too! It ROCKS, Becky…and so do you! WELL DONE, girlfriend…WELL DONE! xo

  23. WOW!! That is an awesome desk island! I love that it is in the middle of the room and not up against a wall. People are always afraid to pull things away from the wall. The space is amazing and I agree with others that it’s a fantastic way to share with your kids.

  24. Love.this.table! So organized and love the space! You did an awesome job on the table and the whole craft room is just amazing! You and Sandra make one heck of a team! 🙂 Pinning this one on the DIY boards!

  25. If you build it will they come? This table looks like it definitely draws fellow artists to you!
    Great idea, thanks for sharing.

  26. we’re working on tweaking my studio; i share it with my hubbs for his office and he uses my cutting table ALSO as his work table for computer repair… we’ve been trying to figure out how to meet my storage needs and his storage needs and both our space needs… without tripping all OVER each other anymore… and i *think* we might have hit the nail on the head… ding ding ding!

  27. I’m looking at this backwards. I saw the inside of the cabinets first, before this. AND I LOVE IT TOO!

    You did such an AMAZING job pulling all of this together. I love the colors and the forms of organization you used. It looks so great.

    I’m super proud of you! You did such a great job of building all of this! There’s no way I could do something like this.

  28. I can’t believe you made that island (and the cabinets obvi)! Congrats that you’re done, you earned those stools!

  29. Thanks Stella. I thought the same thing “there is no way I could do this.” But eventually one day at a time it happened. It took me three months to finish but I couldn’t be more proud of the space.

  30. It is so hard to plan a space around multiple needs. Spend lots of time drawing and tweaking and listing out all your needs and I am sure you will come up with something amazing.

  31. Thank you. Yes I like it in the middle too especially since I stand so often when doing my projects that is why I made it countertop height too.

  32. Thanks Kimberly. Thistlewood Farm’s pantry wouldn’t be a bad place to live either. But I will take my studio any day. {giggle}

  33. It wasn’t my first project with Sandra but definitely one of this magnitude. I knew my way around tools okay but this definitely stepped up my game.

  34. I don’t have plans per se but if you look at Ana’s site she gives the full plans and then all you have to do it take my measurements to add the cubby on the other side.

  35. Thank Amanda for taking time to comment. It is huuuuuuge and the perfect space to play with all my Michael’s supplies 😉

  36. thanks for justifying my bar stool purchase 😉 You can totally come for a craft night. I have all the paint and Mod Podge!

  37. Yah I need to do that for sure. I am anal about getting the top stained and that doesn’t really help create an environment for my kiddos.

  38. I keep forwarding him Ana White plans and links to your blog….he called me today and asked how upset i would be if the house was in chaos for 6 months? Kind of made me panic!

    But you’ve (we’ve!) got him thinking now! He’s considering having someone come in and rip out walls so that we have an empty open space downstairs so that we can start from scratch and design a living and dining space and a true studio for me with adequate storage!!
    I’m loving this blog series more and more! Lol

  39. Prior projects or not, this was a HUGE project! Your carpentry skills are amazing. It looks like you just “whipped up” your ironing board cover. I told Sandra she was creating DIY monsters! You are definately talented! Congratulations on all your hard work and ENJOY the fruits of your labor:)

  40. wow! that’s a fabulous creative space Beckie! Lucky you and the kids! 🙂

    ps LOVE my Kreg Jigs!

  41. I do, I’ll come craft with you anytime? Are we in the same time zone lol . Beckie, I so enjoyed meeting you at CHA this past winter and now to watch you transform your craft space. I think you are doing everyone woman’s dream right now. I so have been wanting to redo my craft space. Love it, keep up the good work.

  42. Thanks Stephanie! It was a long time coming for sure. I dreamed and thought about it for a year before I took the plunge on creating a space that was exactly what I wanted.

  43. Um, you’re pretty dang amazing you know that?? UH-MAZ-ing. I can not WAIT to see it in person!… And make a cover for that sewing machine 😉

  44. Hi,
    I LOVE that TABLE! I do have something to “give” back to you though. I can’t recall where/when I found this, so apologies to whomever….? (Heliose?) I found a GREAT tip for white countertops – If you get a stain on it, try using a tooth whitening toothpaste. The toothpaste has a very fine grit, and the “whitening” bleaches the stain. I have been able to keep my countertop white. Hope this tip helps you too!
    I HOPE my future includes a table like yours!!

  45. I love this. I can’t help but think that I could completely transform my OFFICE!!! So much better than a small desk. Boy, I can really spread out the paperwork.

  46. I love it, too! I like the white laminate and think it’s a smart choice for photography. We have the same laminate tops in our kitchen and yes I would love to replace them but for now – they are durable and good for taking photographs.

  47. I am thoroughly impressed that you made that yourself! And wicked jealous! I have an Ikea yellow laminate desk on 4 legs that I found on kijiji for about $25 that’s been doing it for me for about 2 years now. But I have made the recent addition of a wonderful Expedit shelving unit from Ikea that has saved my craft room from closing in on me-much happier crafting now. Well done!

  48. Thank you!!!! I’ve been looking for an idea to store[when not being used], as well as secure my knitting machines to when in use. This is the best!! I can even imagine several being set up at the same time. And what a great place to store the additional parts. It is in the top 10 of my must do list. Oh heck, who am I kidding!!! It is in the top 3 of that list. Thanks for sharing-Blessings

  49. I would add a cutting mat to the top. My craft table has one and it is great. But this would definitely be the upgraded model.

  50. I actually do have one. It is a 24″ x 36″. It just didn’t look pretty for pictures so I didn’t have it up there. 😉

  51. I absolutely love your work space.

    I have a work room but it is very cramped. We are planning on moving within the next 10 months and a must on my “want” list for my new home is a large beautiful room for my workshop. I will most definitely be grabbing some ideas from you.

    Thank you so much for sharing. It truly is beautiful.


  52. This is beautiful. What are the dimensions of the island? I have a small room about 10 by 9.5 and want to build a craft room. This looks similar to my layout. Thanks cn

  53. Beckie,
    I have looked at your base pictures and the cut measurments you gave (For each base I cut 2 (1” x 12”) pieces at 32” and two to 49 1/8” and two 34 1/4”. I made pocketholes and attached the shelves to the sides. Then I added my long 48 1/8” piece onto the top. Next I added the sides, then I added the bottom.) and I am confused :{ . If your base 34 1/4 ” high, and I count four side pieces should you have at least four cut to the same length?? Please help my 16 year old daughter really likes this craft table and I would like to get it built but don’t want to mess it up.
    Thanks in advance :).

  54. Russ you are correct. It is 4 pieces at 34 1/4″. I corrected the tutorial. I am sorry about that.

  55. From the picture of you nailing on the face frame to the picture of you filling nail holes, there appears to be an extra ‘frame’ constructed on the top of each cubby unit (not the plywood base for tabletop). I don’t see this mentioned in the text. Can you please provide details on this and exactly why you did it? (ie, was it for aesthetics or other reason?)

  56. What kind of saw do you use? I would be interested in knowing what tools as well (saw, kreg jig, etc). I am going to attempt to build something for the first time. I have no saw, and very little tools so I will need to buy some things. Thanks! 🙂

  57. Hi Shannon, I would recommend a chop saw, a Kreg Jig and a cordless drill as your first building purchases. I have a Dewalt 12” chop saw and a Rockwell 3rill drill. Best of luck! 🙂

  58. Shannon, I think you could get the 1×2’s cut to length at Home Depot or Lowes, the Kregg jig drills guides a regular drill for the pocket holes, and a simple chop saw will cut the face frame pieces. It wasn’t highlighted as such but it looks like this table will take very few tools to build.

  59. Can you please tell me how much this table cost to make? I LOVE it and would love to re-create it. 🙂

  60. Beckie – I know this is a post for sometime ago. But would SOOO appreciate a response. I just love this craft table and it would be a great multi-purpose table for my 4 kids – craft, homework, etc…

    You stated “For each base I cut 2 (1” x 12”) pieces at 32” and two to 49 1/8” and four 34 1/4”. I made pocketholes and attached the shelves to the sides. Then I added my long 48 1/8” piece onto the top. Next I added the sides, then I added the bottom.”

    This is my FIRST project so I’m trying to compare what you stated you cut vs. the Ann-white to determine what you changed and didn’t change. I figured out that that the four 34 1/4″ pieces were for the cubbie side walls and the two 32″ pieces were the backwalls of the cubbies. What I’m confused about is two 49 1/8″ pieces and then tyou stated the top was 48 1/8″. I’m not sure what the two 49 1/8″ pieces were for. I thought it would be for the top and bottom, but since you stated the top was 48 1/8″…I’m puzzled.

    Also, did you do a floating base as mentioned in Ana-White’s table? It looks like you did but just checking as well. 🙂

    Like I said…I love love love the craft table and would love for you to respond!! 🙂 TIA

  61. what are the seat heights if the chairs ??? Could you give total size of the the table?

    Im going to start one for my wife and want to be sure she can find the correct chairs

    Thank you

  62. Under the lip of the counter, I could see adding a roll of craft paper to roll out and cover your table, a simple dowel holder would keep it in place…or even a curtain rod. This is a great design. Nice work!

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  64. I love this. I would need some modifications, but I’m having the most problems with the table top. I asked lowes about an island top and the beginning quote was around $600. Any info would be helpful..

  65. Hi Lisa, I actually saw someone use laminate flooring and then frame it out with 1x2s. Maybe you could look into that option?

  66. Hi I love your large craft table I was wondering if I could have the plans to make this for my wife

  67. You can follow the link in my post to Ana White’s free plans for the modern craft table. I explain in my post how I tweaked them slightly to work for my space. Hope that helps!

  68. Hello,

    I love your craft table that you created. Could tell me what the dimensions are? I need the height, width, and length. I think of building one for my mom, who is a sewer, for christmas. I need to make sure it will fit in the room.

    Thank you!

  69. Hi Katie, Just to give you an idea of size… The room is 16′ by 21′ and the craft island is 55″ x 9’6″. It is mammoth!

  70. I love this table! I am a new follower to your page. I was looking for table ideas and came across your page. You have such great projects. I notice the cabinets in the background that I really like also. Can you tell me where I can purchase/ how to make them? Thanks 🙂

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  72. Beckie, I don’t intend to use Ana’s “floating top” design element on my craft table. When it’s convenient, could you please give me the measurement from floor to the top of your craft table. Although you gave the length and width of you table many times in the comments, I couldn’t find any reference to the total HEIGHT.
    I very much want to include the same chairs as you purchased in my craft room, and I want my table to be the proper height. Thank you.

  73. WOW! I have cobbled together a smaller, not so pretty version from an old dresser, 2 bookcases, and a ‘found’ formica top; which has worked fine for years. But now I think I am having craft-table envy. You have set the bar high. This is a project to dream about. Thanks for the inspiration.

  74. This is amazing work. I might build this tomorrow. Only thing is those 1×12 boards are super expensive. Did you consider using plywood and ripping 12 in strips? Was it a convenience thing for you? You do excellent work and the finished product is perfect. Nice work.

  75. I really like this so much. I want one for my garage. Maybe 1/2 the size. Or 3/4 do u have any suggestions?

  76. Where did you get the laminate top? Or did you mean you can not get in 5’ x 12’? I am looking for something with that length but like a 3’ width. I think I said that right.

  77. What size is the top? Can you give me more details about the laminate top? I have everything but the top and can’t figure out where to get that. I want it way deeper than the standard countertop depth of 25 1/2 inches.

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