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We love knock-offs here at IC.  Did you know I have another blog called Knock Off Décor where I feature two knock off projects a day?  If you have yet to hop over there today is as good as any of make it your knock-off inspiration place.  Today Kim from Sand & Sisal is back with a simple Pottery Barn kids knock off project.  This wood beach banner is perfect for a surf-inspired or beach bedroom.  Please welcome Kim as she gives us the step-by-step on how to make a wood beach banner.
Hi everyone! It’s Kim from Sand & Sisal here and I am already in full summer mode and ready for the beach! The summer issues of Pottery Barn Kids are full of fun beachy décor items. One accessory that caught my eye was their weathered wood beach banner. I’ve been working on my sons’ room and knew that the Wood Beach Banner could be an easy DIY project that I could accomplish in a few hours. With just a few tools you can make your own Wood Beach Banner too!
wood beach banner
Here is the Pottery Barn Kids version:

Weathered wood banner
Pallet wood (or any rough wood plank)
vibrating sander
craft paint
flat tipped paint brush
  shorthaired round bristle stencil brush
sisal twine or rope
1. I had pallet wood left over from my Surfboard Pallet Art project. I cut 2 planks of the pallet wood into 7 inch long sections. I only needed 5 sections to spell the word “BEACH”.  After I cut them, I drew a triangle on each board and then cut along those lines with a jigsaw.

pallet wood banner
2. Now that you are left with 5 pennant shaped triangles, it’s time to sand the edges. Use a vibrating sander if you have one. They make any sanding job easy! I used 60 grit sand paper. I sanded all the edges of the triangles and paid close attention to the corners so they would be a bit rounded. Don’t sand the top of the triangles. You want a rough texture there.
pallet wood pennants
3. Choose your paint color and apply the craft paint with your short haired stencil brush. You want to dab the brush into the paint and work off some of the paint onto a paper plate first. The look you are going for here is a weathered, light look, not a thick coated paint job. Just rub the paint into the wood and don’t overthink it!
paint a pennant
3. Allow the paint to dry. It will only take a few minutes. You can choose to drill holes into your banner triangles now or you can do it later. Just be sure to choose a drill bit that will make a hole large enough to easily thread your twine through.
4. The reason why I suggest using a flat tipped brush is because it makes painting letters so much easier. I chose to paint simple letter forms just like PB Kids did. Notice how the width of the main letter strokes are the same width as the paint brush?
Paint letters
5. Allow your lettering to dry. Time to sand! With your vibrating sander lightly sand off the edges of the paint and a bit of the lettering. You are going for a weathered wood look. This is really quick and easy and the results are so cool!
sand the pennant
6. Tie small loops of twine through the predrilled holes and tie in a knot. Leave enough room to slide another piece of twine or rope under the loops.
Tie pennants with string
You are now ready to hang and display your Wood Beach Banner!
Beach Pennant Banner
Weathered Wood Beach Banner
This project cost me nothing because I reused what I already had on hand! The PB Kids price for the banner is $39 + shipping. So in just a few hours I had a fun Wood Beach Banner for free!
For more fun beach inspired projects be sure to check out my DIY Project Gallery & Décor Crafts!

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  1. This would be awesome for Eli’s beach themed party! Tooooo bad I am already slacking on more important aspects of the party like planning :/

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