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Yesterday I shared how my kids earn money each week doing daily chores.  Oftentimes my kids want to do or buy something special that they don’t quite have enough money for.  While much of the time we tell our kids they will have to wait and save for it (we want to teach them delayed gratification) there are also ways my kids can earn extra money.  Anytime my kids take something off my husband and my plate I am willing to compensate them.  So when my kids need to earn a little extra money they know there are jobs available for them to do.


1.  Clean a bathroom – $1


If my kids are willing to get out the toilet wand and clean the toilet, wash the mirror and wipe down the sink with a Lysol Wipe that is very helpful to me.  It is something I don’t have to do that week and a way my kids can earn a little extra.  It is hilarious how many times my kids want to buy an app for their Ipads and end up cleaning a bathroom to do so.

2.  Vacuum out the car $5


This job is worth $5 to me because I hate doing it and it takes a while to do a good job.  We got a new Dirt Devil® 360° Reach™ that my kids use now.  It has a ton of attachments and there is one in particular that is awesome for dusting and vacuuming the dash in one full swoop.


It also comes with numerous attachments.  The small crevice tool is great for cleaning under car seats (gross!), in cup holders and around tight spaces.

One of the other nice parts about the Dirt Devil 360 Reach is that my kids can empty the dust canister by themselves.


3.  Pull weeds $1 bag

We will give the kids a disposable bag and have them go throughout the flower beds and landscaping and pull all the weeds.  It takes them less than 15 minutes and helps make our outside look clean and well kept.


4.  Vacuum the stairs $2

The stairs going to our basement is a constant thoroughfare in our house with kids up and down to the playroom.  The stairs need to be vacuumed pretty consistently, especially because we have light carpet that shows everything.


Kayla also is shown using the Dirt Devil 360 Reach.  The cool part about this power stair & upholstery attachment is that you slide the clear plastic piece up and you can then do the treads of the stairs without changing attachments.



5.  Organize the plastic containers drawer – $2

Since there are so many people in and out of the plastic container drawer (and the kids are responsible for emptying the dishwasher) it can get a little unruly.  Kayla usually opts to do this job since she loves to organize.

If you are interested in learning more about the Dirt Devil 360 Reach you can purchase it for $149.99, which included an additional attachment package valued at $75, while supplies last.

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Dirt Devil, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #DirtDevil360Clean https://my-disclosur.es/O

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  1. Our $ earning “chores are as follows:

    dog poop – $5/grocery bag (we have our lab and a foster lab, so this job can be a big one once a week! Of course, the bags are usually only half full before the boys quit.)

    Helping clean the car – $3 (I take it to the wash twice a month and they get all of their grossness and whatever junk they’ve neglected to take in the house out during that time.

    Vacuuming the stairs – $3 (dog hair + dirty boys = big, constant job)

    Cleaning mirrors/dusting frames – .10 each (I have lots of mirrors. And frames. It’s a sickness)

    Cleaning baseboards/doors/sills – $1/wall (I’m not so good at the floorwork anymore)

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