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Yesterday I shared with you about the ultimate trade I made with my personal trainer friend Erin.  We are currently working on decorating her son’s room as part of the trade.  Her and her husband created the planked and shelved wall like I made for Isaac’s room.  It looks awesome, but it needed some color and custom art.

Erin wanted some meaningful art for her 7-year old son’s room, one that was encouraging but also empowering.  So she came up with this idea and I designed it in the Silhouette Studio program..

custom word sign

She found an old board in her garage and told me the measurements.  I got to creating the custom piece in my Silhouette program, experimenting with different colors and fonts.

Click here to download it to use it as a template for your custom name sign.

We used the same process I used for the “I Pledge of Allegiance” piece I did back in July.

subway art patriotic sign

So the first thing we did was sand the board smooth and then painted it black.  We used a foam roller to get good coverage.

custom name subway art

Then we went over it with a sanding sponge to distress it just a little.

custom name board

Then using my Silhouette Cameo machine I cut out the entire custom vinyl I created onto black contact paper. (Cheaper way to make stencils than using the premium vinyl).  We removed all the letters with a stick pin or a Silhouette hook tool.  Then we transferred the contact paper stencil onto the board.

custom vinyl name sign

It is very important to press the bubbles out so that there is a tight seal on the board.  This helps the paint to not seep through.

using contact paper as a stencil

vinyl as a stencil

Since white was the largest surface area of the letters, we taped everything else off and used light coats of white spray paint for that.

Tip: I suppose you could use spray paint for the whole thing but you would have to wait between coats and tape everything off.  I found it easier to just move on and use a pouncer.

Next I moved onto the other colors using a pouncing sponge.  I find using that is better than a brush because you don’t want to push paint under the vinyl/contact paper.

custom name sign

making a custom name sign

While it is all wet remove the rest of the contact paper stencil.  Now everything won’t look perfect at this point.  There is always a little bleed through….

boys room decor

I then lightly sanded the entire sign with a sanding sponge.  That’ll rough everything up and make the bleed-through look more natural.  I follow that up with touching up with a small paint brush any areas that didn’t look good to me.

distressing the sign

touch up painting custom sign

And you are left with meaningful words of encouragement as well as colors to match the decor.

custom word sign

I love the descriptive words or phrases that Andrew already possesses….

encouraging custom art

followed by the charge “Be humble, be gracious, be prayerful, be grateful.”

encouraging words custom sign

And lastly for the future…dream big!

custom name sign tutorial

He has told his mom over and over how much he loves the sign and all the other fun things she is doing to the room.  Stay tuned for more projects.

personalized name sign

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  1. Beckie, I love the trade you made with Erin–you’re so smart! And this sign is just THE BEST. What an awesome thing to do for anyone, but particularly for a child!! It looks wonderful and what a great, encouraging message for him to see often. LOVE this!

  2. Thanks, Richella. I love the message too and have to give Erin the credit for the awesome idea. Maybe I should make myself a sign. Ha! 😉

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