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Back in 2011 I redid the inside on one of my cabinets to hang all of my measuring cups and spoons and then added in a vinyl measurement conversion chart above that.  Between these two projects I have gotten over 177,000 pins and those two posts continue to be in the top 5 pages visited on my site each month – two and half year later.  So I thought I would revisit it. To this day the cabinet looks exactly the same, and I have not lost one measuring spoon or cup – minor miracle and an organization success in my book.  Here is the picture Better Homes & Gardens took of this spot…


I showed you how I organized my measuring cups and spoons with cup hooks and paint sticks.  You may have noticed a large, blank space above where I organized them.  While hanging anything else up there would have proven to be a challenge to get down I decided to use that space to have a commonly used conversion table that I constantly use for my baking needs.

Measurement Conversion Chart (4)

In the past I had this little conversion table laminated on my fridge for over a decade.  I thought it would be perfect to take it off my fridge, making it appear a little less cluttered, and take advantage of the primo space in my cabinet.

Measurement Conversion Chart (6)

I just made it in my Silhouette Studio program and then applied the vinyl into the interior of my cabinet door.

Measurement Conversion Chart (3)

I removed the transfer paper and Viola! instant vinyl measurement conversion chart.  Mine measured about 7” tall by 14 1/2” wide.

Measurement Conversion Chart (7)

I contacted my friend Laura at Say it on the Wall and she agreed to design and sell the vinyl for the measurement charts and the cup and spoons vinyl words in her shop for you.


The Kitchen Conversion chart is $12

Measurement Conversion Chart (4)

The Kitchen Measurement Label Set is $7


Or you can buy The Combo Pack of both of them for $15!

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