I bring you today a DIY Measurement Conversion Chart for your kitchen cabinets! If you like what you see I would love for you to follow along in my creative adventures. You can also find me pinning away on Pinterest.

A few years back, I redid the inside on one of my cabinets to hang all of my measuring cups and spoons and then added in a vinyl measurement conversion chart above that.

I also made this Laundry Care Chart

Between these two projects I have gotten over 177,000 pins and those two posts continue to be in the top 5 pages visited on my site each month – two and half year later.  

So I thought I would revisit it. To this day the cabinet looks exactly the same, and I have not lost one measuring spoon or cup – minor miracle and an organization success in my book.  

Here is the picture Better Homes & Gardens took of this spot...


How to Make the Measurement Conversion Chart

I showed you how to repurpose vintage door knobs and a Free printable Chore Chart for your Kids. And also how I organized my measuring cups and spoons with cup hooks and paint sticks. 

You may have noticed a large, blank space above where I organized them.

Hanging anything else up there would have proven to be a challenge to get down. So I decided to use that space to have a commonly used conversion table.

It is so handy to have there! I constantly use for my baking needs.

Measurement Conversion Chart (4)

In the past I had this little conversion table laminated on my fridge for over a decade.

So I thought it would be perfect to take it off my fridge, making it appear a little less cluttered, and take advantage of the primo space in my cabinet.

Measurement Conversion Chart (6)

It was so easy to make it in my Silhouette Studio program and then apply the vinyl into the interior of my cabinet door.

Measurement Conversion Chart (3)

I removed the transfer paper and Voila! instant vinyl measurement conversion chart. 

Mine measured about 7” tall by 14 1/2” wide.

Measurement Conversion Chart (7)

You can download the file HERE




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  1. I am incredibly jealous of your organization & use of space. I’ve been meaning to add this type of chart to my “cookbook” — much simpler (& cleaner!) than coming on the laptop and googling “how many ounces is in 2 cups?!” every time I bake.

    This is sheer brilliance. I love it.

  2. I love what you’ve done. so ingenious! My question, though, is about your cabinets themselves. Did you paint them? If so, how did you decide on the color and do you have any pictures of your whole kitchen? I am deciding what color to paint my ugly oak cabinets and need inspiration! Love your blog. 🙂

  3. Great idea! can you tell me, can i do this with my circut machine?

    thanks and God Bless


  4. So this is pretty much the coolest kitchen organization thingy ever. I can not WAIT to get this bad boy up on my cabinets so I stop swearing when i can’t find the 1/3 cup measurer … again.

  5. Oh my. This is one of those ideas where I just sit with my jaw hanging open.. what an ADORABLY smart idea!! Love it!!
    Thanks for getting the labels made. I don’t have one of those fancy machines so that would come in handy!!

    Thanks.. just pinned this on pinterest!!

  6. Absolute genius!! My meas. cups are in a ziploc baggie in the bottom of a corner cupboard. What a great way to fix that! One more thing to add to my project list, lol. Thanks for a great idea!

  7. if you Cricut lets you design stuff digitally then yes it can. I know for a fact that it can cut out vinyl. But you would have to design it first.

  8. This is such a great idea! I can’t stand my utensil drawer at the moment. You’ve got me thinking about how I can do mine better. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. This is so smart! I have a similar table in the back of a cookbook that I’m always flipping to with messing fingers…this is far superior and looks super cool! Thanks fro sharing!!

  10. Beckie, this is genius! But I also want to know about your cupboards. I do love the color. (Also, at the risk of sounding teacher-ish, it’s Voilà! instead of Wahla. . . )

  11. Love these, Beckie! I just got my Silhouette a few months ago! Can I just buy your Silhouette design? 🙂

  12. you sould tell your friend that’s selling them to inclued a black set for those of us with light cupboards 🙂

  13. would love to just purchase the silhouette file if you can. Have tons of vinyl and can cut with my Sil SD but time is limited in re-creating what you’ve done beautifully. This is a brilliant idea. I so love it!! thanks for sharing.

  14. Most of us definitely underutilize our cabinet doors. Love what you did with the measuring cups and spoons, although I laughed when you said you had to switch to plastic instead of metal. So true … sometimes the best ideas are thwarted by reality. What I liked most about the labeling you did is that my teenage son, the dishwasher emptier, would have no excuse not to put them where they go. We have 4 different sets of measuring cups and he never seems to put them back in their stacks by size — he just sets them in the drawer willy nilly, which drives me nuts.

  15. Love, love, love this idea!! Going to order my decals now.

    Only questions….do they all bang against the cabinet when you open it? Or is there a trick to prevent this?

  16. Love, love, love! I always have to look up conversions. Guess my “math brain” doesn’t always work in the kitchen.
    I really, really, really like your Roadkill Rescue blog, too!
    I’m a fan!

  17. nevermind I just saw where they gave you credit . Hey must be nice to know your reader are looking out for you lol.

  18. I appreciate you looking out for me. I work with Laura. She takes my designs and is able to offer them to my readers because I don’t have the capacity to cut out in bulk like she can. But I do appreciate you looking out for me.

  19. WOW! Great idea, a wonderful time saver. Praise the Lord for your design clear, clean lines, simplicity and willing to share. Love your readers integrity in looking out for you as well as your friend willing to make this available to us. I came across this site via search for measurement conversions, although I didn’t find what I was looking for I am greatly happy to have come to your design and site. I had to take the time and even read all the comments. Blessings and thanks to all.

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  22. Hello, is there a way to include 2/3 and 3/4 cups also? My set has both of those as well as the others.

  23. What kind of vinyl did you use / where do you buy it? I have a Cricut (which I have only used for paper), but I think you could make this chart using it.

  24. I just received my chart from Laura and am going to do this! But I just had an idea and was wondering if I could use magnetic knife holders to eliminate the clanking. My cups and spoons are Cuisipro stainless, so I’m not sure they would stick. Anyone tried this?

  25. Hi, I wanted you to know that we recently saw this (actually one of the exact photos, my husband noticed it) in the most recent family handyman magazine, underneath it just says “reader photo” so I wanted to let you know in case you didn’t give permission. I see it’s happened before (comments above).

  26. Yes they actually paid me for it. $150! They did give me a link too, I was stoked about it. My first little feature. Thanks for being concerned about my copyrights though.

  27. Thanks! I actually just looked back at it and I noticed they had credited you. Derp. Glad you got paid for it!!

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  30. Hi I just saw this on pinterest, and want to buy the labels asap! Wondering where you got the red strip with the hooks??

  31. If imitation really is the truest form of flattery, consider yourself flattered. This is a brilliant idea, and I can’t wait to copy it. I have been forming a plan to do a magnetic spice rack on a cabinet door, but couldn’t settle on a tin ( clear window or solid top, screw-on lids vs. lift-off). I think I will put that aside and for now and do this project first. Thanks for the great idea!

  32. Would you share your svg file. I would love to put the chart in my cabinets. It is a great idea.

  33. Could you email me your svg file….It would save me a ton of time trying to make it on my silhouette!! 🙂

  34. Hi Beckie, I love this so much!!! I just sent you an email to see if you would share this file with me. I would love to cut this out with my Silhouette. Thanks in advance.

  35. Hi Beckie! I would love to have the SVG file as well. I see that several people have posted above. You have responded and requested for them to email you, but it shows up “protected” on my end. Therefore, I’m not sure where to email you. Thank you.

  36. Thank you, Beckie! I just sent you an email. I’m so excited to get started on this project 🙂

  37. Hiiiiii! This is awesome! You’re amazing! I recently got married so the organizing is just now happening! Question….I click the link to purchase the combo vinyl chart and measuremejts but the link doesnt work! Ahhhhh please helppppp

  38. Love this. Tried to get to Say It On The Wall to order charts but can’t get that web page to come up. Help?

  39. The links to buy the vinyl measuring thingies, isn’t working. Do you have a better link?

    Thanks 🙂

  40. I went to your friends site to buy this and the site is no longer up is there anywhere else i can get them?

  41. This is a great idea! I SO need to do this and clean up my kitchen drawers a bit 🙂

  42. Hi, I feel dumb asking this, but I’m not really crafty so I need your advice. I ordered the set recently and on the chart, half the lettering is stuck the paper while the rest is on the vinyl. What do I need to do so the letters transfer to the cabinet? Thank you in advance!

  43. Okay you need it all to be on the transfer tape. So press really hard to get the letters to stick back on the tape part. It helps if you remove the paper at an angle. Then press the sticker where you want it in your cabinet and press it again. I use a credit card to scrape it down. Then remove the tape carefully transferring the letters. I hope that helps.

  44. Your measuring spoons and cups look great. Can you share where you bought them or what brand(s) they are? I’m looking for some new ones; thanks!

  45. Hi Linda, Follow the link in my post to Laura’s site, Say It On the Wall. She is the one actually selling the vinyl, and you should be able to find her shipping info on her site or contact her directly. I hope you can get it sent to you!

  46. I see there are options for colors. Do you have pictures of any other colors?

  47. Hello, I was wondering if you sell the svg file? If so, how much and where can I buy it?

    Thanks, Sharon

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