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This project you are either going to love or hate.   There is really no in between.   It is most random and crazy Roadkill Rescue project to date.   It is a floor lamp made out of crutches.   What the?   I know…craziness I tell you.

Knock Off Decor diy tripod floor lamp

crutches floor lamp

Pin ItBack in November I was issued a challenge by Indy Style host Tracy Forner. Yes, he is as zany as he looks!

When I was doing my monthly creative segment on the show he issued me the challenge of making over an old pair of wood crutches that he himself rescued from a dumpster. I would never stoop so low to jump in a dumpster…{giggle}.   Actually they were propped up against a dumpster so he able to rescue them without infection or disease.

Roadkill rescue challenge

So I thought…and I thought…and I thought some more and came up with a fun, quirky, modern floor lamp to go in my coral and gray guest bedroom.   Even if this isn’t your style I hope you will appreciate the “think-outside-the-box” idea I came up with.


Wood Crutches

Cotton Poly Rope

Chop Saw

Black Rit Dye

1/2 metal conduit


drill with long 1/2” drill bit



wood glue

lamp kit


hot glue gun

Krylon spray primer

Krylon Satin Ivory spray paint

measuring tape

1.   The first thing I did was cut the top of one of the crutches in half with my chop saw (#1).   On the other crutch I drilled a hole through the top of the crutch (this will be where the bottom of the lamp cord threads through) Crutch #2.


crutch collage

2.   Then I asked a friend (thank you Tim!) who is a contractor to drill a 3/8” hole down the width of the wood where you adjust the height of the crutches (I will now refer to this piece as the “leg”).   I didn’t have a drill bit long enough and I was nervous to attempt it myself.   Then I screwed the threaded nipple that comes in the lamp kit onto the tip of the leg.   This will also be where the lamp cord runs through.

crutch hole

3.   I measured about how tall I wanted the lamp to be and adjusted the leg to that height.   Then I measured from the bottom of the leg to the top of the base and cut a piece of 1/2” metal conduit piping (about $1.75 for 12 feet) to size with a metal hacksaw.

DSC_0098 (3)

4.   Next I sanded the entire crutch lamp down with a medium grit sandpaper and washed it really well to prep it for paint.

5.   I strung the lamp kit through the bottom of the base, through the metal conduit and up through the adjustable leg of the crutch using fishing line and a little weight to thread it through.   I also screwed the threaded nipple onto the top of the leg of the crutch.


6.   With the bottom of the base together and the metal pipe in place I adjusted the middle wood part to make sure it was a tight fit with the pipe.   I used Gorilla Wood Glue and clamped the entire piece together overnight.

crutches recycle

7.   In the morning I took the clamps off.   It was starting to look like a lamp.   I taped off both ends of the cord and spray primed the entire piece.   After it was dry I gave it a quick coat of Krylon Satin Ivory spray paint.

crutch upcycle

8.   Meanwhile I took the cotton poly rope (50 feet of it) and dyed it a Driftwood Gray using the color formula guide on the Rit Dye site.


9.   Once the entire piece was dry I attached the light bulb socket according to the directions on the package.

10.   Then I started wrapping the dyed rope around the base of the lamp hot gluing as I went.   It just looked naked and boring without the rope.

wood crutches reuse



11.   I picked up a large shade at Target and popped it on and added a light bulb.

crutches to lamp

crutches lamp

And there you have it.   I bet no one else has a lamp like this in their guest room.   {Giggle}.   I still need to add some art to the right of the lamp to tie the entire corner together. It took a little time to fall in love with, but now I can say I am quite fond of it.

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  1. I think that’s an AWESOME lamp! I used crutches way more than any normal person should ever need to when I was growing up, but sadly they were the lame metal ones. I wish I had some awesome wood ones to recreate this with! Way to stand up and take the challenge!

  2. You’re awesome! I love it! I honestly do believe you could turn any piece of trash into a work of art. Thanks for the fun read. 🙂

  3. AWESOME, Beckie! The lamp is absolutely beautiful. I watched the segment–you’re a natural on TV! You did such a good job of interacting with the host, and you were great at explaining your work in simple, easy-to-follow language. And your red hair looked terrific! 🙂

  4. my son thinks it’s the greatest thing he’s ever seen. I think it’s darned cool too. And your hair in the Roadkill Rescue picture is so cute.

    Congrats on 1 million too.

  5. I think you are like a mad scientist–who would ever think to make a lamp out of crutches?! Beckie, that’s who!! I love how you are able to think outside the box and come up with new and innovative ways to use things. Great job!!!!!

  6. Ha ha ha . You’re crazy! I just pinned it to my “makes me laugh” board 😉 Too funny. You really are a natural in front of the camera– aka my worst nightmare 😉

  7. I love it. I definitely think you are the only person I “know” who could take crutches and make something I would put in my home. I think it would be perfect in a sports themed room, ya know, someone is always on crutches. I do have to say that since following your “roadkill rescue” every.single.time I passed down the street and people have their “junk” out I think…hmmm I wonder what Becky could do with that…its hilarious…Hubs actually asked, Who’s Becky? LOL

  8. I absolutely love this lamp… and when I showed it to my husband his response was “Cool!! A lamp stand!! umm I mean a floor lamp.” Once again your creativity never ceases to amaze me!! (thats a good thing!)

  9. Very clever! Loved the video. And so funny to see Tracy Forner. He got his TV start where I live and I remember him doing the morning news here. He was very well liked and people were happy for him that he went on to bigger and better things, but disappointed he was no longer here.

  10. I’ve never seen this done before! What a great use for crutches, who woulda thought? The lamp looks great in your space:)

  11. thanks funny! I wouldn’t have ever dreamed it up. I admit I fall into the “Love It” camp.

  12. You are so creative!!! Especially thinking outside of the box! I love your crutches lamp. Now I am thinking “Where would one work in my house?!”


  13. Ever since I was forced do spend a lot of time using crutches and learning to walk all over again, I had this strong emotional reaction to them. This is the first time I don’t hate them!

  14. As a physical therapist and DIY decor lover, I think these would be an awesome mash-up of my two loves! I may just have to look into doing this, although it looks a little intimidating. You have at least inspired me to try to give a little nod to my profession in my decorating!

  15. Beckie – This is beyond brilliant! “No one lights a lamp and hides it in a clay jar or puts it under a bed. Instead, they put it on a stand, so that those who come in can see the light.” Luke 8: 15-17 . Thanks for lighting so many people’s lamps – and yes- pun intended with this project! 🙂

  16. It was seriously one of the easiest Roadkill Rescue projects. The hardest part was finding someone to drill the hole for me. You can do it!

  17. Yes!! I fall into the “love it” camp. You did a fantastic job with this challenge. I am gathering posts for a repurposed decor post and this is perfect. What will you come up with next?!

  18. Wow…when I first saw this on Pinterest it looked unpleasant to me but reading the story behind it has changed my mind. That really was brilliant, creative thinking! And honestly, now I don’t feel so bad about the iv pole sitting in my storage room waiting to become a lamp. Although, I’m going for more of an industrial vibe since mine is aluminum and black plastic . lol Thank you for sharing your creativity!

  19. My DD is a frequently injured athlete. She never injures herself playing, but somehow she ends up on crutches at least once a year. I so have to make this for her!

  20. Yah thanks, I am glad I changed your mind. To be honest there are still some days that I look at some of the projects and think hmmmm do I Like this?

  21. Found your project through the Rit Dye site. I recently fell in love with the idea of dying stuff. It’s amazing how many more things you can use when you can dye them the color you want! I completely repurposed a duvet and curtains I thought were a loss..( ). I have a lamp I’m needing to upcycle and didn’t realize you could buy “lamp kits” to make them out of whatever you want. This concept definitely started the wheels turning! Thanks!

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