Hanging Jewelry Organizer {Paint Stick Project}

I love jewelry.  It is my weakness.  Some girls like shoes, I like bling.  I have showed you before how I made an old crib into a jewelry cabinet.  But believe it or not that wasn’t enough room for all of the jewelry I had. So I went to my local Lowe’s and asked for some 5 gallon paint sticks to create some hanging organization in my linen closet.  If you store doesn’t give out paint sticks you can always buy 1/4″ x 2 pieces of luan in the lumber section.

hanging jewlery organizer


5 Gallon Paint sticks

Drywall screws

Gorilla Glue Wood Glue

5/8” cup hooks

Drill and drill bits


Chop saw

Paint (I used Sun Safari by Dutch Boy)

1.  Cut off the curved handle of the paint sticks so you have an even straight surface to work with.  Mine ended up being 17 1/2” wide.

2.  Then holding two paint sticks together chop off 1”.cutting paint sticks

3.  Sand any rough patches on the paint sticks and the 1” cuts.  Glue the 1” cuts onto the backside of your paint stick on the edges.  Let it dry overnight.

creating jewelry oraganization

4.  Predrill holes through the ends of the sticks where the drywall screws will go to attach these to the wall.

paint stick project

5.  I didn’t bother priming it I just sprayed a coat of paint on them with my paint sprayer.

painting paint sticks

6.  This next part took forever.  Predrill and screw in 5/8” cup hooks into the paint sticks.  I just winged this part without measuring.  I just kind of eyeballed where I wanted the next cup hook to go based on the piece of jewelry that would hang there.

I used one dozen paint stick and over 200 cup hooks! My fingers were tired after screwing in all those cup hooks!

hanging jewelry


7.  Once all the cup hooks are screwed in use a level to hang them where you want them to go using a drill. This is a great use of closet space where the shelves are deeper in the back.

hanging your jewelry

organizing jewelry

Don’t have any hidden wall space?  Check out this jewelry organizer that looks more like a piece of art than a place for your baubles.


Are you an earring lover?  Here is a DIY earring holder that you can make any size to fit your wall.

DIY jewelry holder copy[6]

And here is one to make for your bracelets.


Want to see more projects using paint sticks? I have a whole bunch of them on my site.


This is a repost from 2012.

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  1. I love it!!!! I have two full lines of the Styled by Tori Spelling collection and I needed inspiration on how to store it all! Great tips Beckie!

  2. Nice, Beckie!!

  3. That is pretty much my dream come true!!! All that gorgeous blingy jewelry! Maybe if I Tweet them every day for a year, they’ll send me some too. 😉

    Love the solution you came up with! I know all that drilling took some time, but the way you have everything displayed is really the best way. Now you can see all of those pieces and come up with new ideas for styling. Awesome!

  4. PS. I think the hidden “styling bar” was perfection!

  5. Brilliant! And of course I could I not comment on your jewellery collection! Amazing!

  6. Oh, you now I love any organizing and this is brilliant use of dead space!! Great job! I think “Beckys/Beckies” are just cool or something 😉

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  7. I love this idea. SO creative and it looks good too. My lands, you have a ton of jewelry.

  8. Drills, screws usually scare me but this one I can handle….I think. Great job finding a functional and cheap organizing solution for your jewelry.

  9. Love this idea! Thanks Beckie!

  10. LOVE it! Tell Tori I’d be a walking advertisement for her too 🙂

  11. Wow! How amazing to have ALL of those pieces to choose from. A girl’s dream. This was a great idea for organizing all if your bling! And it looks pretty too.

  12. Great idea, particularly like it for the kitchen for organising measuring spoons etc, thanks for sharing.

  13. Wow, this is SUCH a fantastic idea! I love how you used your space to your advantage, the bright yellow color, and the added secret touch 🙂 I’m curious, if you don’t mind me asking, did you find the hooks to be relatively inexpensive? I’m only asking because you installed so many! Otherwise, this seems like an inexpensive and easy fix.

  14. Such a great way to keep things organised! And i love the yellow x

  15. Perfect for folks who have a TON of jewelry… like me! Maybe I’ll actually be able to keep track of all of it using something like this. And love the color, too!

  16. This is a wonderful idea! I have been using a hanger to put all my necklaces on, need to head to the hardware store and get to making this 🙂 That yellow is an amazing color.

  17. Beckie I just love this! What a cute way to showcase that beautiful jewelry. The styling part on the inside of the door is a great idea. Then it’s all laid out for your outfit 🙂

  18. A great idea! I glue-gunned cork flooring tiles onto some spare wall, stuck in some thumb tacks, and hung up all my hook earrings. Now I have to find a way to display those with butterflies …

    • Cute that works too. It is so hard to find the perfect organization for jewelry. I find if it isn’t organized I don’t wear it because it is harder to find.

  19. Hola es la primera vez que le escribo pero me gustan mucho sus ideas son excelentes y esta en cuanto la ví me encantó voy agregarla en mis pendientes y seguro que la hago ya hasta estoy pensando en pasarle la idea a mi hija que tambien como usted tiene muchisimas, gracias por compartir, hasta pronto. saludos

  20. I am planning to do something similar to this. I don’t have a buzz saw so will just use the paint sticks as is. I can’t take the jumbled mess all my lovely necklaces are in, and anyday I choose to wear one I have to very carefully unjumble the one I want! They are so pretty they should be on display too.

  21. Also I am likely moving in a few months, and don’t want something that will require a lot of labor or be difficult to remove and transport.

  22. Instead of using nails and drilling holes into the sticks, you could use any industrial glue for wood. I personally don;t like using nails or even screws, it is old-fashioned, not in a good way


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