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Back in September I hosted a State Pride Tour with a bunch of other DIY bloggers.  It was seriously so much fun creating a project that culminates the place you call home.  I decided to tackle another Indiana project that honors Indiana farming.  One of the main crops in Indiana is soybeans.  In fact Indiana ranks 4th overall in soybean production.  Did you know that Plaid makes Soy paint?  My guess is – many of those beans came right here from my great state.

Indiana state sign DIY

I will tell you I was quite impressed with these paints.  They reminded me of chalk paint – I hope they make them in bigger sizes to use on furniture in the future. Hint! Hint! Plaid – I will buy them! They go on smooth with a matte-like finish and distress really easily like chalk paint does.  The colors are vibrant and only take one coat with no primer.


15 – 5 gallon paint sticks

Soy paint

Frame (or make your own!)

Foam brushes

Wood Glue

Silhouette machine or vinyl stencil (you can buy it here!)

Nickels for spacing

Since I love me a good 5 gallon paint stick project I decided to take 15 paint sticks to show off 15 of the soy paint colors.  (In case you were wondering – I inherited a box of paint sticks to use for projects!) Paired with a barn wood frame (how apropos to showcase barnwood on an Indiana project) and a vinyl stencil I created I a colorful work of art for my home.

I found the barn wood frame on clearance without a picture in it at the Hob Lob last summer for $1.  I just cut it up and made it the size I wanted and then wood glued it all back together with some clamps.

Next I cut the 5 gallon paint stick handles off which left me with about 17” in width (This width determined my frame size).  Then I painted all the sticks with the different soy paint colors.

soy paint

After they were dry I took a sanding sponge and distressed each one and then lined them up the way I liked them color wise.

plaid soy paint

Next I wood glued them onto the frame with a nickel spacing between each one.

paint stick frame

paint stick art

painted paint stick frame

I let that dry overnight and then I cut out my “IN love” file with my Silhouette machine and applied the vinyl to the paint sticks.

vinyl indiana sign

vinyl applied to paint stick frame

With a foam brush and the black soy paint I gave it a couple of coats.

painted indiana sign

There was a little bleed through.  Nothing a little distressing didn’t make look perfect!

distressed indiana sign

painted indiana sign in a barnwood frame

Squuuueeeaalll! I love love love it!  I adore how bright and colorful it is –especially paired with the weathered frame.  It is the epitome of Indiana!

indiana soy bean paint project

soybean paint

indiana love sign

Since moving to Ohio I made a smilier sign using the same process here.

Ohio State Sign made from paint sticks by

Disclaimer:  This project was sponsored by the Indiana Family of Farmers.

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  1. This is amazing!!! Can I buy one??? Seriously? I want to buy one. Please. I have 4 kids with no creative bone and will pay.

  2. What size frame would you buy if I am hoping to not make the frame?:). I’m super excited about this project. I just love it! Thanks so much for your response!

  3. Hi Jordan, So glad you like it! Were you planning on buying the stencil from Say It On the Wall? If so, which size were you thinking? You could really buy a few different size frames.

  4. Yes, I did buy the stencil from Say It on the Wall and I think it is the 8 x 10 size. I am thinking that I will need 11 x 14, or should I get it even bigger?


  5. So, do you think the 11 x 14 size is big enough or do I need to get a larger frame and cut it down? Sorry, the frame is the only thing stopping me from getting started. I appreciate your help and input!!

  6. Hi Jordyn, So sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I think the 11×14 will be great. Please let me know how your sign comes out! 🙂

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