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I have showed you the crayon nametag I made for back-to-school night for Isaac’s teacher a few years ago.  Well I didn’t want the nametag to sit in a desk drawer all year.  So I made a school wreath to display the nametag.  When a teacher wants to wear it she can just take it off the wreath.  While she isn’t wearing it she has a wreath to display in her classroom.

school wreath


yarn – (I used Loops & Threads Impeccable Yarn in yellow – Michaels)

decorative yarn

14” STYROFOAM™ Brand wreath

floral pins


flower pattern or diecut machine with flower die

notebook paper

crayon nametag

stick pins


washi tape

baker’s twine

1.  Start by wrapping a 14” STYROFOAM™ Brand wreath in yarn securing with a floral pin on the back.  This takes a long time.  I suggest watching a show or a movie while you do this.  Wrapping a wreath is not for the impatient. yarn wrapped wreathyarn_wrapped_yellow_wreath

2.  Add some decorative yarn on top of that.  Secure it with a floral pin on the back.back to school wreath

3.  Cut out some notebook paper flowers using a die cut machine or a flower template online.  I used two sized flowers stacked on top of each other.  Secure those with a thumbtack into the STYROFOAM™ Brand wreath.

notebook paper flowers

4.  Secure your nametag pin in place by pinning it onto the wreath.

teacher wreath

5.  Next string some baker’s twine left to right (wrapping around stick pins) to create a pennant banner.  Take a piece of washi tape and fold it over the baker’s twine onto itself.  Cut with scissors into your desire pennant shape.

washi pennant banner

6.  Add a length of scrap fabric on the back by securing it with a floral pin.

classroom wreath

crayon wreath tutorial

teacher classroom wreath

Do you want to see all the wreaths I have made for the STYROFOAM™ Brand campaign this year?


Source: Land of Nod Felt Circle Wreath, 5 Minute Christmas Wreath, Ruffled Streamer Wreath, Back to School Wreath, Spider Infested Halloween Wreath, Racing Flags Wreath

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  1. This is so cute, Beckie! I love how you added flowers cut from notebook paper with thumbtack centers. And what a great idea to incorporate the nametag, too. Fun!

  2. Beckie, I think you officially are going to have it made in the school! Giving out such cute gifts to the teachers, they are all going to kill to get your children in their classrooms! You’ll be able to get anything you could possibly want or need for your kiddos! Better still, you have made a hard working teacher feel so appreciated. Way to be awesome!

  3. Oh my word this has to be the cutest wreath ever! I may try this….although I’m not sure I have the patience to even wrap a 1/4 of the wreath with yarn but I’ll try! I have tons of orange yarn so maybe a little pumpkinny wreath would be cute 🙂

  4. Do you remember the school wreath you made me to thank me for letting you student teach in my room ? It had wooden kids and crayons on it. It had a dangling apple with my name on it. I still have parts of it after all of these years. One day I will glue it all back together again. It was adorable. You could add it too your collection and share it.

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