DIY Sunglasses Organization

I am notorious for losing my sunglasses.  I have a truckload of pairs stashed everywhere in order to make sure I always have a pair.  Today I am going to show you a creative way to corral yours sunglasses.  We have a pool at our house, I know I am a lucky duck, and sunglasses are a must.  I decided to make a sunglass holder that is right at our back door so we can grab them and go.




Wood Plaque Board

craft paint in Aqua

1/2†ruched elastic – gray

RustOleum Stain in Kona

optional: grommets (with tools)

Medium sized 3M Picture Hanging Strips


sunglass holder

1. Drill holes to the left and right for your elastic on your wood board.  I used a piece of scrap cardboard to cut the width of my board and then folded it in half to find the center. Marked and drilled.

make your own sunglass holder

Make sure you have a piece of scrap wood in place underneath.

sunglass organization

2.  Stain your board. I used a pre-stain conditioner on it before staining it.  I let it sit on the board for 5 minutes and then wiped it clean.  It allows the stain to penetrate more evenly.  Then I gave it a couple of coats of RustOleum stain.

sunglasses organization

3. Once dry I used some craft paint to hand paint the edge.

organize sunglasses

sunglasses holder

4.  Once completely dry I sanded the edges a little.

sunglass holder tutorial

5.  I didn’t like the way the unfinished hole looked in the sides so I added some grommets that I had in my craft stash.  I just used a rubber mallet and pounded them in place.

sunglass holder organization

sunglasses organizer

6.  Using a bamboo skewer I threaded my elastic into the holes.  Then I stretched it really taut.

sunglasses holder organization

7.  I used my air stapler to staple it in place on the back.  Easy peasy!

corral your sunglasses

sunglass corral

8.  Lastly I used the medium sized picture hanging strips from 3M stuck on the back to hang it in place.

sunglasses organize

organization for your sunglasses

Then you just tuck your sunglasses onto the elastic.

DIY sunglass organization

sunglass holder

sunglass organizer

It hangs perfectly by our back door along with a key rack which holds our pool key, lawn mower key and of course, a tiny tape measure and paint can openers (typical DIY stuff to hang on a key ring 🙂

sunglasses holder

Here are some other ideas to make with stock wood pieces from Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores…

DIY Pallet Art “Be Grateful”



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