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Saturday night we got Boo’d. Have you heard of that? I am not sure where it originated but Hallmark got on the bandwagon and we received a bag full of candy with a cute poem inside encouraging us to “boo” someone else. Since the ‘Boo bag’ has been Isaac’s sidekick since Saturday night we could not reuse the bag. My thriftiness would not allow me to go buy a new Hallmark bag.

What you do you is take a bag of treats and go to someone’s door and play ding-dong-ditch and leave a bag of loot for them along with a ‘Boo” poem.

Since I got a bunch of free candy today from CVS, I decided to make up a few “Mini Boo Bags”. All you need is a 12 x 12 piece of scrapbook paper, a glue stick, ribbon and a hole punch and you have yourself a mini boo bag. I will post a tutorial tomorrow.

I saw that one of my favorite kid’s craft bloggers, Skip to My Lou has her own version of it. I printed out her door hangar and used the “We’ve Been Boo’d” part of the door hanger.

But I used the Hallmark’s poem part which read…

This sweet surprise is called a “boo”!

You’ll never know exactly who

brought treats and then ran off unseen

to brighten up your Halloween!

It’s twice the good luck if you go

and “boo” two other folks you know

Pack up a ghost sign

treats and gifts,

and add a poem just like this.

Pick out a house

and sneak up close.

(Make sure its windows have no ghost

that tells you clearly

“We’ve been Boo’d!”

It’s best to visit someplace new.)

Knock fast on someone’s door — then run!

Make sure you’re never seen! It’s fun!

And once they get your gifts and food…

they’ll know for sure that

they’ve been Boo’d!

So here is Isaac on his first “Boo-venture.” We plan on doing one every night this week as part of our family time. Isaac thinks it is the coolest thing in the world and has a little list of all the people he wants to “Boo!.”

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  1. HILARIOUS! Tate felt so special!!! She kept telling Ant — "Daddy, I got BOOED!!!" We kept asking her who she thought booed her and in a sweet, pondering voice she would say… "I have no clue!!!" Sorry for almost ruining the boo experience — I saw you guys coming as I was getting ready to feed BEAU!!! Thank goodness I saw ya or else you all would have had a nice little show 😉 Thanks for making Tate's night!

  2. You are too funny! That's cute, I've never seen that before. (Leave it to Hallmark to cash in on that.)

    I love your video… and the running. : ) Isaac is a cutie pie.

  3. You are too much! I love it! I'll do it with Caleb next year. 🙂 He'll understand it better then.

  4. LOL!! how cute… he's going to want to do this every year now! what a great idea!

  5. I just don't have words for the amount of cuteness this is! See, if someone as cute as you two came to my door, I wouldn't want you to run away! It's such a great idea!
    ~Amber B

  6. Darling! I'm saving all kinds of ideas for my grandson (just 2 yrs). He's sort of getting the Halloween idea, but is still easily frightened by too much. We did go to our 1st pumpkin patch last weekend and it was a hit.

  7. I love it!…I got those same Hallmark bags last year 75% off! We don't live in a neighborhood, but I gave them to my Aunt who does and she loved them too! I love watching you and your son Boo your neighbors…looks so FUN!

  8. This reminds me of the May Day treats that neighbors left at our door on May 1 back when we lived in Michigan. That's the only place we've ever lived where people observed this kind of tradition. . . we were in a small town and folks had small-town values, I guess. I'm glad to be back in the South now, but some things I really miss! Good for you for taking up this tradition.

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