I have shared about my love and hate relationship with boxes.  Why, oh why do children’s board games come in cardboard boxes?  They end up looking like this.
If ever I am a board game designer I am going to make the boxes out of titanium, so 3 year old boys who want to jump on them can’t destroy them.

All the little Memory pieces fall out and I find them under the toy box, in a truck, in the puzzle bin, or with the crayons.  It drives me bananas.  I am always trying to come up with creative, yet durable ways to store Isaac’s games.

I have showed you this idea but didn’t think it worked as well for Memory.  After I picked up Buzz Lightyear for the one beeeeeelionth time I decided I was done with the box.  Goodbye to you!

Then it hit me…generic Crystal Light container from my stash…yes I have a stash.  Yes I have a problem.  Shu’up!
IMG_0720 The Memory pieces fit perfectly.  The stars aligned…it was meant to be.IMG_0721 I made a color copy of the box and Mod Podged it to the front.  I cut out a circle with my circle cutter and Mod Podged it to the top.  After two coats over the whole thing we were in business!

IMG_0723A much better way to store Memory dontcha think? Maybe I should contact Milton Bradley and tell them my Uh-mazing idea.  Maybe it will be my million dollar idea, haha!  If anything I can sleep tonight knowing that Buzz and Woody are in their home and I won’t find him with the crayons in the morning.IMG_0728

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  1. What a great idea! Storing the game in an empty container is perfect. But I love that you took it to the next level by modge podging a copy of the game box. You just rocked that little memory game!
    God's blessings on your weekend, Sarah 😀

  2. Hello, my name is Denise and I, too, have an addiction to and a stash of generic Crystal Light!! You are not alone!! 🙂

  3. Genius! I loath little puzzle pieces, game parts etc that get lost because the box falls apart! This is brilliant!

  4. Brilliant!

    I will be doing the same thing for all of the puzzle boxes that the little boys in this house insist on jumping on. I swear I could back over them (the boxes, not my children! lol) with my car and they wouldn't be so smooshed!

  5. I stepped on my kids' Cars memory game (hidden under something else…packing is a pain) just seconds before reading this post. If I had Modge Podge I'd do this tonight. I've been itching to get some for another project though. This is brilliant! Thanks!

  6. You're name will now be Brilliant! (Not that I have little people with aggravating boxes for their games, but someday I will definitely use this tip!)

  7. that right there is GENIUS actually! i really do believe that everyone has at least one million dollar idea in their life but 99% OF people dont do anything proactive about it. you sooooo totally should contact them. what could it hurt. the worst that could happen is that they steal you ridea and you get nothing for it, but the world gets a better package. and the best the could happen is they pay you for this great idea AND the world gets better storage

  8. Brilliant!!! I also have a stash of empty containers just waiting for the right project.

  9. That is brilliant! I only wish I would have seen this before I tossed two versions of Memory because I didn't want the nasty boxes to make the move to Texas!!

    I seriously do not understand why Rubbermaid or some company that makes plastic storage boxes doesn't make one that fits board games!!

  10. What an awesome idea! I hate game boxes too. I definitely think you should contact them about your idea. 🙂 I like your idea much better because it also takes up less space when storing.

  11. GENIUS!!!

    I have a tiny confession. I have over 80 empty Crystal Light containers. I keep saving them thinking they would make a great craft at my kids school. I think I might have a teensy problem.

  12. This is a CRAZY good idea!! You should totally contact Milton Bradley, before someone else does…

    Love your blog~


  13. I buy enough of that stuff, I should keep a stash too! lol Excellent idea! So creative!!! 🙂

  14. I just think that everyone in the blogosphere should know that you really talk this way…I smile when I read these posts. "The stars aligned" "Shu up" Very nifty idea…and you're not alone…I have a stash too…of course, mine is smaller than yours. Hehehe!

  15. What a GREAT idea! You are SO creative. Oh, and, YES, you should contact the company. Wonderful!

  16. Puuuuuuuurfect. I just tossed an annoying box that Caleb kept jumping on last night. Argh. Now the train track pieces are in a see through backpack…works well.

  17. Love that idea! My boys' memory game gets everywhere too. I also keep containers of all shapes and sizes. You know it's bad when your husband asks if he can throw away an empty mustard bottle or if I want to keep it! I'll have to see if I have a similar sized container!

  18. So clever! You should (!) contact Milton Bradley! You never know. Do it!
    I'm sending the following to all on my Reading List.
    To those on my Reading List:
    Please do me a favor. Would you go to my blog and “follow” me again? Because I changed my URL, I have lost many of my readers. I know you can still hunt me down, but this will make it ever so much easier on you. I will once again show up on your Reader and Blog Roll. I knew this would happen but needed to change to be more representative of who I am now. I think this is the best fix. Thanks for your time. If you have another solution, let me know! Thanky!!!!!

  19. brilliant! better than secretly throwing all of the pieces away because you are just over the edge with picking them up. might still do that… but this is a good reason to buy the poisonous yet delicious Crystal Light.

  20. Fantastic Idea!!!! That is why "we" have stashes. I have dry coffee creamer bottles in my stash just waiting for ideas. Thanks for your creativity.

  21. That is an awesome idea! You put a lot of work into it. I just keep throwing the pieces away. I can't count how many times we've had a new 'Candy Land' around here. Can you make a magical solution for that game? Board, pieces, and cards?
    Thanks for sharing your awesome idea- Makes it easier to clean up and store!

  22. Pure genius!! We don't drink Crystal Light, but I'm wondering if the Pringles cans would work. My boys go through tons of those. Can't wait to try it!
    I'm off to eat some chips. 🙂

  23. great idea! There are so many of my games in the same sad situation. Sometimes I tape the corners BEFORE they rip, trying to be proactive. I have a Micky Mouse memory game that could use the same storage makeover. I really like that you copied the box cover.

  24. You rock! I love this idea! I feel like I have to continually tape the silly boxes every time the game comes out.

  25. hi! stopping by from how does she!
    this is such a fabulous idea! i went out and bought a plastic sterile container for $1 and printed out a label for it! Your idea is way cooler!!

  26. That is a *great* idea!! I've also had to find memory cards everywhere in my house- even the silverware drawer?!- and have put them in ziploc bags with the box top in it too. I like your idea better, and it is much cuter! 🙂


  27. Oh my gosh! I throw away my crystal lite containers immediately and keep the tubs in a box! Gah – now I've gotta go buy some more Crystal Light! Love it!

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