Memory Made Better

I have shared about my love and hate relationship with boxes.  Why, oh why do children’s board games come in cardboard boxes?  They end up looking like this.
If ever I am a board game designer I am going to make the boxes out of titanium, so 3 year old boys who want to jump on them can’t destroy them.

All the little Memory pieces fall out and I find them under the toy box, in a truck, in the puzzle bin, or with the crayons.  It drives me bananas.  I am always trying to come up with creative, yet durable ways to store Isaac’s games.

I have showed you this idea but didn’t think it worked as well for Memory.  After I picked up Buzz Lightyear for the one beeeeeelionth time I decided I was done with the box.  Goodbye to you!

Then it hit me…generic Crystal Light container from my stash…yes I have a stash.  Yes I have a problem.  Shu’up!
IMG_0720 The Memory pieces fit perfectly.  The stars aligned…it was meant to be.IMG_0721 I made a color copy of the box and Mod Podged it to the front.  I cut out a circle with my circle cutter and Mod Podged it to the top.  After two coats over the whole thing we were in business!

IMG_0723A much better way to store Memory dontcha think? Maybe I should contact Milton Bradley and tell them my Uh-mazing idea.  Maybe it will be my million dollar idea, haha!  If anything I can sleep tonight knowing that Buzz and Woody are in their home and I won’t find him with the crayons in the morning.IMG_0728