I enjoyed putting together a Halloween vignette for less – and many of you seemed to like it, too – that I decided to share another Halloween look with you this weekend. The Halloween Town Look Porch!  

This time we’re taking it outside, with a porch all decked out and ready for trick-or-treaters. This inspiration photo comes from a Pottery Barn catalog a few years back.

halloween porch

I love that this porch is definitely decorated for Halloween, but it’s been done so in a way that isn’t creepy or gory. Not all of us trick-or-treaters like to walk past bloody zombies!  

Many of the elements on this porch are versatile enough to be tweaked and re-used for other holidays and seasons (Thanksgiving and Christmas definitely come to mind for a few).  

And best of all, that door! While it might not be for everyone, I think that pop of orange is simply stunning.

Pottery Barn Halloween Porch Inspiration Numbered

I went hunting for ways to get this look for less than the prices in the pages of a Pottery Barn catalog.  Want to see what I found?

Get The Halloween Town Look Porch in a budget

Prepare to be enchanted as we unveil the secrets of our Halloween Town porch transformation. The spirits of the season have whispered their dark secrets to me, and I’ve woven them into our very own haunted porch.

 1. Crow Feather Wreath

Vintage Romance feather wreath


If you are a DIYer, you can make one of these out of an old wreath form and a feather boa. Embellish has a great tutorial with printable.

But you can also buy it on Amazon for a few bucks and save you from the hassle.

2.  Pumpkin Orange Door

Odd One Out orange door

Some members of the family might think you are crazy to paint your door to match the upcoming holidays…but if you want to, go for it!  

We are determined to get that Halloween Town look and pumpkin orange is a must.

Find out which paint color Odd One Out used for this lively entrance. Or buy this the Krylon Pumpkin orange.

3. Halloween Town Lanterns Galore

Serendipity Redefined hanging lanterns

I went looking for one of the many examples out there of thrifted brass lanterns painted to look like the ones on this Pottery Barn porch, but along the way, I found this idea for decorating outdoors with lanterns at Serendipity Refined.  

The less thrifted option (although still quite budget friendly) is to get them on Amazon. They have paper lanterns or plastic emulating metal ones.

Fun Halloween Town Look possibilities, right?

4.  Halloween Town Pumpkins

how to preserve pumpkins

Whether you keep your pumpkins indoors or out, when you are decorating with this many, it’s good to make sure they will last more than a few days.

Check out how to preserve pumpkins on Pinterest if you want to go the DIY/natural way. Alternatively, you can get them really unexpensibly on Amazon.

5.  Outdoor Seating and Storage

Ana White entryway bench

Don’t you love the way a mudroom bench was incorporated into the decor of this porch? It’s so handy. Ana White has plans to help you build one just like this!

What else do I need for the Halloween Town look?

Creating a “Halloweentown” look in your house can be a fun and imaginative project. To achieve this eerie and magical atmosphere, consider the following tips:


  • Pumpkins: Both real and artificial pumpkins can be carved or painted to add a festive touch.
  • Candles and Lanterns: Use candles or LED lanterns to create a spooky, flickering glow.
  • Spider Webs: Stretch spider web decorations around furniture and corners for an eerie effect.
  • Skeletons and Skulls: Hang or position plastic skeletons and skulls throughout your space.
  • Cobwebs: Stretch fake cobwebs across furniture, doorways, and windows.
  • Witches’ Hats and Brooms: Place witch hats and brooms in corners or on chairs.


  • Colored Lights: Use colored light bulbs or LED strips in hues like purple, green, and orange to create a mysterious atmosphere.
  • Candles: Place real or battery-operated candles in candle holders and lanterns.


  • Tattered Cloth: Drape tattered or gauzy fabrics over furniture for a spooky, aged look.
  • Black Curtains: Hang black curtains to block out natural light and enhance the eerie ambiance.

Artwork and Posters:

  • Hang or place Halloween-themed artwork or posters featuring witches, ghosts, and pumpkins.

Sound Effects:

  • Play spooky sound effects or Halloween-themed music in the background to set the mood.


  • Use Halloween-themed props like cauldrons, potion bottles, and crystal balls to decorate tabletops and shelves.

DIY Projects:

  • Get creative with DIY projects, such as making your own potion bottles, spell books, or tombstone decorations.

Window Silhouettes:

  • Create eerie window silhouettes using black cardboard or paper cutouts.

Furniture and Accessories:

  • Consider antique or vintage-style furniture and accessories to evoke a timeless, eerie vibe.

Costumes and Dress-Up:

  • Encourage guests to wear Halloween costumes, and consider dressing up yourself to add to the ambiance.

Fog Machine:

  • If safe and appropriate for your space, a fog machine can create a spooky, misty atmosphere.

Themed Snacks and Drinks:

  • Serve Halloween-themed snacks and beverages, like “witches’ brew” punch or spiderweb cupcakes.

Interactive Elements:

  • Set up interactive elements like a “fortune-telling” booth or a “magic potion” mixing station for guests to enjoy.

Remember that the key to achieving the “Halloweentown” look is to combine these elements creatively while paying attention to lighting and ambiance. Experiment, have fun, and let your imagination run wild to create a spooktacular atmosphere in your home.

*Do you do anything special to decorate your front porch for fall and/or Halloween? Do you use the same decor every year, or have some kind of new theme each year?*

Some Faqs about Halloween Town

Where is the real Halloweentown?

“Halloweentown” is a fictional town featured in the Disney Channel Original Movie series of the same name. The first “Halloweentown” film was released in 1998, and it was followed by several sequels. 

However, there is a ‘real’ HalloweenTown too. St. Helens, Oregon, is a place that has embraced the “Halloweentown” theme for Halloween celebrations. While the town itself is not the fictional Halloweentown from the Disney movies, it has become a popular destination for fans of the films.

St. Helens, Oregon, has hosted various “Spirit of Halloweentown” events and activities, including pumpkin lighting ceremonies, costume contests, and other spooky festivities inspired by the movie series. The town’s connection to “Halloweentown” has made it a real-life attraction for fans who want to experience a Halloween-themed celebration. 

Can you visit the real Halloweentown? 

You certainly can and it is a magical place! Here’s the website. Bear in mind that it is advised to book in advance.

It is a great idea to celebrate birthdays, family Halloween adventures or a costume party. You’ll find all things Halloween in there and, certainly, the halloween spirit in its pure essence.

They strongly encourage guests to get a general ticket that includes several attractions. General admission tickets that are good for a whole day of Halloween events start at $30.

The Spirit of Halloweentown has been featured on ABC News, MTV, Vogue, Entertainment Weekly, BuzzFeed, Country Living, Huffington Post and many other recognized news outlets. 

Can I watch HalloweenTown in Amazon Prime?

The series is not currently included for Prime Members but you can Buy or Rent. At the time of this blog post it is not on Netflix but you can find it on Disney Plus.


In conclusion, transforming your porch into a Halloween Town wonderland on a budget is not only feasible but also an exciting and creative way to embrace the spirit of the season. With the right mix of decorations, lighting, and DIY projects, you can bring the eerie charm of Halloween Town right to your doorstep. 

So, why not give it a try and share your spooktacular porch creations with us? We’d love to see your ideas and hear about your fall and Halloween decor experiences.

And for those seeking a real-life adventure, don’t forget to check out the ‘Spirit of Halloweentown‘ celebration in St. Helens, Oregon, where the magic of Halloween Town comes to life.

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  1. These are some super-cute and fun ideas! With our ongoing triple digit heat, decorating outdoors is the last thing I do. I would probably never put a real pumpkin outside here (we don’t have little ones at home anymore), but I do enjoy displaying plenty of the faux-type. I have hung my wreath, but need to check every day to make sure the hot glue hasn’t melted and things aren’t falling off….lol!

  2. I love the orange door!! Great ideas to keep it fun for Halloween without scaring the little guys (or Moms!) xo

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