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It is hard to believe school is winding to an end and summer is upon us. For those of you with school-aged children that means you will have a lot of extra time with your little bambinos. While this is an awesome blessing, choruses of “I’m bored,” and “I’ve got nothing to do,” may soon be ringing in your ears. Why not center some quality time with your kids around these creative food ideas. Today’s post features five ways to have fun with food.

1. Swimming Fishies Lunch

When her daughter decided she wanted a pet fish, Jill from Meet the Dubiens made her a fish-themed lunch instead. (Don’t you wish it could always be that easy!?!) Jill shares tons of awesome ideas for making mealtimes exciting as part of her Fun Food Friday series. Her creative food scenes may have even the pickiest eaters cleaning their plates!


2. Edible Play Dough

Most kids have taken a nibble or two of Playdoh before. They won’t eat a green bean, but they will eat Playdoh. Kids are just strange like that. Christine from Pickup Some Creativity has the perfect solution — edible play dough. Her recipe includes butter, vanilla, cocoa, and powdered sugar. How could you miss with this one?

Food fun edible play dough

3. Pasta Nest Spaghetti and Meatballs

Does dinnertime have the makings of WWIII at your house? Try creating this Pasta Nest Spaghetti and Meatballs shared by Trish at Crafty Moods. You could also involve your child in creating other dinner food scenes like this one to get him or her excited about eating. I think most kids, picky-eater or not, would enjoy this creative take on a classic dinner.

fun dinner idea

4. Ice Cream Ball

One of my family’s favorite summer pastimes is making homemade ice cream with our ice cream ball. This is an awesome gift idea for families with children. You pretty much add the ingredients in one compartment and ice and rock salt in another and get rolling. It takes about 20 minutes of shaking and rolling before you get to enjoy your delicious frozen treat. Trust me… it’s well worth the workout.

ice cream ball

5. Hamburger Cookies

Laura from Come Together Kids shares the perfect snack craft for Memorial Day weekend — hamburger cookies! These cute cookies feature vanilla wafers as the buns, grasshopper cookies as the meat, colored frosting as the ketchup and mustard, and tinted coconut flakes as the lettuce. These are too cute and a great activity to share in with your children!

Fun food hamburger cookies

How do you have fun with food?

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