Baby Bonnet Tutorial

This weekend my twin cousins came up for a Cousins Craftathon Weekend. We literally sewed all weekend and came up with a bunch of fun stuff to show you this week. Here is a picture of my darling, cute, gorgeous cousins. Yes, it is a sin to be that beautiful!

They crack me up with their obsession with baby stuff. Neither one of them have children yet but they LOVES babies. They were kissing on my daughter’s sweet cheeks all weekend. They are always sewing baby stuff and come up with cute patterns.

So Lindsay (to the left) came up with an ADORABLE baby bonnet pattern that she is willing to share with ya’ll! Here is the printable version for an infant sized baby bonnet. And here is the printable pattern pieces.

After you are finished put it on the cutest baby within reach…

Disregard the notes about the ruffle on the actual pattern and follow the directions for cutting the ruffle on the tutorial.

If you want to make a 3-6 month bonnet enlarge the pattern by 108%. If you want a to make a 6-12 month bonnet enlarge the pattern by 125%.

But as you increase the bonnet size, naturally you need to increase the length of the strip because you want it to ruffle. You really could make the strip as long as you want it (provided that it is at LEAST the length of the “top” piece.) The longer it is, the more “ruffle”. Depends on the look you’re going for.