I looked all over the web for the origami gift bag instructions for the Mini Boo Bag I made yesterday. I thought it would be way easier to point you in that direction rather than to write out a long tutorial. However, I could not find a single tutorial. Since it would take me hours to write one out I thought I would do a Vlog instead.

IMG_0559 So bear with me, this is what I look like after a long day at home with the kids…

These are just the right size for the “boo bags” because they are small and only fit a few candy bars in it. I am cheap like that so I thought it was perfect.

I typed out the Boo poem in a “Halloweenish” font and singed the edges with a lighter to make it spookalicious.

IMG_0544 Then I put in eight small fun size candy bars and put the poem inside and off we went on another “boo-venture.”

I am pretty certain I am having more fun than Isaac. Did you hear me giggle at the end??? I am such a kid.

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  1. Aaaaawwww that was awesome. You are such a fun momma!!!! That would have been fun to watch when we were there.

  2. I LOVE origami and I've never seen this pattern before. I am totally going to make some gift bags in the near future! Thanks for the video, it was great!

  3. How long do these take to make??? They'd be great for my step-daughter's birthday!!

  4. hehe, nice to see you in action, Beckie! And a really great tutorial – I am gonna make tons of these gift bags for Christmas. Maybe I even give a pack of giftbags as presents = doublewhammy… Yay!

  5. Wow Beckie — those little bags are adorable! It was really fun to watch your video too — actually both videos — Isaac is adorable!

  6. That was great! I'm going to have to watch the video a thousand times (I'm slow like that!) But once I get it, we are going to make tons!! I think the kids might be able to help with these and of course I have tons of scrapbooking paper that is not being used for scrapping, so this would be fantastic! Thanks for both videos! Too cute!!!

  7. It is so funny that in both videos Isaac runs off in the opposite direction of your car! I love it.

    Oh, and isn't it funny to put a voice to a picture? You talk differently in my head!!

    Have fun!

  8. I LOVE it! We Booed 2 of our neighbors a few days ago. We used Pumpkin Buckets from the Dollar Tree filled with a Halloween oven mit for the mommies, 2 halloween straws for the kiddos and a pair of halloween socks! Hope they loved them. What a fun tradition that I love too!

    Oh and your son is a doll!

  9. WOW, great idea. My kids love making Origami and I'm left simply confused…this is when I call in the Dad for help!

  10. WOW, great idea. My kids love making Origami and I'm left simply confused…this is when I call in the Dad for help!

  11. WOW, great idea. My kids love making Origami and I'm left simply confused…this is when I call in the Dad for help!

  12. WOW, great idea. My kids love making Origami and I'm left simply confused…this is when I call in the Dad for help!

  13. Thanks for the video tutorial.Those are too cute. I have a bunch of that paper too. I will have to make some. I will send a pic! those will be great for all holidays, especially christmas coming so soon. Great to hold neighbor gifts

  14. I'm so glad you did a Vlog. It would definitely be hard to follow otherwise. Such a great idea, I'm gonna do this. Thanks!

  15. so cute! I love how he covered his ears right before you rang the door bell! LOL! probably because last time you were like run Isaac, run!! 🙂 So cute!
    Nic W.

  16. I am in awe. You are too much. I am going to try to follow your instructions, and I can only hope my results will be as cute as yours.

  17. I love it! I'm already done booing this year, but I will definitely do this next year. Or maybe even for Christmas. Thank you!!

  18. I still have an unopened origami kit I bought long time ago, Beckie you just spark my interest again. These bags will be great also for gift bags, it can be easily customized. I like the vlog for somebody like me who is really bad at reading instructions.

  19. How cute!! I love the "boo-venture" idea. Thanks so much for linking!
    ~Andy @ Poppies @ Play

  20. This is so cute and SO much fun to see! I love that you can use this for any occasion, perfect for the upcoming holidays. I'll be linking.

  21. The bag is fabulous! Thank you so much for taking the time to make the tutorial video! I can't wait to try it!

  22. Thanks for sharing this link, but unfortunately it seems to be offline… Does anybody have a mirror or another source? Please answer to my post if you do!

    I would appreciate if a staff member here at http://www.infarrantlycreative.net could post it.


  23. I had no problem viewing (and re-viewing :D) the gift bag video! THANK YOU! I already made one and can't wait to make more!! I am obsessed with your blog (my husband ~ not so excited LOL) hehe!

  24. I just wanted to thank you for this great craft. I was looking for a Halloween craft for Teen Volunteers at the Library where I work, and this was perfect! A little folding, a dash of ribbon, and some treats–what could be better?!?

  25. I found your blog when I was looking for origami patterns. I always put an origami creation in my grandchildren’s cards and letters, and was looking for bags, purses, wallets, boxes this time. I came across your gift bag and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I made one little tiny one (using 6″ paper) and it turned out adorable. Can’t wait to do more of them. Little ones like this would be so cute hanging on a Christmas tree, filled with little peppermints or a pine cone or something else. Thank you for sharing your directions.

  26. Awesome, well I hope you will stick around. That is my only origiami project but I have a ton of other craft ideas. I bet a tiny bag would be adorable on the Christmas tree, good thought. Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed my project.

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