Welcome to 5 Ways “Saturdays!”   This week’s topic is paint chips. So here are your “5 Ways” to Repurpose Paint Chips. They are bright, readily available, and printed on sturdy cardstock.   So how can you recycle these lovely paper rainbows?

paint color samples

If you missed this I created necklaces out of paint chips that turned out fabulous.   It is an easy way to add some jewelry to an outfit that might be hard to match.   I even made some for Halloween.

paint color samples

Allison from The 3r’s Blog created this gorgeous wall decor made with paint samples from Benjamin Moore. I love the bright strips against the white matte!

paint color samples2

The Snail’s Trail used paint chips to create a word family game for her kids. What a great way to help children learn phonics.

paint color samples3

Fine Diving Chicago created a paint chip mosaic table out of an IKEA Lack table and some colored gems from Home Depot.

paint color samples4

Real Simple had the “simple” idea of using paint chips as place cards for a special meal.

Paint chips as place cards

Thanks for joining me for “5 Ways” Saturdays!

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  1. Yup, your earrings are the best ever. I remember watching those videos and thinking "shes absolutely brilliant!" 🙂 Katie Bower(bowerpowerblog) also made some serene bedroom art (in their guest room?) using more neutral paint chips. It was nice b/c it wasnt over the top.

  2. I think these projects are neat BUT with how many of these types of projects I've seen around the web lately I'm wondering when the paint companies are going to start charging for their color samples 😉

  3. ok, I am still looking for the ModPodge dimensional! I am STILL in love with the earrings! The wall art is totally awesome too!! I am always eyeballing the paint chips and wanting something to do with them…. Also, I have seen the mickey mouse shaped paint chips used as color flash cards…

  4. i featured this idea on my blog today..


    (thanks for all these great inspiration!)

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