ways to create a fairy garden

Fairy Gardens! So magical, whimsical, and currently the latest craze with little girls. It helps to spark their imagination and let’s face it, is fun for moms and grandmas too! Here are five different ways to create a fun fairy garden.

ways to create a fairy garden

Choosing The Perfect Flowers


Fairies love flowers and so do little girls and choosing the perfect flowers are key when making your fairy garden! Laughing Kids Learn encourages you to take your child to your local nursery and gives you advice in which plants work for fairy garden.

What to Add

tree house

Isn’t that little treehouse just adorable? Adding the furniture and rocks to the garden are one of the most important parts in making this little garden come to life. The good thing about these gardens is that you can more than likely find things around your home or even at the dollar store to add to them. Mommy Moment shares how she found things around her home and how you can too!

Piecing It All Together

outdoor fairy garden

A lot of times if you go to your local nursery or craft store you can find kits for making a fairy garden or miniature garden as they are some times called. Other times you can build your garden solely from the things in your backyard. offTRACT takes you step by step in how to build a fairy garden from the things in your backyard.

 Making The Most of Your Gardenfairy

The Magic Onions has one of the most beautiful and exquisite fairy gardens I have ever seen! Her fairies have a tire swing and you can even enter a fairy garden making contest once a year! Talk about a magical craft! Definitely take your time in this project and enjoy your little kiddo when doing so. Or if you’re doing this by yourself make it your own and have fun!

Have any of you made a fairy garden? Any tips or ideas? I can’t wait to try this one out! Wish me luck:)

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