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Does your kid bringing home their book report project instructions give you a panic attack?  Have you ever had a teacher assign your child to come up with a creative way to share their book with the class?  I remember having to decorate pumpkins as a book character one year. So Isaac and I teamed up and made a Geronimo Stilton pumpkin.  Well if creative book report ideas isn’t your thing I might have a great idea for you son or daughter (this one showcases a girl project).  Make a book report bracelet!  Click here to watch the video.

DIY CRAFTS  Creative book report idea - book report bracelet

I am teaming up with Disney Publishing to share with you one of their latest books called “The Story of Diva and Fleaâ€.  My daughter and I loved this book of an unlikely pair of friends (a cat and a dog) and how they taught each other to be brave.  So we made a bracelet to showcase the story.  My daughter would come to each charm and tell why each charm was significant to the story – this is great for comprehension skills.


Shrinky Dink for Inkjets (very important you purchase the one marked for Inkjet printers)

jump rings

corner rounder (optional)

hole punch

stretchy bracelet (or make one with beads and Stretch Magic)

two chain nose pliers (needlenose will work too)

Inkjet printer

1.  Find a stretchy bracelet (I have found some at the Dollar Tree or make your own with beads and Stretch Magic).  I used pink and black beads since the story took place in Paris and those colors are traditionally known as Paris colors.

paris bracelet

2.  I used Google to search images that relate to the story.  I took the cover of the book “The Story of Diva and Flea,†a high heel shoe, the Eiffel Tower, Paris, a mouse, and a picture frame.  Click here to purchase the book and see why these are so important to the story.  If your images are really dark you can upload them to and lighten them 50%.

3.  I imported those pictures into Microsoft Word and resized them.  I made my images about 1 1/2†tall, give or take.

4.  Print out your images onto your Shrinky Dink Inkjet sheet.

creative book report idea

5.  Cut them out with scissors and then hole punch the top.  Optional:  I rounded the corners because I didn’t want sharp edges since it was something my daughter would wear.

creative book report project

book report on a bracelet

book report bracelet

6.  Next put them in your oven or toaster oven on 275 degrees for 3-5 minutes.  They will shrink to about a 1/3 of the original size.  You can see I lightened the image so that it wouldn’t be too dark when I shrunk it.

shrinky dink book report

7. Once cooled add jump rings to the top and add them to your bracelet using chain nose pliers.

book report ideas

creative project for a book report

creative idea book report

8.  I ended by tying a red ribbon on the bracelet to reflect another reference in the book.

creative book report ideas

creative ideas for book reports

diva and flea craft

The Story of Diva and Flea is written by Mo Willems and illustrated by Tony DiTerlizzi and is in stores, tomorrow, October 13th.

About the Book:
Diva, a small yet brave dog, and Flea, a curious streetwise cat, develop an unexpected friendship in this unforgettable tale of discovery.

For as long as she could remember, Diva lived at 11 avenue Le Play in Paris, France. For as long as he could remember, Flea also lived in Paris, France–but at no fixed address. When Flea flâneurs past Diva’s courtyard one day, their lives are forever changed. Together, Diva and Flea explore and share their very different worlds, as only true friends can do.

Click here to read more about the story.

book report bracelet

So next time your child has to come up with a creative book report idea conside this fun idea.  Plus the project will live on past the class presentation.

Disclaimer:  This project was sponsored by Disney Publishing.  But the amazing idea was mine and so are my opinions about this adorable story.

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