A Crafter’s Dream

After I told my blogging story one of my readers Erin proposed a great question that I thought would turn into a post.  She asked, “As a crafter and DIY girl what mediums have you not tried that you would like to in the future?”  Great question!

Since craft time was interrupted by a barfing baby girl today 🙁 I thought today would be a great day to answer that.  So Erin here you go…

1.  PMC (Precious Metal Clay) — I have never worked with this magical silver clay yet.  I have heard great things about it and think I would really enjoy it but haven’t found the time. I know it can also be pricey so I have yet to dive into it.  When baked it turns into 99% silver, isn’t that awesome?


2.  Reupholstery — Ok I know I have done this before but this is a skill I want to improve on.  Therefore, I would like to tackle some more projects this year and make sure this is something I work to perfect over the years.  I have never tried slipcovering either, so if I found the right piece I would love to try that.

Click here to read about my wingback chair reupholsteryIMG_4325



3.  Building a piece of furniture from scratch — I have tweaked, added, ripped apart, demolished, revamped and refurbished a lot of pieces.  But I have never straight up built something.  So I would like to accomplish this sometime in the future.

Click here to read about a furniture hutch revampIMG_1298IMG_1538

4.  Paint — Like for real paint.  This is not a now goal or a soon goal.  This is a lofty, someday goal.  But I always wanted to be an artist, the type that can paint on a canvas and actually have it hang in my house.

Look at these awesome paintings by my friend Colleen from Mural Maker & More. (jealous of her skills!)

5.  Photography — this is definitely an art form and I totally suck at it.  I know learning this skill will require a little more time than I am willing to spend at this moment.  But someday I would love to take better pictures.

Check out this amazing site for all your photography eye candy.  Serious talent!

So what are your crafting dreams?  What mediums haven’t you tried that you would like to?  What scares you to try?  I would love to hear about YOU and your crafting goals.