Numbered Inspiration Picture

There’s something special about an ultra-feminine bedroom.  I’m happy to share mine with my husband, but that also means I need to blend our tastes so it will be a place where we are both comfortable.  Pictures of rooms like this one (found at Crooks and Nannies)  are total eye-candy, and get me excited about decorating for Kayla when she gets bigger!

Crooks and Nannies inspiration pic

Things about this room I love are the vintage details, the aqua blue bed, and the palette of sherbet hues.   The mix of patterns in the textiles is visually very appealing, and keeps the room from looking too sweet.  I also think it’s really fun to see the garden right outside the door–how fun would that be?

Numbered Inspiration Picture

It wouldn’t be hard to replicate any of the elements of this room, but I found five with corresponding tutorials from talented folks around Blogland.  Check out five ways to get this look DIY style!

The Look for Less Collage text

1.  Ribbon Trimmed Roman Shades

Southgate ribbon edged shades

Grosgrain-trimmed shades were a top-selling window dressing from Pottery Barn.  Knock off the look for way less with this tutorial from Southgate.

2.  Horizontal Panel Door

Just Paint It White panelled door

The horizontal panels on the door in my inspiration photo really add to the vintage feel of this room.  It’s a fun departure from the doors we usually see.  Get a similar look with a cheap, flat door by adding trim, like this door by Just Paint It White.

3.  Pink and White Quatrefoil Rug

Momtastic quatrefoil rug

Momtastic has a tutorial for a raspberry quatrefoil rug almost exactly like the one pictured!  A free PDF of the quatrefoil design is included.

4.  Upholstered Bench with Nailhead Trim

The Chronicles of Home bench

While I couldn’t find an exact DIY replica of the bench in my inspiration photo, I found one with similar features, like the rectangular shape and nailhead trim.  It’s at The Chronicles of Home, and I love the fabric.

5.  Painted Bedframe

Ooops!  Redone painted bed

I think the pretty aqua blue bedframe is a real stand-out feature of this room.  You can view a similarly painted bed at Oops!  Redone.  In addition, Martha Stewart has some excellent tips for painting beds any color.

What’s your favorite thing about this room?  Is there anything about this room you would want to change if it were in your house?

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  1. Beckie! Thank you for featuring my bench! First I ran across my X benches here and now this one. Way to make a girl feel special 🙂 As chance would have it, I’m planning to rip apart a bench like the one in your inspiration photo this week and cant wait to see what it looks like underneath so I can try to replicate it! Will let you know if I do and you want to update the tutorial you link to here.

  2. i saw an article in the May 2013 issue of Better Home and Garden Magazine featuring Beckie Farrant and fabric painting. I loved the idea, would like to duplicate it and would like to find her ‘how to’. Has any one done it? Any tips or tricks?

  3. Beckie, I love this room! Thanks for the tutorials- I really like the one for turning an ordinary door into a “vintage” door!

  4. Thanks for sharing Beckie. I just found your blog from BHG. I also love the vintage doors you shared, it looks like my Grandma’s house, now I just have to find an old lock to but on my door!

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