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I don’t mean to keep complaining….but we need some warm weather, STAT!  It was so nice to get away for a while, but it seems like Mother Nature got back at me for escaping the Midwest by sending more nasty weather my way this week.  Gazing at outdoor spaces like this one is the only thing that’s keeping me going.  Ha!  Seriously, though, don’t you love this back porch by designer Cindy Mihuc that was recently featured on House of Turquoise?  It’s gorgeous.


A lot of times I see beautiful porches that are so dreamy/frilly/overfurnished that they seem way out of reach.  This one is a treat to look at, but it also seems like something that a normal family could enjoy.  Everything on this porch is purposeful, from the porch swing to the storage bucket drink station.


It’s totally possible to make a comfortable, useable outdoor space like this one–even if you don’t have an actual back porch.  Check out the tutorials and ideas I found online to see five ways that you can get this look for less.


1.  Rustic Lighting


Want rustic lighting at a price you can afford?  Then I’ve got just the project for you!  If you haven’t seen it already, check out this project for a Knock Off Grain Sieve Light that The Wood Grain Cottage shared here at Infarrantly Creative.

2. Outdoor Dining Table


I firmly believe that everyone needs a place to eat out of doors, but I get that not everyone can afford pricey outdoor furnishings.  Check out this tutorial for a $60 homemade table by Let’s Just Build a House.  It wouldn’t be hard to stain or paint this table black, if you want it to look just like the one in my inspiration photo.

3. Outoor Storage


Whether you use it for drinks or toys, outdoor storage can be very handy.  Random Thoughts of a Supermom shares this great idea for keeping things organized outside.

4. Stained Wood


Staining the wood on your porch or deck is a good way to protect it from the elements.  See what I learned about the process and read about my favorite products for the job HERE.

5.  Porch Swing Bed


Doesn’t that bed-sized porch swing in my inspiration photo look soooo comfy?  I love that it can do double duty as seating or as an extra bed during the warmer months.  Check out this tutorial for a swing bed made for less with pallets at Merrythought.

What are you doing to get ready for the warmer days ahead?  Do you have any good tips for making outdoor spaces more comfortable?   What tops your list of must-haves for an outdoor living room?

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