5 Ways Room Redo

I thought it would be fun to do something a little different with the 5 Ways post this weekend. I’ve got a real room with real decorating dilemmas and solutions to share with you. So let’s see 5 Ways to Redo A Living Room On a Budget.

Reader Julie sent some pictures of her family room, and we’re going to come up with some ideas that will help her to Redo her Living Room!

5 Ways Room Redo

Living Room Makeover

Julie’s family room has some great things going for it. It has huge windows that bring in lots of light. And it has a fireplace!  

It’s part of an open-concept floor plan, so you can see the kitchen and dining room from the step-down family room. And Julie has a nice set of brown leather couches.

On the other hand, some of the things Julie wishes she could change about this room include the dated fireplace design, the awkward furniture arrangement, and the lack of color and fun decor.

It’s time for a living room makeover!

Julie Family Room Before
Julie Family Room Before

How do you change a boring living room?

Some of the things that come to mind with not much overthinking are:

  • Add some pizzazz with a pop of color
  • Bring on the texture with woven baskets and cozy knits
  • Create a focal point that will leave your guests starry-eyed
  • Illuminate your abode with some sizzling lighting
  • Mix and match styles like a pro
  • Add some green to your scene with some plants
  • Rearrange your furniture like a game of musical chairs.

And voila! Your living room will go from bland to grand in a jiffy!”

But I have gone a little deep researching and I found some great online tutorials for projects that Julie might use to completely transform her family room.

Hopefully these ideas will provide inspiration both for Julie and for you!

family room redo inspiration

5 Living Room Makeover Ideas on A Budget

1.  Update the Fireplace

paneled fireplace update

Julie’s fireplace should be the focal point of the room, but the distinctly patterned brick and dated mantelpiece make her want to cover the whole thing with a sheet.

The built-in cabinet on the wall next to the mantel is handy storage, but the color of the wood seems a little off next to the brick.

Luckily,  The Handcrafted Life has an excellent tutorial for building a facade that could cover up some of the dated aspect’s of Julie’s fireplace, and create a more cohesive look with the nearby cabinetry.

I shared a tutorial here for painting over unsightly brick. Moving the television over the mantel will help with the furniture placement in Julie’s room, too.

2.  Panel a Wall

paneled gallery wall update

One of the ways  moving the television over the mantel can change the furniture arrangement in Julie’s family room is that it would make it possible to move her large entertainment center out of the room.

That would free up the one wall without a window for seating and some fun decor options.  

I am inspired by Decor Chick‘s paneled living room wall. The board-and-batten wainscoting would look really fantastic next to the paneled fireplace facade, too.

3.  Make a Colorful Gallery Wall

colorful frames collage wall

Julie doesn’t need to go out and buy all new frames to make a gallery wall like the one above.

Instead, she could paint frames that she already owns (or finds at the thrift store) to create a dynamic gallery-style display that would add color and personality to her room.

Check out a fun example of this at Running From the Law.

4. Add Storage

built in shelving half wall

I recommended that Julie move the bulky entertainment center away from her one blank wall to give her more options for furniture placement.

That cabinetry represents a lot of storage, though, which I didn’t want Julie to have to sacrifice. If it would fit, one option would be to move the shelving in front of the railing that separates Julie’s family room from the kitchen.  

She could remove the railing and paint the entertainment center white to match the other trim in the room for a built-in look.

If size is an issue, Julie could follow a tutorial like this one at IHeart Organizing to make a low wall of built-in storage between her family room and kitchen.

5.  Bring in Color with Accessories

neutral room colorful accessories

Julie has a perfectly good set of couches and a nice wall color that doesn’t need to be changed–they make a neutral canvas for decorating.

Instead spending money on new furniture, I suggest that she continue to add color and personality to this room with accessories.

A good example of this is a very similar room at I Like It, I Love It, where brown leather couches get lightened up with fanciful throw pillows.

(These are easy to make! Check out all of my pillow tutorials)

Matching colors in a rug are another way to bring personality and color into this neutral room.

How do I revamp my living room on a budget?

So yes, absolutely you can do a total makeover to any room without spending any money or very little.

Here are some ways you can revamp your living room on a budget summarized in bullet points:

  1. Paint: Give your walls a fresh coat of paint to instantly transform the space. Choose a neutral color to create a base and add accent colors with accessories.
  2. Repurpose furniture: Get creative and see if you can repurpose any of your existing furniture. For example, you can give an old dresser a new life as a TV stand.
  3. Add plants: Adding plants to a room can brighten up the space and give it a fresh feel. They don’t have to be expensive either.
  4. Accessorize: Change up the accessories in your living room. Swap out throw pillows, add new curtains, or invest in some unique pieces of decor.
  5. Shop second-hand: Check out second-hand stores or online marketplaces for furniture and decor items. You might find some hidden gems at a fraction of the cost.
  6. DIY: Try doing some DIY projects such as creating your own art pieces or building a new coffee table. Get creative and have fun!

By making a few simple changes, you can give your living room a new look and feel without breaking the bank.

5 ways to get spring living room

Readers, do you have any suggestions for things Julie could do to update her family room?

Are any of you interested in getting DIY ideas and advice for your problem spaces?  

Leave a comment below telling me which room in your house needs inspiration!

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  1. Another great way to update this room and get the look she is going for would be to paint the entertainment center white, get new hardware and accessorize the shelves with color and texture!

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