how to make a chalkbaord calendar
Hey all!  It’s Carmel, from Our Fifth House, and today I’m back with yet another project using leftover wood that had been collecting dust in my garage.  You might remember last month when I shared a simple diy instagram display board and the month before that when I made arrows out of scrap wood.  Today’s project is a simple one involving a leftover wood panel and an extra piece of crown moulding. The total project time for this chalkboard calendar was less than an hour if you don’t count the drying time!
how to make a chalkbaord calendar

Back in January, The Home Depot challenged me to get creative with storage, so I built a much needed beverage/buffet station in my basement.  For the countertop I used a project panel and the fine folks at The Home Depot were kind enough to cut it down to the exact size I needed which left me with a leftover piece of wood. It took me a little while to decide what I wanted to do with this piece, but I finally decided to turn it into a calendar for my 10 year old son’s room.
DIY Chalkboard Tutorial
Remember my first ever project shared over here  – the DIY Lego Lamp?  It’s still sits on my son’s desk!
This was the simplest, easiest project ever!  All I did was lightly sand the panel, paint two coats of chalkboard paint and mod podge on some labels I created with my Zink hAppy.
how to make a chalkboard caalendar
If you don’t have a fancy label maker, no worries, you could easily use alphabet stickers from the craft store or just some paint and stencils.
While the chalkboard paint was drying, I grabbed a piece of leftover crown moulding and cut it down to size and then used two different colors of stain to give it a slightly weathered look.  Once the paint and stain was completely dry, I used wood glue to adhere it to the board.  It makes for the perfect chalk ledge, and I can also use an s hook to hang a little bucket for the eraser.
making a chalkboard calendar
This chalkboard calendar is right at home on my boy’s gallery wall!
I got so excited to take pictures I forgot to write in the month of June in that space I left open at the top.  😉   And my hub, promptly pointed out that I forgot to write in Father’s Day.  Ha!  My son quickly remedied both and also wrote “sleep in” and “stay up late” on almost every day after the last day of school.  He’s very excited to have his very own calendar.
DIY chalkboard calendar
Come on over and take a full tour of my Star Wars loving boy’s bedroom!  His room is filled with lots of diy projects!

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