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Those old paper maps are long gone…but aren’t they cute? Welcome to “cool things to make and DIY with old maps”.

Things are finally cooling down here in the Midwest after a long, hot summer. The school year is well under way, and I spotted some pumpkins at a roadside stand just the other day. Summer is officially over.

But for all of you who are having a hard time saying good-bye to a summer of fun – especially if you took a road trip or two – I’ve got some great ideas to share.  

Keep the memories of your summer travels alive with these crafts made from (or of) maps!

What to do with old maps

Remember the good ol’ days of paper maps? They had this cool vintage vibe that’s hard to beat, even in our high-tech world.

Well, even though we rely on GPS and digital maps these days, there’s something awesome about those old-school paper maps.

They’re like a blast from the past that can inspire your crafty side. You can do all sorts of fun DIY projects with them, from creating unique wall art to crafting personalized travel keepsakes.

So, let’s take a trip down memory lane and explore the creative world of paper maps, where nostalgia and imagination collide!

1.  A Map from Scraps

Love this colorful map of the U.S. created by See Kate Sew.  A detailed tutorial makes it easy for the rest of us to recreate.  

Imagine how fun this would be for next July 4th in different variations of red, white, and blue, or out of scraps from clothing worn on vacations!

2.   A Decoupaged Map

At Today’s Creative Blog, a decoupaged map transformed a plain tray into a real conversation piece.

You only need the mod podge if you are only going to decoupage.

3.  A Framed Map

Printable maps and glittery heart stickers easily became a crafty work of art by Kayla Danelle.  

This is an easy, interesting way to display places that are important to your family.

4.  A Gift Wrapped Map

Silver Boxes used maps to embellish a plain white gift bag. Genius!

I think those pinwheels are pretty much the cutest addition to a present I’ve ever seen.

5.  A String Map

String art is super trendy right now, and combining it with a map makes it even more fun!  

I think it’s so cool that this map from Feel LOVD Everyday is on a wood slice.

6.  A Knock Off Map

Speaking of wood…The Happier Homemaker figured out how to knock off a Pottery Barn piece with amazing results!  

See how she recreated a cool piece of artwork for waaaaay less than the $475 Pottery Barn price tag.

Have you jumped on the map craze, yet?  

What have you made out of a map?  

For map decor inspiration, check out this post.

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  1. I love the US map made from scraps. I did a whole book page wreath made from atlas pages. It is one of my favorite projects ever.

  2. I haven’t done anything yet, but these are sure inspiring! Years ago, I made cards and envelopes from old atlases- those were fun.

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