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There’s a lot to consider when looking for the best art table to buy. Whether you’re using it for arts and crafts, for professional drawing and drafting, or just one desk that can double as an artistic haven from time to time, you’re likely wondering What Are The Best Art Tables?

The best art tables have a big work surface that can tilt from flat to at least 65 degrees. Storage options like drawers and shelves add a lot of value, while built-in utensil holders make it practical. The best art tables should also be height-adjustable and look the part without breaking the bank.

There are many ways to evaluate which tables are the best, with some valuing looks over functionality and others focusing on practicality in terms of storage and usability. For many, cost is an important consideration. Here are some of the best art tables in various categories.

The Best Art Tables Under $100

If you’re restricted by budget, you will likely be shopping for an art table that isn’t necessarily as specialized but can still provide you with the space and practicality you desire. Here are the three best options for under $100.

MoNiBloom Drafting Table

Although this table is usually priced much higher, certain configurations are currently offered at a discount rate, making it quite reasonably priced. It has a toughened glass desktop with an adjustable desktop angle. 


  • Large surface area made of toughened glass for durability.
  • Filleted edges and rounded corners prevent injury.
  • Desktop is adjustable up to 65 degrees, and there’s a pencil ledge to hold papers and tools.
  • Includes storage with four embedded stationery trays and two woven-cloth drawers.
  • It has four swivel casters and four rubber feet for mobility and practicality.


  • The usual price exceeds $139.99, and only some colors are available for under $100.
  • Glass top isn’t slip-proof.
  • Metallic frame isn’t to everyone’s liking.

X-cosrack Computer Desk 

Although this is marketed as a computer desk, it also makes for a great art or drawing table. It sports a unique finish and has additional storage at under $100. It’s 43.3 inches long and 21.6 inches wide and stands almost 31 inches off the floor. The key selling point is that it has a tiltable desktop, which allows it to be used for drafting, drawing, or hobbies like arts and crafts.


  • Desktop can double as a standard, flat computer table or desk, and it tilts up to 45 degrees to be used for drawing.
  • Built-in monitor stand riser that lifts your computer monitor up to 4.3 inches – and if you don’t need to place a monitor, the riser can be removed for a flat surface.
  • Included storage by means of a drawer and two-tier side shelf for more oversized items.
  • Rust-proof metal frame and rustic-themed wood make it aesthetically pleasing.


  • Limited storage options with just one drawer and an open shelf.
  • Those who want something more modern won’t like the wood appearance.

DlandHome Mobile Standing Desk

Although not technically categorized as an art table, the DlandHome Mobile Standing Desk can do in a pinch and is very well priced. At und $75, the DlandHome standing desk earns excellent customer ratings at 4.5 stars.


  • Low price to start with, and various color options are available at only one dollar difference.
  • Multiple desktop configurations with one large flat surface, to split surfaces, and the front surface able to tilt.
  • Can be used standing or seated and has wheels with brakes to move it about.


  • Small surfaces restrict usability.
  • No built-in storage available.

The Best Art Tables With Storage

For most shoppers, an art or drafting table also needs to be practical, so there should be storage options, nooks, and crannies for keeping your tools, equipment, and supplies on hand. Here are the five best options available:

Studio Designs Eclipse 

At $246.05, the Studio Designs Eclipse Center Black and White table is one of the most practical art desks you can get. Not only does it have additional storage options, but it’s got a large work surface that tilts extensively.


  • Large work surface with a broad range of tilting motion and lip to prevent papers and tools from sliding off.
  • Three large drawers for storage at the side with a separate work surface.
  • Large shelf underneath the table top for storage of larger items and a built-in bar for rolls of paper.
  • A matching stool is included in the price tag.


  • High price, excluding shipping.
  • Only two color options are available – black or black/white combination.
  • No built-in pencil/utensil holders.

Studio Designs Futura Craft and Drawing Station

With an almost perfect customer rating, the Studio Designs Future Craft and Drawing station is a great buy. It costs around $110 and shows off a silver alloy steel frame with silver and blue glass on the top. This makes it look quite unique against other designs.


  • A host of storage options with three small drawers on one side, a pull-out tray top, and two full-width utensil holders along each side of the desk.
  • Tempered glass top that adjusts up to 35 degrees is versatile – tou can use it as a flat desktop or for art projects or drafting.
  • Unique and stylish design sets it apart from other desks in the segment.
  • Heavy gauge steel construction is durable and provides good stability when in use.


  • Drawers are pretty small, so contents will be limited.
  • No wheels to quickly move it about, which means you’ll have to lift and move it if you need to relocate. 

OneSpace Craft Station 

For slightly cheaper, the OneSpace Craft Station with its blue glass top offers convenience and practicality, covering all the bases for adequate storage. It’s priced at $163.34 with a discount applied at the time of writing. 


  • Numerous nooks and crannies in plastic molding along both sides of the desk for storing pens, pencils, brushes, or any other tools
  • Removable utensil holders can be washed, dried, and replaced without a fuss
  • Desktop tilts at up to 62.5 degrees or can be used flat, with a built-in lip to prevent items from rolling off
  • Two drawers for further storage underneath the desktop
  • Clean-cut and simple design with rolling/locking wheels for practical mobility.


  • Function trumps form, and it’s not the best-looking desk, although it’s available in silver or black.
  • Drawers are small, and there’s no ledge for more oversized items storage underneath the desktop.

Studio Designs Deluxe Craft Station

With both sides of this desktop lined with plastic storage options, the Studio Designs Deluxe Craft Station offers great practicality at just $129.98. Customer reviews suggest it is a value-for-money buy, and it can be in a Black/White combination or as white metal with a maple desktop.


  • Four side trays to hold paints, pens, pencils, brushes, or any other utensils.
  • Built-in drip tray for glue guns, as well as a cup holder.
  • Three plastic storage drawers that are easy to clean and can be mounted on either side of the desk, depending on your preference.
  • Wheels that lock make moving it around a breeze.


  • Top only adjusts by 40 degrees, whereas some other desks can adjust past 70 degrees.
  • Bland and functional looks won’t appeal to all buyers.

Drafting Tables

If money isn’t your main consideration and you need a drafting table that is professional and versatile, here are your top three bets:

LifeSky Adjustable Glass Drafting Table

With a desktop that adjusts to 75 degrees, the LifeSky Adjustable Glass Drafting Table provides a great space for drawing or working from. It costs $229 and is a modern steel-frame desk available in just one color: black, with a glass surface. For the price, it includes loads of storage space, however. 


  • Two mesh drawers offer flat storage space for papers, books, or larger items.
  • It includes a slide-out work surface of just under 24 inches in length.
  • There’s a storage ledge for larger items underneath the surface.
  • Built-in pen/pencil or tool holder along the right-hand side of the desk includes a cup for a variety of tools.
  • Price includes a stool as well, and the glass is scratch-resistant.
  • Desktop tilt angle is as much as 75 degrees with a convenient knob-adjustment function.


  • The price is high in comparison to some options on the market.
  • No other options for appearance other than black metal with a heavy frame.
  • No wheels to make moving the desk easy.

MoNiBloom Height-Adjustable Drafting Table

With a price of $112.99, the MoNiBloom Drafting Table provides some of the most practical storage options. It’s versatile as both an arts and crafts table or a professional drafting setup, and the price also buys you a matching stool.


  • Large work surface that tilts to 65 degrees with an additional 23.5-inch surface that slides out from beneath it to the side for extra space to work on or store items on.
  • Two drawers beneath the desktop and a small ledge for larger items.
  • Utensils, pencils, tools, and other equipment can be stored in the cups and slots built into the desk, which are within easy reach.


  • Pricing isn’t overly cheap, although it’s not nearly the most expensive option.
  • There’s just one design and color option available in black metal and light wood.

SD Studio Designs Vintage Rustic Oak Adjustable Drafting Table

For something a little different, the Studio Designs Vintage Drafting Table goes back to its roots and is a simple, no-fuss place to do your work. It costs between $147 and $180 and is available in Rustic Oak, Coastal Whitewash, Distressed Black, or Slate Gray.


  • Simplistic, elegant, and timeless design fits in nicely for those who are conscious of how their furniture looks.
  • Up to 90 degrees of adjustment on the desktop.
  • Sturdy and solid design means the desk won’t wobble or move when you don’t want it to.
  • It’s available in larger sizes, too, with surfaces up to 42 inches in width.


  • No built-in storage options like drawers, utensil holders, or ledges to hold tools.
  • No wheels and a heavy design make it impractical to relocate often.


With so many options available, the best art table for you is the one that meets your needs. If versatility and dual-usage are most important to you, you’ll want to consider desks with flat surfaces that can adjust as needed. And for those who value looks above all else, consider one of the vintage designs or simplistic modern metal frames.

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