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I’m so excited that my “new” kitchen island is ready to use! It took several days to prep the butcher block, and I had to use my kitchen without the island.  It was definitely missed.  So I can tell you from experience that islands aren’t just a trendy design feature in today’s kitchens.  They can be a very useful addition to the space where you prep meals.  I’m definitely glad that I already had an island to work with in my own kitchen.  Unfortunately, I know that many of you didn’t luck out with an island in your own kitchens.  Islands are one of the top requests from homeowners when asked to make a kitchen wish list.  Today I’m going to prove that getting more counter space in the center of your kitchen doesn’t have to involve a big-budget remodeling project.  Here are 5 Ways to Fake a Kitchen Island.

1.  Remake a Kitchen Cart

Over at Homeroad, Susan had an old kitchen cart that was in need of a makeover.  With some paint, stain, a cool vintage-look stamp, and the addition of a towel bar, she transformed it into a stunning small-scale island.  Similar carts are easy to find at big box stores near you.

2.  Repurpose Office Furniture

Add some industrial style to your kitchen with this idea from Ready Made.  The addition of bright paint and a butcher block turns two dusty file cabinets into a swanky–and storage friendly–kitchen island.  Love the bright pop of color those painted metallic drawers add to the wood-filled space.

3.  Rethink Found Cabinetry

Life Hackers showcases this kitchen island that was built by stacking some short, wide cabinets.  Homeowner Jules came across these cabinets at a great price, and realized that with some creative thinking, they could become useful, accessible storage options in her kitchen.

4.  Recycle Furniture

This jade green dresser was a looker to begin with, but reinvented as a kitchen island, it’s positively jaw dropping.  At Solo Thais, you can see how this dresser began a new life as a kitchen island once it was topped with butcher block.  I love it!

5.  Reinvent Ikea Pieces

Ikea Hackers is out to prove that there’s a creative and inexpensive way to get any piece of furniture you want–all you need is a nearby Ikea store.  Stop by here to see how four Ikea purchases and some wainscoting became this useful little island.

See?  Now we can all have islands!  Hopefully one of these ideas has inspired you to rethink the possibilities within your kitchen.

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  1. I thought that last island looked familiar! That’s because it’s mine! LOL. Thanks for putting it up. Yours came out great. Love how you combined the board and batten with the bead board. I was thinking about doing that above my range hood.

  2. I had an old chrome table – cut the legs off – and set it on cabinetry. Makes a cute vintage kitchen island!!

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