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Freezing your applesauce is one of the great culinary hacks of the 21st century, which allows you to save this delicious condiment for months.

Defrosting your applesauce quickly for a tasty snack may seem impossible, but it is not! So, how do you quickly defrost frozen applesauce?

Using the microwave on the thaw setting is the quickest way to defrost frozen applesauce. However, if you, like myself, are not keen to use it that much or don’t have access to a microwave, there are other ways. Such as in a saucepan on the stove, under running water, or in a bowl of room-temperature water. 

Whether you’ve had a last-minute craving for applesauce and cheese. Or have invited guests around for dinner last minute. Or have simply forgotten to take it out of the freezer earlier in the day (we’ve all been there).

These are all the techniques you need to know about defrosting your frozen applesauce at top speed. 

How To Quickly Defrost Frozen Applesauce

There are several ways to defrost applesauce fast and ensure that it’s ready for use in a delicious snack or dessert in no time.

These methods include using the microwave, and more traditional ways of defrosting and they all work like a charm!

Can You Defrost Frozen Applesauce In The Microwave?

When it comes to quickly defrosting applesauce, the microwave is your best friend, and defrosting your sauce this way couldn’t be easier!

Simply decant your frozen applesauce into a microwave-safe container, cover it, and put it in on the ‘defrost’ or ‘thaw’ setting.

Microwave Defrost setting

You should check on it periodically to ensure it isn’t burning and give it a stir. 

Finally, remove it from the microwave when it has thawed and has reached your desired consistency and temperature.

Defrosting frozen applesauce in the microwave has the advantages of being a straightforward method and taking mere minutes to take your sauce from a solid brick to the perfect puree consistency. 

How To Defrost Applesauce Without A Microwave

If you don’t have access to a microwave, there is no need to panic! There are several effective ways of quickly defrosting applesauce without using a microwave and we explore how below.

Defrost Your Frozen Applesauce By Heating It On The Stove

If you haven’t got a microwave, why not go old school and defrost your frozen applesauce on the stove?

To use this method, simply decant your frozen sauce into a saucepan, and place it on the stove on low heat. Stir the sauce occasionally until it is fully defrosted and has reached your desired temperature. 

This way of defrosting frozen applesauce allows you to simultaneously defrost and heat your sauce if you so wish, which can also save time. 

Defrost Your Frozen Applesauce Quickly Under Running Water

One of the simplest and fastest ways of defrosting applesauce without a microwave is by placing it in a sealed container in the sink and running lukewarm water over it until it thaws. 

Thawing your frozen applesauce under running water is an incredibly efficient method of defrosting it.

However, this technique should only be used if you defrost a small quantity of sauce, so you don’t waste water. 

Running water to defrost

Defrost Your Frozen Applesauce Quickly In A Bowl Of Water

Another one of the traditional tricks for quickly defrosting applesauce requires only two instruments: a  bowl and room-temperature water. 

To use this method of defrosting, place your frozen applesauce (in a sealed container) in a bowl or sink filled with room-temperature to lukewarm water. Leave the bag in the water until your sauce has fully thawed.

When defrosting applesauce in a bowl of water, you should swap out the water every time it gets cold for the fastest results. Regularly replacing the icy water with room-temperature water will ensure that the melting process remains quick and ongoing. 

It usually takes an hour to defrost a medium-sized container of applesauce, although smaller amounts thaw much faster. So, while this is not the fastest method of defrosting applesauce, it doesn’t require too much planning!

What Happens If You Put Applesauce In The Freezer?

You may also be wondering what effect freezing and defrosting applesauce have on the consistency and taste of your sauce and whether there is anything you need to do to ensure its longevity. 

Applesauce freezes very well – in fact, it freezes better than many other sauces because it does not contain any milk products. You can safely and successfully freeze applesauce for 6-9 months and up to 12 months in a deep freeze.

If prepared and defrosted properly, applesauce should be unchanged by the freezing process and retain its original color, taste, and texture when defrosted or reheated. 


How To Make Your Applesauce Last Longer In The Freezer

However, there are several factors about how you initially prepare your applesauce, which may influence how well and long it lasts in the freezer.

Remember these little tips next time you’re making a big batch of applesauce for freezing, and you’ll be sure to see the difference! 

  • Avoid adding butter before freezing your applesauce. Butter spoils faster than the other ingredients of applesauce, which will shorten your applesauce’s freezer life. We recommend adding butter after you’ve defrosted it to keep it fresh and tasty!
  • Do not add spices to your applesauce before freezing it. The flavor of popular spices like cinnamon may change with freezing, so to ensure that your sauce is as tasty when defrosted, we recommend adding the spices after you’ve defrosted your applesauce. 
  • Make sure your applesauce isn’t too watery. If your applesauce contains a lot of liquid, it may risk becoming ‘icy’ in the freezer, which can detract from the flavor when you thaw it.
  • Make sure to freeze your applesauce in a sealed container. Freezing it in a sealed container prevents any contamination of your applesauce from other things in your freezer or even just from ‘freezer taste. We recommend Tupperware, zip-lock sandwich bags, or mason jars as the perfect frozen applesauce containers.  


Freezing your applesauce is convenient and prevents waste; however, defrosting it in a hurry can be daunting.

The best advice is always to take it out of the freezer the day before but, of course, this is not an option sometimes.

There are several efficient ways of rapidly defrosting apple sauce. This includes in the microwave, in a saucepan on low heat on the stove, under room-temperature running water, or submerged in a bowl of water.

So, not impossible anyway! Defrosting apple sauce is easier than you think, so why not get freezing?

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