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but doesn’t want to tell you…


Okay so you want to know what cracks me up?   When I went to the SNAP conference I got to meet a bunch of my readers, it was so fun being with like-minded women who I could sit all day with and just gab about creative stuff.


Rhoda, Shelley, Traci, me

When I asked them “What do you like about my blog?” every woman with the exception of one said either my “Real and Raw” series, “My Blog Story” or this series.   I am like “For real?”   I have over 500 tutorials and projects I have done and the ones you like the most have nothing to do with that?!?!   Hmmm….maybe I need to change my focus.

So what does every blogger want you to know but doesn’t want to tell you??   We don’t want to tell you how many hours it takes to be a blogger each week.   Why don’t we want to tell you this?   Well we don’t want to sound like we are bragging, complaining, comparing, or condoning it.running-late


Now… I am in a different boat then some of you.   Blogging, while super freakin’ awesome, is my job.   I know — I am super blessed to be able to sit in my yoga pants all day with no makeup on and decorate my house and do craft projects.   Okay it is a bit more complicated than that…but seriously I have the best job ever. I have to pinch myself at times!   But, I remember the days that I was spending 40-60 hours a week on my blog and not making a penny off it.   Those days are hard to justify and I know many of you are there right this very second.

I love my Job


It takes hours, sometimes days, to finish one project.

It takes about an hour per post to take pictures.

It takes more than an hour to edit the pictures.

It takes between 1-2 hours to write a post.

Then it takes time to link up to parties or tweet, fb, google +, stumble upon, etc.

And that is just for one post!   I am tired just reading all of that! Aren’t you?   Yes blogging is hard work.   And it is even harder to justify the time and money spent on it when you aren’t making a penny in return.   Ahem…anyone have a hubby like mine?   Oh boy we had plenty of those conversations about my really expensive, time consuming habit.   Until about 2 years ago (when my blog started generating income) my husband and I had constant “discussions” about that.blogging-man


So what is the answer?

1.   I think you really need to ask yourself why you blog.   If you are blogging to hopefully turn it into an income let me be the first to warn you that you will have to work full-time for probably two years before you are generating a justifiable part-time income.   It is just so much harder to get noticed and get your influence in a really saturated, super-creative market.

If that is not your goal and it is just for fun or a hobby that is awesome too.   Don’t put pressure on yourself then to post everyday.   But know why you blog because that will help you make future decisions.

2.   Talk to your family.   I think this is the most important thing you can do.   Come up with a plan of how many hours you should spend blogging or doing projects…and then STICK TO IT!   If you husband is okay with you working for 40 hours a week, then go for it.   But if he isn’t, then it isn’t worth it and be okay with letting your blog still be a creative outlet for you but recognize that you can’t take it to that level.

3.   Be realistic.   Everything always takes more time and money than you think. If you think something is going to take you 15 minutes to complete, tell people it will take you 30.   I have found this is important with kiddos.   I am the queen of saying I will be there in 5 minutes and it is 20.   This is something I am constantly working on.

So how does it work for me?

I work blog from 10:00 am to 2:00 PM and then again from 2:30-5 Monday through Thursday.   I turn off my computer at 5 and then I will open it up again around 9:30 for about an hour to catch up on email.   My son is in school all day and my daughter is in pre-school from 10-2 Monday through Thursday.   When it became an income for me my husband and I made the decision to set business hours.   My kids know they get me from 5:00 — 9:00 every day and I try and make that time count!   I refuse to work 60 hours a week – I have done it and I can’t do that to my family anymore.   So this is the schedule that works for me right now.

You always hear about how hard it is to balance blogging and family/domestic responsibilities.   You need to find out what works for you in order to sustain for the long haul.

And because I need the reminder…


The email will still be there tomorrow.

Your post can be postponed… that princess wants you to adjust her dress.

Your Facebook followers will check in later…jump on the trampoline with your son.

You won’t die if you don’t see the latest tweet.

This is what matters most…


if you ever see me stray from that…call me out!

100 years from now it won’t matter what color I painted a dresser, how I arranged my furniture, how many blog followers I had or how many Facebook updates I made but it will matter what I did with these people! Many blessings as you navigate the whole blogging world.

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  1. your not alone, my husband and I talk about it ALL the time, esp lately with all the cakes and conferences I’ve been extra busy with. And since I’m STILL not making money it’s not a pretty talk. But I don’t do it for the money, I do it (and by It I mean the hours and hours and HOURS blogging takes) because I love it. But the family and kids come first, so set hours is very helpful as well as reassessing opportunity’s as they come! I tend to say yes to everything and have had to learn to say no sometimes.

  2. Beckie,

    I want to thank you so very much for doing this series! It has helped me to make some major decisions, many concerning my blog. At one time I would have liked to grow it but this has really helped me realize that even though I absolutely LOVE a number of blogs it will never be my “love.” So I’ll post when I post, research those things I do love (gardening, preserving, reading, spending time with my family who are growing up far too quickly… child #1 leaves for the USMC this fall, child #2 gets his driver’s license this fall, and child #3 will officially be a teenager!)

    I just want to say thank you so very much for sharing! (and how much I LOVE your blog! and what a sweet person you are!!)


  3. Love this – my boyfriend and I have had so many “discussions” on how much time I spend blogging and doing projects. We have a rule now, that when he gets home from work, the computer and smartphone go away, and then it’s just “our” time. 🙂

  4. Wow Beckie! Thnx for sharing that. You help me keep the balance. You’ve got a beautiful family. Blessed are you. I didnt even know about this series ( I really love your tutorials :-), but I saw your post on Facebook. Keep on keeping on focussing on what matters, thnx for all the inspiration.
    warm regards


  5. I had a brief moment earlier when I decided to quit blogging all together. I have a FT job, I do blog design on the side as well, plus I have my craft blog…. and three children, a hubby and a crafting addiction! I posted about quitting and everything… I just felt like I was letting the blog take over. I’m pretty good about staying off the computer when I get home from work until the kids are in bed, but I was doing just what you said… hopping on my phone for “a few minutes” to check facebook, email, twitter, etc. And my kids would be saying, “Mom, come play with me” and I would be like, “In a minute”…. until they dragged me from my phone. Needless to say after I posted that I was done, it made me sad and I felt like I was leaving an important piece of myself aside. So I sat down and debated, and thought about what was best for me and my family and then wrote up a plan on how I could fit it all in and not take away from family and my kids growing up… and I made it work for me. That means leaving all electronics at the door when I get home, and including my kiddos when I do craft projects… that has helped having my craft room adjoin with the playroom. We are all in one space so we can chat and they can play while I craft… or they can join me at my craft table and work on a project while I work on mine. Keep the priorities straight, right?

    Thanks for this great series Beckie!

  6. Great post! I’m printing it out to read again. And I think everyone needs to read the last part…it’s going on my facebook page.

  7. Babe,
    You are an amazing wife, mother, and creative genius! I am incredibly grateful that in this crazy journey called blogging you have remained open to making sure that our family comes before your work (or hobby :-)) I am inspired by your talent, but even more by the commitment you make to keep your priorities in the right order. I love you and I’m excited to be on this journey with you!

  8. Thanks for putting it all into perspective…I always wondered how the “real” bloggers get it all done…LOL thanks for laying it all out for me 🙂 I guess I need a schedule 🙂

  9. Shut up…. Mr Infarrantly Creative! HA! You left a comment!!!??? Best day ever! Thanks lovie. I love you!

  10. That is awesome Kim. it sounds like you have a great support system and that you have figured out how it will work for you!

  11. awww becky–tim commenting-that is so sweet! You are truly blessed my dear to have such a wonderful life! 🙂

    another great post… we do earn those pennies, don’t we?


  12. Awww thanks friend…wow you have some major stuff going on. Sending a boy off to college? Oh my gosh I can’t even fathom that yet!

  13. Saying no is so hard. Man I had to learn that the hard way. But it is so freeing when you do. I feel like i am the no queen lately. But it feels good.

  14. This is a great post! When I first started blogging, it was for family and friends to keep up with me. Then, I realized I was posting a lot of my crafty projects I was working on and it turned into a craft blog. I don’t think starting out I realized how much time it can take. I can’t devote that kind of time right now – I have a 5 year old in preschool only 2 days a week (far from my home so I just stay out during that time) and a very active 2 year old. I am hoping to have a good solid start with content and such right now, posting when I can, so that when my kids are both in school I could maybe pursue it full time. But for right now I have to accept that it is more of just a hobby! I am so grateful for you writing this post and the others in this series. 🙂

  15. Oh, Beckie. Does it make me a total NERD that I am sitting here with crocodile tears streaming down my face? It’s like you wrote this for me. What a sweet blessing to open my computer to this afternoon! Truly – you’ve impacted me more than you will ever know with this reminder to prioritize what matters. And hot diggety dog – a comment from your hubs! A red letter day. 😀

  16. Beckie!! It was so fun to meet you in real life at SNAP! And I gotta admit, I love this series too. You are amazing!

  17. Hi Beckie, Where to Start? Ok so you don’t need to change your focus, I think for bloggers we just love your series but for non-bloggers they’re more attracted to your projects. I love your series and tend to read those way more because I am overloaded with my own projects.

    Secondly, this came just at the right time. My husband is a businessman and in many ways it hard for him to grasp the concept of me doing something that may or may not ever turn an income. (which takes up so much time and some considerable money)

    Also, we have had many discussions about scheduling and balance. It really helps me to see how you run your business so that I can see what may work for me. I don’t mind putting in the time but to work it around our family is challenging. I have finally found something that I absolutely love and don’t want to throw in the towel. I love hearing your advice, it helps encourage me to keep on going and figure out how to make it all work.


  18. Becky, this is such a great post. Thanks for the information. I can tell without you saying anything how much time and effort you have put into your blog. It is a great resource for other bloggers. Thanks for your honesty.


  19. Good words!!! All SO, SO, SO very true!

    @ Creatively Living

  20. Yes, this is absolutely, totally true! You didn’t even include the hours that it takes to keep the blog updated and any problems that come up and such! I had someone write to me to complain about how complicated it was to get around my blog. I told her that I had plans to do a bunch of updating, but it would take me 20+ hours of work just to get it the way I have envisioned, so be patient! And, it has. This is such a great post about the reality of blogging and I’m so glad that you are letting others know. I spend at least 20+ per week on my blog, also. I also am a piano teacher and spend 10+ hours a week on that, so I’m busy! Wonderful!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  21. Bravo! “100 years from now it won’t matter what color I painted a dresser, how I arranged my furniture, how many blog followers I had or how many Facebook updates I made but it will matter what I did with these people! Many blessings as you navigate the whole blogging world.” This is so true! What kind of legacy do we want to leave our children? What do we want them to remember…seeing us at the computer all the time or spending time with them? I also am grateful for the heads up to how much time goes into blogging. Personally, I am struggling with some personal issues and have spent a few days not blogging. There is voice in the back of my mind saying, “you will lose all your followers if you keep this up.” I hate that voice. I haven’t made one cent off my blog yet. I was a purist until a year and half ago. It would be nice to be compensated for my time, but I do it more for the community and connecting with people. However, first and foremost is always my family. Great to find you! 😀 Shan from Family Brings Joy.

  22. This is so great! You are so right that balance is one of the major struggles for all, but for us newbies that really aren’t making money and just plugging along at a hobby, it has to fit in with the rest of life for sure. What a great picture of your family. 🙂

  23. Wow thanks Lesley best of luck to you as you figure out how to balance it all. It is a hard job but when you are passionate about something it is so worth it. May our passions always be fueled by the right things first huh? That is the balance my friend.

  24. HAHA you are a sweetheart. We are all there my friend. i got your email (you sent it to my personal email so it got buried), responding before I go to bed!

  25. Great point! My fuel is to inspire others, help others find their creativity and abilities, and teach. If more comes from it then great if not I still love every minute of it. Thanks for all that you do!

  26. Love this post! Makes me feel better to hear that other bloggers spend way too much time on theirs, too, and struggle to find some kind of balance with family and other responsibilities.

    I do hate telling people how much time I spend at the computer working on my blog. I admitted to a group of friends that I haven’t taken more than a day off from the blog in 4 years and they were horrified. I have to take my laptop on vacations just to keep up with everything while we’re gone–otherwise I come home to hundreds of emails I’ll never catch up on, etc. It’s a constant struggle to set boundaries on it and stick to them. All the work is definitely worth it, though–blogging full-time has been a dream come true for me.

    Gotta check out your other posts in this series now!

    P.S. Beckie, I have to tell you, I set up a gmail account at the end of 2011 and never did anything with it. Checked in on it today and found that the only email I ever got was from you, back in January. You wrote me the sweetest note. It made me smile this morning. Thanks! 🙂

  27. Hola Beckie, me ha encantado leer este post porque a veces me pregunto , ¿de dónde sacáis el tiempo para hacer todo esto y atender a la familia?

    Pues tienes razón, el mundo bloggero puede esperar, la familia es lo primero

    Me encanta recibir tus entradas por correo electrónico, y si ahora son más espaciadas, lo entenderé, tienes una familia muy hermosa

    Un saludo muy cariñoso

    Hi Beckie, I loved reading this post because sometimes I wonder, where do you find time to do all this and attend the family?

    Well you’re right, the blogger world can wait, family comes first

    I love to receive your entries via email, and if now they are more spaced, I understand, you have a beautiful family

    A very affectionate greeting

    (oh god! I’m not sure of my translation into English, sorry !!!!!)

  28. I am a new blogger and have been a little overwhelmed by the “rules” for a successful blog that I have read: at least three posts a week, submit to lots of link parties, leave comments on lots of blogs. Your series is so refreshing and presents a lot of the ideas I had when I got into blogging. I agree that you just need to be genuine and publish good content. And have fun. Thanks for reaffirming that it’s ok to think that way. 🙂

  29. This is great! Your blog story and this series are among my favorites as well. Maybe it’s because of where I am in my bloggy journey and I look to you for inspiration and encouragement. I am currently thinking through how I should balance my blog time with wife and mommy time. It’s a good stage to be in and I’m working with the long term in mind. I don’t want to miss moments with my family and love how you ended this post. Those other things can wait when comes to family. Thanks for putting this out there!

    ~ Ferly
    Gifts We Use {to grow, love and serve}

  30. well, hello beckie!
    I found your blog via a link on facebook. What a true and great post, and a message bloggers cannot hear too much.

    SO fun to hop over here {for my first time evah!} and see two of my sweet friends, Traci and Rhoda. Soooo… I am thinking that must mean I need to meet you in blogland. Nice to Meet You!!!!!

    I look forward to buzzing around your blog!

    – {darlene}

  31. HAHA! Yes those are my girls. Are you attending Haven? I will be speaking there and would love to meet you!

  32. I absolutely am loving reading through this old series right now! I was getting way too stressed out with posting on my blog everyday and not receiving page views, and this post saved me! It’s the family that matters, not my latest St. Patrick’s Day recipe! I’m about to log off and go for a walk with my mother! Thanks for making my day 🙂

  33. not gonna lie…i cried when i saw the pic of your family! i am tinking of diving into this blogging thing. and even tho my kids are grown, your pic just took me back! you are right! those precious babies won’t stay little for long!

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