What Every Blogger Wants You To Know Part 4

but doesn’t want to tell you…


Okay so you want to know what cracks me up?   When I went to the SNAP conference I got to meet a bunch of my readers, it was so fun being with like-minded women who I could sit all day with and just gab about creative stuff.


Rhoda, Shelley, Traci, me

When I asked them “What do you like about my blog?” every woman with the exception of one said either my “Real and Raw” series, “My Blog Story” or this series.   I am like “For real?”   I have over 500 tutorials and projects I have done and the ones you like the most have nothing to do with that?!?!   Hmmm….maybe I need to change my focus.

So what does every blogger want you to know but doesn’t want to tell you??   We don’t want to tell you how many hours it takes to be a blogger each week.   Why don’t we want to tell you this?   Well we don’t want to sound like we are bragging, complaining, comparing, or condoning it.running-late


Now… I am in a different boat then some of you.   Blogging, while super freakin’ awesome, is my job.   I know — I am super blessed to be able to sit in my yoga pants all day with no makeup on and decorate my house and do craft projects.   Okay it is a bit more complicated than that…but seriously I have the best job ever. I have to pinch myself at times!   But, I remember the days that I was spending 40-60 hours a week on my blog and not making a penny off it.   Those days are hard to justify and I know many of you are there right this very second.

I love my Job


It takes hours, sometimes days, to finish one project.

It takes about an hour per post to take pictures.

It takes more than an hour to edit the pictures.

It takes between 1-2 hours to write a post.

Then it takes time to link up to parties or tweet, fb, google +, stumble upon, etc.

And that is just for one post!   I am tired just reading all of that! Aren’t you?   Yes blogging is hard work.   And it is even harder to justify the time and money spent on it when you aren’t making a penny in return.   Ahem…anyone have a hubby like mine?   Oh boy we had plenty of those conversations about my really expensive, time consuming habit.   Until about 2 years ago (when my blog started generating income) my husband and I had constant “discussions” about that.blogging-man


So what is the answer?

1.   I think you really need to ask yourself why you blog.   If you are blogging to hopefully turn it into an income let me be the first to warn you that you will have to work full-time for probably two years before you are generating a justifiable part-time income.   It is just so much harder to get noticed and get your influence in a really saturated, super-creative market.

If that is not your goal and it is just for fun or a hobby that is awesome too.   Don’t put pressure on yourself then to post everyday.   But know why you blog because that will help you make future decisions.

2.   Talk to your family.   I think this is the most important thing you can do.   Come up with a plan of how many hours you should spend blogging or doing projects…and then STICK TO IT!   If you husband is okay with you working for 40 hours a week, then go for it.   But if he isn’t, then it isn’t worth it and be okay with letting your blog still be a creative outlet for you but recognize that you can’t take it to that level.

3.   Be realistic.   Everything always takes more time and money than you think. If you think something is going to take you 15 minutes to complete, tell people it will take you 30.   I have found this is important with kiddos.   I am the queen of saying I will be there in 5 minutes and it is 20.   This is something I am constantly working on.

So how does it work for me?

I work blog from 10:00 am to 2:00 PM and then again from 2:30-5 Monday through Thursday.   I turn off my computer at 5 and then I will open it up again around 9:30 for about an hour to catch up on email.   My son is in school all day and my daughter is in pre-school from 10-2 Monday through Thursday.   When it became an income for me my husband and I made the decision to set business hours.   My kids know they get me from 5:00 — 9:00 every day and I try and make that time count!   I refuse to work 60 hours a week – I have done it and I can’t do that to my family anymore.   So this is the schedule that works for me right now.

You always hear about how hard it is to balance blogging and family/domestic responsibilities.   You need to find out what works for you in order to sustain for the long haul.

And because I need the reminder…


The email will still be there tomorrow.

Your post can be postponed… that princess wants you to adjust her dress.

Your Facebook followers will check in later…jump on the trampoline with your son.

You won’t die if you don’t see the latest tweet.

This is what matters most…


if you ever see me stray from that…call me out!

100 years from now it won’t matter what color I painted a dresser, how I arranged my furniture, how many blog followers I had or how many Facebook updates I made but it will matter what I did with these people! Many blessings as you navigate the whole blogging world.