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If you are new to this site or haven’t read Part 1-5 of this series you can go back and read those first.

Today I thought I would tell you (even though I really don’t want to tell you) is that most bloggers make money.  I mean it is kind of weird to talk about money, right?  Saying how much you make, or how much you spend on something seems to be a taboo in our society.  Coming out and saying “I make money” sounds like I am bragging a bit, doesn’t it?  But the reality is if you see an ad on any blogger’s site they make money.  It might be $.12 a month or it might be $12,000 a month and everything in between and above.  Generally the longer you have been blogging and the more pageviews you get per month the more money you make.dollar-signs


Now I have no problem telling you that I am a business woman first and foremost.  It hasn’t always been that way for me in my blogging career. (Blogging career? That sounds funny).  But one day, in a conscious decision making process, I decided that I was going to be a business woman first and a blogger second.  GASP!!!  I know! That may sound like I am selling out for money or that all I care about is leveraging my brand to make money off of you.

And even typing it makes me cringe a little.  But here is how I feel about it. Anyone who is a blogger knows how hard we work at building an inspiring site and why should anyone deny us the privilege of making money off of it?  Now, with that said, there is a fine line on what I will and will not do for money.  And I have leveraged my influence and my site to make a full-time income for my family. 

Does that mean I am a sell out?  Well I guess that is up to you to decide.  But I think it is interesting that some readers gets frustrated when bloggers advertise on their site.  We would never expect TV or magazines to be ad-free but there is something almost sacred about our favorite bloggers.  We don’t want to think of them using their talent for anything other than sheer inspiration.  What? Huh? 

I will never deny anyone the ability to make money off of their talents.  Now I may not choose to make money the way other bloggers do for a variety of reasons, but mainly because it doesn’t fit ME.  But, in my opinion, go ahead and shake your money maker.  You are talented and gifted and if you can make money doing what you love I support you 100%.

So then how do we make money?  Oh my word I can talk about this for days! But for me these are the ways I currently make money…

1.  Ad networks – anytime you see an ad on my sidebar and you come to my site (meaning you don’t read me solely through Google Reader, etc.) I make money.  I also make a little more money if you click on those ads.ad_networks

2.  Affiliate programs – Sometimes I will link to Amazon when I talk about certain products I use.  I also promote Silhouette America and a few e-books.  In both of those cases I get a kick back every time you purchase.

3. Giveaways – Every time I give away a product on my blog I charge the company for the exposure on my site.

4. Brand Ambassadorships – I make money each month when I represent a company. A Brand Ambassador is someone who, at the most basic level, represents a brand in a positive way.  Currently, I am a brand ambassador for the Tori Spelling {styled} by Tori jewelry line.


5.  Sponsored Posts – Companies will pay me to talk about their products and introduce them to my audience.  Many of the sponsored posts opportunities I get are from Social Spark.  Here is my affiliate link to Social Spark if you would like to sign up to receive sponsored post opportunities.  One example of a sponsored post is the Flood deck products I used.

As with any post that I make money on I always will tell you at the bottom of the post.  That is called disclosing.  And according to the FTC it is mandatory that I do that.

So, there… I said it, I make money.  What are your thoughts about bloggers making money?

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  1. Another lovely and informative post…thank you! I decided to go a different route. I offer sponsorships on my sidebar, but only if they fit my blog. I have made a decent amount of money doing that, and my sponsors sometimes send me product to review and usually sponsor a giveaway. I want to wait until I am more established to do the others. I had some ads up for a while, but wasn’t really making anything off of them, so I took them down and decided I wasn’t ready for that yet.


  2. Great post! I do not have a blog and I can’t imagine the work that they require. I get great info and ideas off my favorite blogs and I think you should be compensated for your hard work. Thank you!

  3. It’s interesting that people get nervous and sometimes very defensive whenever it’s time to talk directly about money. I think part of this stems from the mistaken idea that things are “free” if they don’t involve a particular cost to the user at the point of service. The truth is that nothing is free, even if it’s provided free of charge at the point of use. Blogs are such a blessing to so many of us, and it’s awesome that we can access most of them without having to pay to do so. But of course it costs resources to create and maintain a blog, even if the only resource used is a blogger’s time. Time is a very valuable resource, after all! Some bloggers may be able just to donate that time without receiving any remuneration for it, and that’s lovely. But for a good blog that would be a huge–HUGE!–donation. I’m guessing that most people who object to advertising just aren’t aware of how much time is required to produce a good blog over the long haul. If a blogger can make money in a way that is honest and forthright and doesn’t compromise his or her integrity, then that’s a wonderful thing!

  4. I have not finished reading this post just yet but I want to say….. if you can make money from blogging I see no shame in that!!! GO FOR IT! We all need to make a living and if it can be done doing something you truly love and enjoy while giving others joy, well I find that to be double inspiring!!! You can inspire ME and make money any day sweetie!!! ;O)

  5. I say – more power to you. Blogging is hard work and clearly even though you do make money from your blog you are still passionate about what you’re blogging about. I wish I had stayed to go to your Haven session the 2nd day – I had to leave early 🙁 I think it’s great the way you’re so willing to put it out there and help other bloggers that want to make money doing what they love too!

  6. I think it’s great that bloggers, including you, can make money off the MANY hours of time they put into what they do. It’s nothing to apologize for- most people who get upset about it are just jealous, I think.
    That being said, I wish bloggers would own up to their sponsored posts a little more. I get annoyed when 20 bloggers post Lifestyle Craft-sponsored posts on the same day, then act like it’s just another normal post. And, I feel like it’s hard to recreate some of the things you (as in the general you, sponsored bloggers) make because you get boxes of free craft supplies, and we have to pay for it ourselves. I would LOVE to make that cute project you posted, but it’s not in the budget this month, you know? (And yes, I understand that those “free” supplies come with strings attached. Still…..)

  7. Thanks for sharing this. I know many bloggers who make money are uncomfortable talking about it, but it’s a job/business and one should expect to make money. I love reading what other bloggers have to say and what projects they’re working on because it makes my life easier, especially when they are featuring a product that I’ve been searching for. I make a little money off my blog, but am not to the point where I’m serious about increasing my income. You deserve every dollar you make because it’s hard work!

  8. My thoughts on bloggers making money are: I wish this blogger (me) could make more money. Being a SAHM on one income, with one car and two little ones is tough. I cannot even imagine how cool it would be to provide my family with a full time income, doing what I love!!

  9. Good for you! I think you work really hard on your blog and you deserve to be paid. There are a lot of readers who learn from your work, and you should be compensated like a teacher would be. 🙂


  10. I have NO problem with people making money from their blogs. I hope to reach a point (probably years from now – ha!) where I can generate a little income.

    I’m new to your site, and I went back and read the other posts in this series. They were very helpful and informative, especially to me as a new-ish blogger.

    Thank you so much for your information and inspiration!

  11. Another kick-ass post from Beckie. I also feel that the bloggers are providing a lot of useful info and tips to us for free, the least we can do is ignore the ads on the blog ( and maybe click them sometimes if we find them somewhat useful). I don’t understand why anyone would like to deny the opportunity to make money to their favorite blogger. The only thing that annoys me are the pop-ups that ask me to sign-up for something before I could read the blog. Those look very cheap and tacky in my opinion. Other than that I’m 100% for the bloggers to make money whatever way they feel right. By the way, I’m a blogger myself now ( with ads on my blog), but these have been my thoughts even in my pre-blogging era.

  12. How dare you make money! GASP! SHOCK! OUTRAGE!

    I think it’s awesome that people make money blogging. I love non conventional jobs! It doesn’t bother me when blogs do sponsored posts. I think what bothers me most is when the blog becomes mostly giveaways or sponsored posts. I’ll go to read a post and it’s about a sponsored product that I don’t think the blogger actually wanted/needed/cared about… and it comes off as flat or the finished product is lame.

    I can’t imagine how stressful it must be to start making money on a blog. I think there is more pressure when people are paying you to do it and do it well. More projects. More reveals. Big ticket posts, etc etc. I don’t think I could be that “on”.

  13. You hit the nail on the head. Sponsored posts do stress me out for sure. They are so much more time consuming. I work hard to do no more than 4-6 a month and even that I question at times. My goal is always 3 original posts a week from me, but I don’t always hit that. Like this week for example. I have been lazy with a capital “L”. Thank you so much for your two cents.

  14. Yah I hate pop ups too. They should all be disabled on my site currently. But who knows I will never say never will I do it. I have learned the hard way not to say never. The trends with ads are always changing so we will see. It seems like more and more ad companies are looking for very evasive promotion. It all changes so fast.

  15. Valerie, that is such a good point! There are many times that I start writing a tutorial and realize there are 20 supplies on my list and I think “no one is going to do this.” I definitely feel your frustration and appreciate you voicing it. We do get a lot of free stuff so it is definitely easier to create stuff. I try and make a lot of trash to treasure pieces to inspire people to use what they have, but you are right, the freebies are nice.

  16. Thanks Carmel. I am bummed you missed it. I am considering doing some webinars on stuff of this sorts. I am just trying to organize it all in my head!

  17. wooohoooo for you miss beckie! I applaud you, and I want to be you when I grow up! As for sponsored posts, the reader has the option to just leave the page if they think said blogger is selling out.
    I so agree that we have ads everywhere, tv radio, magazines, the sides of buses! You name it. It’s the american way.
    I don’t like pop up things, I have to “x” out of, but it won’t keep me from reading a blog I love. As a consumer, I know it’s part of what makes things work. I think it’s so great that you did this series. thank you!

  18. I certainly don’t have a problem with bloggers being compensated in whatever way works for their particular blogs. What drives me nuts is when giveaways, sponsored posts (whether or not the blogger owns up to it) and the like take over the blog at the expense of the content. I enjoy reading occasional personal stories, too, but not at the expense of the content. Blogs are just like every other media source – without good content they aren’t worth my time. It disappoints me when bloggers forget that part. (IC doesn’t fall into that category, by the way!)

  19. Amy yes I agree. I hope my content is always the focus. Although this week I have had the bloggy lazys 😉 I always keep “content is kind” at the very forefront of my mind for sure. Thanks for your two cents.

  20. Bloggers are writers who are publishing their own work. I don’t see why any writer shouldn’t make money from their writing if they can and want to.

  21. I’ve always written that I want bloggers to make money (as much as they can!) – they deserve to after all the hard work and time they’ve put into writing, creating, photographing their DIYs, etc… What I don’t like is when a post is centered around a sponsored project and it either isn’t labeled as sponsored (and it legally should be), or when I see that a post is sponsored at the very bottom of the post. I’d like to be given the opportunity before I decide to read a post to know if the product highlighted is sponsored or not. Also, some blogs say upfront before links to Amazon etc… that they are affiliated links, and I totally respect this and am more likely to click on the link. Lastly, I TOTALLY agree with @Valerie when she wrote: I get annoyed when 20 bloggers post Lifestyle Craft-sponsored posts on the same day, then act like it’s just another normal post.

  22. I love that you are so honest about this stuff. I am constantly torn between, I blog for fun and I blog for some extra money. What I am recieving everymonth is tiny, but it feels great. I cannot imagine being able to make a living doing this! It would be amazing. Love your blog, always have! xoxo

  23. Blogging is basically a part to full-time business! I takes WORK! People can’t expect others to do that for free.


  24. I’m a new reader of your blog – I found you through a printable planner pin on Pinterest. And I’m hooked! Thank you for such creative, thoughtful, amazing posts. As a (very) new blogger, you inspire me! And I don’t think anyone should fault you for providing for your family. 🙂

  25. Hi, IC, I would like to thank-you for writing this series. It has enlightened me on the world of blogs. I have seen you on Thiftydecorchick. I have come over here from there so does that help you get paid or count as a hit? I am so new to this stuff and to working on a computer.
    I am also thinking of starting a blog and going to Haven next year it would be a dream come true. Keep up the great work that you do.

  26. I am 2 1/2 months into blogging and just signed up for Ad Sense. I always assumed you all made money, but didn’t know I could too! I’m not a business woman, just a hobbiest, but if they want to send me a few cents for having their ad on my blog, who am I to object?

  27. As someone who worked in corporate America for many years, I would never begrudge someone the opportunity to make money doing something that they love, and I hope no one would do it to me. Too many people are miserable in their jobs. As long as people don’t abuse the privilege and take the responsibility of being a blogger seriously, then why not make money?

  28. Shake your money maker, indeed. Bloggers play hard and work hard. I’m starting to branch out into revenue earners for my own blog and I admit, I have a huge learning curve…so I really appreciate this post, Beckie!

  29. Though I have been blogging for a few years now, I have never made any money from my blog, simply because I have been ignorant as to how to go about making any! (:
    This series, and your honesty, have been so helpful, and even though the info is a bit overwhelming, it is also very encouraging! Thank you for this post, and for the others leading up to it!

  30. You are most welcome. And don’t feel bad about not making money. It certainly isn’t for everybody. It certainly changes everything when you go that route.

  31. Hey thanks for saying hi love. I know you are speaking from experience. It is nice to be able to add to our income with all the blood, sweat and tears we have put in. I was thinking about you the other day and our first headers. Isn’t that funny that I remember that?

  32. Lorie, yep if you actually see my site that counts as a pageview and I am so grateful. I hope IC will continue to be a place of inspiration for you.

  33. I hooked you? Woo hoo! That little planner of mine has sure gotten around, that sleezy little thing {giggle}. I am glad you have found a place for inspiration at IC and I hope I continue to be that for you.

  34. Thanks for you comment today. I love getting feedback. Just in case your curious I do put my disclosure at the bottom if I can because of SEO reasons. The very first paragraph of your post is very important when determining your content to the search engines. My first paragraph is always keyword rich so that I can capitalize on my content in hopes of drawing more people in through searching. So if I put my disclosure in there I wouldn’t be able to get the SEO value. Does that make sense? Anyway I just thought I would tell you why I do it that way.

  35. Thanks for your honesty!! I love how open you are and that you are so willing to help other bloggers who are trying to learn the ropes 🙂 There is nothing wrong with making money, after all it IS a job, and it DOES take time away from our loved ones. It’s a job we love, but it’s work too! Thanks for being an inspiration to so many! Love ya!

  36. Nice job Beckie. Well of course you should make money and if someone wants to pay me money, well by golly I’ll be taking it and saying “thank you very much”! 🙂 You will never please everyone in life and the blogosphere is no different. Now start making some videos with all your knowledge so I can sign up. I’ll be the first one to pay ya for them 🙂

  37. I wonder if someday there will be a college major of “blogging” (or the equivalent) and it will be a job as common as being a teacher… :o)

    Thanks for sharing!

  38. I’m blonde and naive…I just recently discovered that bloggers made money. I say more power to you! I love following blogs and getting great ideas and I think it’s awesome that you get paid to do something you love!

  39. I would love to make some money off my blog site…and am curious as to how many followers and what should the readership be…I am at 29 followers…started in March and am at 2600 views…I could easily do Adsense…since I am on blogspot

  40. Beckie, If I haven’t told you before I love this series. Secondly, I am like you I never got into blogging to make money, it was just my creative outlet. I quickly found that I had really enjoyed it and brought my mom on board after she was laid off and it has helped her take her mind off that. Blogging has meant so much to us. After 5 months of blogging we are getting opportunities for sponsorship and giveaways, which we have taken after researching each company first. I feel once you start “making money” though you kind of open that Pandora’s box, because now it’s no longer a hobby but a job. It can be stressful and now you have to blog and meet deadlines. We are grateful to have those responsibilities but the money does not come without lots of hard work. I think that anyone that provides a service to others deserves compensation. As much time and money as we put into this I believe making money is not a bad thing. It allows us to keep blogging.

  41. As a long time creaper of your site, I have enjoyed reading this series. I hope that your income has improved as I have changed my behavior completely after hearing that I need to click through from my e-mail to your site. I used to read the articles from my e-mail, and only click through if i really wanted to see pictures (totally lame computer). But after hearing that I was “stealing” your info, I always click through. I love, love, love Road Kill Rescue. I STOP FOR GARBAGE!

  42. I don’t think people realize what a crazy about of time, hard work and even money go into putting out a blog! There is absolutely nothing wrong with making money on a blog! I would expect nothing less. Can you give me some idea what to charge for a sponsored post? I am new to this. Thanks so much!

  43. Thank you for taking the time to explain all this! It’s interesting. I’m not a blogger, I just love your ideas. I’m not crafty at all, no original craftiness in me, but I can follow directions and copy pretty good. 🙂 And I think that you SHOULD be rewarded for sharing your ideas and inspirations, so why not make money at something you’re good at! I do have a question that you might have addressed earlier and maybe I just missed it. I do look at the ads when i’m on your blog page, and if it looks interesting I may click them. Is it right for me to assume that if you agree to show the ad on your page, that the company (or whoever sponsors the ad) is someone that you trust/follow/purchase from? Or that they are at least reputable? I’ve started following a few blogs of other people that way (from links on one bloggers site) and I’ve just sort of naively believed that if it’s on your page, then it must be ok. (and not just you, but in general). No bad experiences, this just made me think about it, and seemed the appropriate time and place to ask.

  44. More power to you!!!! You provide such wonderful information, inspiration, etc. WHY not be paid for your efforts!

    Thank you for all the time you dedicate to this site!

  45. When I was on WordPress I always used all the SEO programs, so I know exactly what you are talking about. I also use the custom URL on Tumblr to try and and boost my SEO and have been really successful at it. But is there anyway to fit both the title and “sponsored post” into that info? I think there are more people out there who would appreciate knowing that it is a sponsored post from the top (from the messages I’ve been seeing and bloggers on their FB pages referring people to my “sponsored posts” post).

  46. Hi Beckie. Thank you so much for sharing this information. As a long time (but haphazard) “free” blogger, I am really thinking more seriously about using my blog as a springboard for my dreams of having my own creative business. I am beginning to see, thanks to posts like this, that the blog itself can become a stream of income. This is the kind of information that is really helpful!

  47. Wow these blogging posts are so imformative. Whilst I don’t blog, I’m intrigued about the ins and outs and how they all come together. Through your posts I’ve discovered the importance of me actually clicking from my email inbox your post heading so as I can get into your actual blog. You together with lots of other bloggers really inspire me and I feel you should be entitled to some compensation for that and if that means all I have to do it click on the header to enable your payment to be calculated properly then that’s what needs to be done. I don’t feel you’re selling out, I think you’re no different to a working mum and working mums don’t feel guilty (nor should they) collecting their wage each week. At the end of the day, we all need money. Kids need to be fed, bills need to be paid. I have a quote on my fridge from Katherine Whitehorn – The best advice to give to the young ‘Find out what you love to do best and find someone to pay you for it’. You’ve done it – you’ve done what most of us spend our life looking for. You’re living the dream friend…keep up the great work. Well done

  48. Leah your comment made by day and it was so well put. Thank you so much for reading every day and clicking through to visit me. I am living my dream!

  49. I don’t think so. I can surely check into it. I certainly am not trying to pull one over on anyone and always disclose at the bottom just so people know. In the same regard I never say something just because I am paid. In fact I have had a few companies who won’t work with me again because of my “honest” reviews.

  50. Melanie, great question. I carefully monitor my ads and try and select family friendly, home, DIY and parenting verticals. But I do not have first hand with many of the ads on my site. However, if I do a post about it I make them send me the product before I talk about it. I hope that helps.

  51. That is so relative. I basically tell people not to except less than $25 if a company asks you to promote a product for them.

  52. Amen. i do remember the days when I just blogged to blog. When it turns into a business it is treated differently and there is a definite stress involved with deadlines, etc. But I have to remember this is the best job ever so I will gladly take the stress. 😉

  53. I would encourage you to put ad sense up and not charge for private ads until you have at least a year under your belt. That is just kind of my “rule” so to speak.

  54. Please don’t take my comments the wrong way. I personally like to know if a post is sponsored before I read it – that’s all. I appreciate your honest reviews and follow you on Bloglovin’. I don’t think anyone is trying to pull the wool over my eyes when they post the “sponsored post” at the bottom – just a personal preference on my part.

  55. Great thoughts and advice, Beckie… after a couple of years of blogging and putting more and more time into it, I’m ready to be compensated a bit! We blog because we love it, first of all, so if we can make some money doing what we love, why not? Thanks for sharing!

  56. Thanks you so much, for posting this Beckie! I’ve been looking for some way to find sponsors and your link is perfect! Exactly what I have been looking for! So I am really glad you decided to write about how blogger make money 😉

    Being a mom-preneur, I sign up as an affiliate for others who I have invested in and share it. I have a disclosure policy as well as a disclosure box in my side bar widgets of my blog, with an added note to my readers that if they don’t want me to get compensated, they are free to google the service, product, item, etc and check it out with an affiliate link.

  57. Hi Beckie,

    I don’t know how I just stumbled on your site but, by God, I’m so excited I did. I am thinking about starting a Blog. I love this series you are doing AND all the projects on your blog. I’m looking at your blog at 2:43 AM and I feel like it’s Christmas morning. I’m so excited to do some of your projects — or maybe them all! I just have a couple questions regarding monetizing a blog. My first question is: Regarding being a brand ambassador, did someone contact you OR did you put yourself out there to let the company (Tori Spelling) know you are available? And the other question is: When you say you are hosting a giveaway, how do bloggers get to do a giveaway? Do they go and contact the company OR does the company find the blogger? Last question, when you say that your charge the company for the giveaway b/c they are basically advertising on your blog, how is that usually received? Do you have a set fee you ask for or is there a set fee the company gives? Thanks Beckie!!! Now I have to get back and look at your gorgeous projects. I do not intend on sleeping tonite! Donnamarie

  58. particularly in this economic time we find ourselves in, I am thinking how clever of you..Keep up the good work and THANK YOU for writing the essays and supplying us with so much valuable information.

  59. The more often we can get the money conversation out in the world, the better!
    Thanks for being clear and honest.
    I am more than happy to support those blogs that inspire and motivate me.
    Keep up the good work.

  60. Just discovered your blog via pinterest. I read the entire series and enjoyed your insight and info on blogging. I have been blogging off and on since 2008 as a hobby and I really love how blogging has given so many talented women an opportunity to be there own boss. 🙂

  61. Wow that is a big question with LOTS of variables. Unfortunately I can’t just tackle that question without about 10 topics covered beforehand. But a little of both…I have contacted companies and companies have contacted me. However, it took years for that to happen. So before you jump on that wagon I would say you probably have to blog for at least over a year. I know that really doesn’t answer your questions straight up but that is the best I could do.

  62. I can get that and if there was a way for me to make it more obvious without it harming me I totally would 😉

  63. Hey! Just a quick note to say I think you’ve done a great job over the years of keeping your blog fun, inspiring and awesome. You’re still my top fav. blog to read. I’ve been so impressed over and over with the companies that you’ve been able to partner with and I’m thrilled that the $ aspect of this is working out for you! Keep up the good work!

  64. Wow! I am really surprised by all the positive responses! As I was reading your post, I was thinking, “What every reader wants a blogger to know…I HATE ADVERTISING!”

    I hate advertising on TV, in magazines, and yes, even on blogs. I know where to buy things when I want them, and I don’t want things shoved in my face 24 hours a day trying to entice me to buy.

    However, do I think it’s a necessary evil? Probably. In my perfect world, there would be another way.

    I mean no offense to you for taking advantage of a system that’s already in place. I’m just being as honest to you as you are to us.

  65. Becky I really appreciate your two cents…and believe me I get it. What is interesting though is that 80% of people go on the internet when looking for reviews on a product. I think since we are real people our opinion tends to hold more value. But I hope you believe me that I am very selective and try to be ever so careful of your opinion. I never want you to feel like my blog is just one big advertising. That being said, I hope you will “put up” with a little advertising to still come and get inspired 😉 Thanks for your comment.

  66. Ok, I just re-read my post, and I sound pretty grouchy!…I AM a sleep-deprived mother of a newborn, but still, that’s no excuse.

    I DO love your blog and many others. I especially like when a blogger reviews a product if I feel like they give an honest review.

    I don’t like pop-ups, and I’m not a big fan of the on-the-side ads, especially if they have video or animation that causes the blog to load slowly.

    What I should have added to my last post, though, is that I do love all the information good blogs give me (like yours), and since I have to put up with ads to get it, I will. Does that sound happier…I hope so! 🙂

  67. Hey Girl! You know we love your honesty and transparency! We think you do an amazing job of blending the business and blog without it feeling “sell out” at all. We’re constantly inspired on your blog and that’s the main thing right! Keep doing what you’re doing, and we’ll keep learning from you! 🙂

    M and J

  68. Beckie: Thanks so much for this post! I absolutely have no problem with people earning an income on their blog… it is stinkin’ hard work!!!
    I recently revamped my blog after blogging more casually/not professionally for YEARS, and I am with you on the business woman first goal. THANK you for being transparent, and for encouraging other bloggy ladies to go for it 🙂


  69. Beckie – thank you so much for this post. It is so very timely. After being a huge blog follower for just over 2 years, I bit the bullet and decided it is time to start my own blog and I did just that this past weekend! I’ve been attached to my computer since then trying to learn as much as I can so I can make informed decisions about how I will manage my blog (as well as how to do everything else — gadgets are making me gag, I’m so tired of working them out!). Anyway, I too want to earn some money with my blog, but I also want to do what’s right for me and my family and not what others think. That being said, I also learned so much from reading all the post comments. I pretty much agree with all of them. Keep up the great work — and again, thank you so much.

  70. You are welcome and let me be the first to say “welcome to blogland”…is the one of my favorite places in all the world. 😉

  71. Kudos to you for making blogging your business!

    The only gripes that I have about bloggers that advertise are those blogs with pop-up ads, and those blogs where the post is clearly sponsored, but there is nothing stating it is a sponsored post. I don’t compare blogs to magazines, though – I enjoy reading blogs to get a more personal perspective, otherwise, I’d just read a magazine instead. 🙂

    I have thought about advertising or having sponsored posts on my blog, but there is no way I’m going to make a full-time living blogging (compared to what I make in my “real” job), so I blog purely for the fun and pleasure of it.

  72. Ok, I’ve read your entire series and I must say WOW! Thank you for posting this and I have this linked to my blogging tips and advice post too today, for inspiration!

  73. I’ve really enjoyed reading this series – there is so much honest advice that takes a while to process, but will be priceless if ever needed. I enjoy blogging very much, but I enjoy reading blogs even more. Bragging about someone else’s blog is something that I do because I really really like that blog. However, constant advertising is a bit annoying on some blogs – like reading a post about sewing a pillow and having to read through a whole chunk of “praise” for a fridge because it has nothing to do with the content, yet is being shown at the top of the post. I totally don’t mind seeing ads on the sidebar, sometimes I click on them on purpose because that generates income for the blogger. xo Anja

  74. I agree I really try and balance it. It is definitely hard at times. I do end up getting a lot of my posts sponsored but the content has to do with my blog. Like I might get fabric to make a pillow. But the whole post is about pillows or something creative.

  75. I’ve just finished reading through your whole series – its really great! I’ve been blogged for a few years now, just quietly in my little corner of the web, but I’m looking to make things a bit more active next year. The tips that I’ve picked up in your series will be really helpful, so thank you 🙂

  76. Great posts – I have a few ads up on my blog but to be honest the money maker for me is the books I receive and the products I receive to use and review. I have received gift cards, actual items which in turn I use as Christmas Gifts or sell as second hand or new, or actually use. I’ve won groceries also. I have been laid off and my blog has provided for me in unexpected ways just when I need it the most. God has always provided.

    I would love to know of ways to make money on my blog through ads but I find that most of them I don’t support or don’t fit my blog (I review children’s books & educational needs on one blog and adult literature and items that help with chronic illness and all the side effects that entails – but I also do some for the general public also provided they are beneficial to health care).


  77. Thank you Beckie! I’m considering blogging, and I’ve just recently started researching online about how this whole thing works. Your blog is extremely helpful, and has given me some great insight. I am one out of the large % who never comment on blogs–or pins for that matter. I feel stupid for even admitting this, but I guess I never really realized how much it meant to bloggers. This has been a metaphorical bonk on the head for that, and I’m going to try to make a more conscientious effort to become part of the % that does comment. 🙂

  78. Awww thansk Tabitha. It is sweet of you to come out of lurkdom to say hi. Yep, we thrive on those atta girls, that is for sure. Another great resource is blogging with amy. You will love her site. She has a lot of practical tips too.

  79. I’m definitely a little late to this series, but I so enjoyed reading it! I’m a newbie blogger and trying to read as much “etiquette” as possible. It’s a lot of work and I don’t think you can really understand how much work and time goes into a post until you try it yourself. I got my first comment today! And I was super stoked! I must admit that I found you on Pinterest, but I’ll definitely be sticking around :).

    Happy blogging! And thanks so much for the info-so helpful!

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