What Every Blogger Wants you to Know {Part 6}

but doesn’t want to tell you.


If you are new to this site or haven’t read Part 1-5 of this series you can go back and read those first.

Today I thought I would tell you (even though I really don’t want to tell you) is that most bloggers make money.  I mean it is kind of weird to talk about money, right?  Saying how much you make, or how much you spend on something seems to be a taboo in our society.  Coming out and saying “I make money” sounds like I am bragging a bit, doesn’t it?  But the reality is if you see an ad on any blogger’s site they make money.  It might be $.12 a month or it might be $12,000 a month and everything in between and above.  Generally the longer you have been blogging and the more pageviews you get per month the more money you make.dollar-signs


Now I have no problem telling you that I am a business woman first and foremost.  It hasn’t always been that way for me in my blogging career. (Blogging career? That sounds funny).  But one day, in a conscious decision making process, I decided that I was going to be a business woman first and a blogger second.  GASP!!!  I know! That may sound like I am selling out for money or that all I care about is leveraging my brand to make money off of you.

And even typing it makes me cringe a little.  But here is how I feel about it. Anyone who is a blogger knows how hard we work at building an inspiring site and why should anyone deny us the privilege of making money off of it?  Now, with that said, there is a fine line on what I will and will not do for money.  And I have leveraged my influence and my site to make a full-time income for my family. 

Does that mean I am a sell out?  Well I guess that is up to you to decide.  But I think it is interesting that some readers gets frustrated when bloggers advertise on their site.  We would never expect TV or magazines to be ad-free but there is something almost sacred about our favorite bloggers.  We don’t want to think of them using their talent for anything other than sheer inspiration.  What? Huh? 

I will never deny anyone the ability to make money off of their talents.  Now I may not choose to make money the way other bloggers do for a variety of reasons, but mainly because it doesn’t fit ME.  But, in my opinion, go ahead and shake your money maker.  You are talented and gifted and if you can make money doing what you love I support you 100%.

So then how do we make money?  Oh my word I can talk about this for days! But for me these are the ways I currently make money…

1.  Ad networks – anytime you see an ad on my sidebar and you come to my site (meaning you don’t read me solely through Google Reader, etc.) I make money.  I also make a little more money if you click on those ads.ad_networks

2.  Affiliate programs – Sometimes I will link to Amazon when I talk about certain products I use.  I also promote Silhouette America and a few e-books.  In both of those cases I get a kick back every time you purchase.

3. Giveaways – Every time I give away a product on my blog I charge the company for the exposure on my site.

4. Brand Ambassadorships – I make money each month when I represent a company. A Brand Ambassador is someone who, at the most basic level, represents a brand in a positive way.  Currently, I am a brand ambassador for the Tori Spelling {styled} by Tori jewelry line.


5.  Sponsored Posts – Companies will pay me to talk about their products and introduce them to my audience.  Many of the sponsored posts opportunities I get are from Social Spark.  Here is my affiliate link to Social Spark if you would like to sign up to receive sponsored post opportunities.  One example of a sponsored post is the Flood deck products I used.

As with any post that I make money on I always will tell you at the bottom of the post.  That is called disclosing.  And according to the FTC it is mandatory that I do that.

So, there… I said it, I make money.  What are your thoughts about bloggers making money?

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