If you missed my first post in this series click here to read “What Every Blogger Wants You to Know Part 1”. Okay my next topic that all bloggers wish you knew but don’t want to to tell you is about how YOU read our blogs.  Now it isn’t that we don’t want you to know, in fact we very much want you to be aware of this!  We just don’t want our readers, who we love, to feel guilted into doing things our way or leave our blogs because they don’t like the way we require them to read our blogs.


So here’s my little disclaimer before I start: I am grateful you come to my site, whether you read it via email, Google reader, Networked Blogs, Blog Lovin, on your iphone or whether you come directly to my site.  My goal when I started blogging was always just to inspire people to DIY and to feel that empowerment when you can say “I made that.”  So the fact that you read my blog and I get to inspire you at all rocks my world.


In case you weren’t aware – although the modern convenience that is provided to you through a blog reader (like Google Reader) or a blog aggregate service is nice, -  I never get “credit” for you actually reading my blog. In other words, if you don’t somehow click directly over to my site that does not count as a “pageview”.

Why are pageviews important?

As most of you know I have advertising on my site.  It does pay me each month to have those ads on my site.  Those ads have become part of my income (as other monetization strategies).  So therefore, when you read my blog via another other way then directly going to my site I don’t get paid for that.

So looking at my stats (because I am a number nerd!) I have roughly 13,500 subscribers.  And I have a 3,321 reach.  What means is that out of all of my subscribers only 3,321 actually clicked onto my page. So for arguments sake lets say all of my subscribers actually clicked on my site each day rather than reading it through a reader.  I would make 4 times the amount I make each month!  Shocking and depressing all at the same time, I know.

feed stats dashboard


So how can you change that but still use your modern convenience?  Well I will specifically talk to those of you on Google Reader since that is the largest blog reader out there.  Look on the left sidebar and click on “All Items”. You’ll get the arrow and date that way to the right of your screen (see yellow arrow). There is an arrow icon next to the date on your reader dashboard.  If every time you read a blog you love you click on that button we get your “pageview.”

Google reader

If you read blogs via email subscription then just click on the title of our post to be taken directly to our site.

Yes I realize it is an extra step but it is also a way you can say “thank you.”  We don’t charge you for our ideas, we give them freely because we love what we do. But we also appreciate your support in the ways that you can give back to us too.

So there you have it…I didn’t want to tell you…but I wanted you to know. Winking smile

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  1. This is interesting to me as a blogger. Using Blogger I do get credit for things like Bloglovin’, et al. They show up as pageviews. I wonder if it depends on Blogger vs. WordPress. Or maybe I’m completely wrong and it’s just people clicking through *from* those aggregates? So much to learn. Loving this series!

  2. If they do click over to your site from Bloglovin then you will see that in your analytics but if they just read your content and don’t click over then you do not get credit for that.

  3. I loaded the Google Next app onto my computer. It goes through my google reader, but directly links me to each blog, making my page view count AND keeping me from taking that extra step! It’s just up on my favorites bar (I’ve got Google Chrome, but I believe it works in Explorer as well) and I just click NEXT every time I am done reading a post instead of scrolling down. I love getting to see all the cool blog designs as they get updated, plus knowing that I’m helping my favorite bloggers out by viewing their actual page! If you go into your Google Reader settings page, it’s under goodies and it’s a “bookmarklet.” It’s TOTALLY worth it!

  4. I have the same thing and LOVE it. There’s so many things that Google Reader just doesn’t show and by using the NEXT button I can see all the cool blogs. I use Firefox and it works on that as well.

  5. Very interesting! Now I do this the hard way I’m sure because I can’t figure out blog readers lol. I “like” a blog on FB and then click on the individual posts as they are posted. Doesn’t that give you a number boost or not? If not I’ll just visit through a bookmark. I *definitely* want your numbers up because I just love your blog <3

  6. Great information! I had no idea. I click over to your blog from my blogger dashboard, not Google reader. I wonder if that’s the same as far as page views go.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this, Becky. I’ve often wondered about this exact thing. But because bloggers have never mentioned it, I just kept reading in Google reader. I love the convenience of it, but I miss getting to see the blogger’s actual site. I’ve installed the Google Next app that Shandra suggested (thanks!), so I’m going to give that a try. And for some reason, I don’t have the date and arrow visible in Google Reader. I’ve checked all of my view settings, so I’m not sure why it’s not there … I’ll keep looking. Again, thank you for sharing. I love the bloggers that inspire and encourage me and I want to show them some love too! 🙂

  8. Thanks for sharing. I use google reader and am happy to start clicking away on that arrow!

  9. Thanks for the tip! I didn’t know that arrow was there. I’m happy to give clicks to blogs like yours, whose writers are honest, transparent, and just all around nice.

  10. I use the Next button, too! I like it because it makes it so much easier to leave a comment, something I am trying to do more.

    It also helps with those blogs who have their feeds set up to only show partial content. I understand why they do it, but it’s incredibly frustrating for me if I use Google Reader’s interface. With the Next button, it doesn’t matter.

  11. I am so far from tech savvy… if I see your link on facebook and click it to visit your blog, does that count? I do a LOT of that. Hope I don’t have to stop. Thanks for the information!

  12. This is a topic I have thought about SO much since I began blogging (a mere 2.5 months ago). Before that I was an avid blog reader and had been for years. And Google reader was my tool of choice. Once I started blogging I began accessing my favorite blogs in other ways.

    Blogging has changed the way I read blogs in other ways, too. For example, If I’m reading a blog and an ad catches my eye, I try and click on it. Now I’m not just clicking on ads willy-nilly, but if I see something that interests me I’m more likely to check it out that moment, while I’m in that person’s blog, as opposed to filing the idea away and checking the site out later.

    There are other things toobut those are the biggies. Thanks for posting this!

    `A Casarella

  13. Great tip about the arrow in Google Reader! I am glad you shared how such a little thing can help you so much! I am glad you shared!

  14. I love that you put this out there – between the decrease in comments and people reading through google reader, my stats look dismal and yet I can’t figure out how to change it. Thanks for sharing this!

  15. ah-ah… didn’t know that. I get the email… so I just clicked on over & here I am… thanks for letting us know, I had no idea!

  16. I am so glad you shared this information. I love reading the blogs, and I want the authors to get as much credit for their work as possible. 🙂

  17. I had no idea! I will definitely click over to all the blogs I subscribe to now. Thanks for the info!.:)

  18. I love that you put this info out there. I love reading blogs(it’s my favorite bit of downtime,) and love that I may be helping to support my favorite blogs in some small way when I visit them. Thanks for sharing.

  19. I don’t know why, and maybe cuz I blog and am in the same boat, but I’ve never gotten into the whole Google Reader thing. In fact it sorta confuses me so I always have clicked through to your site and everyone elses that shows up in my dashboard or FB feed. It is frustrating to miss out on all that paid traffic due to Google Reader. Thanks so much for posting this. Maybe at some time in the future, could I highlight this over on my blog? I’m in process of switching to WP and so I’m sure I’ll loose traffic for a while cuz of that too.

  20. Great info Beckie! I had no idea. I’ve also tried 5-6 times to get google analytics on my site- and it seems to be the one thing I can’t figure out. I’ve read the tutorials available, I’ve inserted my code- but nothing happens.. Any tips to finding out how to do this? Or Where I could go for help? Hopefully this was in line with your topic!
    Thanks dear!
    xo Becca

  21. I read all my blogs through email and only if I want to get to a link do I go to the actual blog. Since you make money on your advertising, would it be possible to include your advertisers next to your post in the email itself?

    I know there are services out there for email that allow the sender to track who opened their email. Is that something you are using?

  22. Thank you so much for clarifying this. I’m not a blogger but love to read and get inspiration from all you beautiful ladies! Since you’re sharing so much to readers, it so worth us doing what we can to assist you in some way.

  23. Beckie,

    I guess I’ll be sending you some pageviews, b/c I’m going to blog about this and send people here to read your explanation. hahahah Enjoy the clicks!

    I really like this series, wish I had thought of it. 🙂
    have a great weekend girl,

  24. I don’t see the little icon on my Google Reader that you see. What am I doing wrong? I have over 100 blogs in my Reader and I hate that I haven’t been giving my favorite bloggers credit. Also, can you tell me the link for this Next application?

  25. Brilliant Series! I’m loving it (thanks to Gail of My Repurposed Life 🙂 This is so true!!! I wish there were easier ways to bring subscribers onto the page without bugging them!

  26. I will certainly come to your blog now that I know-I just mostly read the blogs on reader but I want the blogs I like to know I am reading them! Some of the blogs don’t show their whole feed so I have to click on arrow to go to actual blog-so I guess you could do that with yours if you want the readers to come here

  27. Totally enjoying this series! I also do not see the arrow on my google reader? I do click over but would love to know how to change my layout or settings for that ingenious little icon to show up! 😉

  28. I use Google Reader on my iPhone daily. Is this “arrow” option available there? I read TONS of money saving/couponing blogs and can’t possibly click on/read every single entry!! It’s why I love reader- I can read all the titles and if it’s something I’m interested in, I read it, otherwise I can skip right over! I’d never be able to visit all the blogs individually!

    However, with my decor/crafty blogs, I do read every single entry and would love to give them credit! Wish there was an easier way to do it!! I do click over for comments and to pin ideas a lot, but I know it’s not near the amount of credit you all deserve! If anyone has a better way, I’d love to know!!

    Also I have to say, while I totally understand truncating posts (I think some bloggers have done it because of stolen content?), I really tend to read those blogs less even though it’s something some of my fave blogs have done!

    I’ve had to cut out blogging and projects lately due to a very sick pregnancy, and would prob give up reading a lot of blogs if there weren’t a way to read them like with Google Reader! I know Google has caused problems lately in the blogging world (like taking away blogger dashboard and picnik!) BUT, so many bloggers use Google ads that you’d think they’d want you to see them?!

    Sorry for the long comment! Thanks for all you do and for being brave to make us aware of these issues. You deserve recognition ($$!) for your hard work!!!

  29. Thanks so much for the information… I had no idea. I subscribe by email to my most favorite blogs.. but when I get an email I click on it and go to the actual blog and read it. Mainly because I know me and I’ll probably want to comment.. hahaha… I’m a talker!

    Thanks again for this series I’m pinning it as we go…


  30. Just clicked over from my email to give you a pageview :). I may have to explore the Google Next app b/c I love reading things through Google reader.

  31. Wow! Awesome series, I will look forward to the rest of the series. I am very new to blog land and I am sure they will help me as I go forward with my blog.

    Please check out my blog & let me know what you think!
    Thank you (really) & Many Blessings

  32. Good to know! I will do my best to always click over to the actual site now. Thanks!

  33. I’m glad you shared the importance of this. I’m happy to help however I can with all that you talented bloggers graciously share. I too am a Next button user. However, I went into my reader to check out the All Items/Date, and I couldn’t get a date to appear just as a couple others stated here. I’m not sure why, perhaps my browser?!

  34. THANKS!
    Didn’t know.
    Now I do.
    Will now ALWAYS click thru to my fave sites and not save for later.
    Thanks for being bold and giving us a chance to learn.

  35. Yes, my arrow is next to to the title in my google reader that I use on firefox. Wonder if the browser makes a difference. I love using google reader because then I see when sites have new content. Helps me to keep up with the blogs I am most interested in and utilize my time more efficiently to get from one blog to the next that has something new to see/do/try.

  36. I am a blogger and do read through Google Reader – just for ease! I read hundreds of blogs so there is no way I can get to all of them. But I never knew I could give pageviews on Google Reader! Thanks!

  37. Great post, Beckie! I find Google Reader to be confusing, so I track all my favorite blogs through my Dashboard and click over from there. I actually prefer to read posts on the actual site b/c I like the feel of the background, sidebar, etc. 🙂

  38. That’s great information, and I’m definitely going to try the Google Next button mentioned above on my Chrome browser, that sounds really convenient!

    I use the Google Reader only as a means to subscribe to blogs, but I never read them there, I always click through, because I actually dislike reading them in reader, I prefer seeing the whole blog…as someone posted above, with the theme/design, full content and everything.

  39. Unfortunately, Google Reader is the only way I can read them during the day. My work considers blogs to be “social networking” in the same vein as FaceBook. So the direct access is blocked for me to view. However, I have access to my Google page, and Google reader is on it. I like to catch up on my blog reading on my breaks or during lunch. There are so many amazing bloggers out there, it simply isn’t possible for me to do all my reading at night, when I’m home with my family. I’ll have to see if the Google Next App is something I can install. 🙂

  40. Thank you so much for posting this! I just started using it, since reading your comment and LOVE it! (and thank you so much, Beckie, for having explained how clicking-through helps some of my favorite bloggers!) I’m using the next button from now on!

  41. Oh ..i just found your blog…Im your newest follower. I dont like google reader so glad im helping my favorite bloggers

  42. I follow you through bloglovin, and then click the post and am sent to your site – so you are getting the page view credit for that. I have a tumblr blog and quite a few followers, but on Tumblr you have a “dashboard” where everyone you follow shows up in a row (kind of like bloglovin), so unless that person clicks on a post of yours you don’t get credit because they can reblog it, “like” it, etc… from the dashboard and not from your actual blog. So ironically the more followers I get, the less page views I will probably have. I also realized that on my WordPress Blog I set the number of posts per page ridiculously high for my convenience, but in reality it also means less page views.

  43. In Google Reader just click the title of the the post-it will take you directly to it!! (It doesn’t matter if you are on “All Items” or the “Subscriptions”

  44. I am very, VERY glad to know this information. I am going to investigate the Google Next I generally run a few days behind in my reading, so I don’t comment much–do comments count more than page views or is that even a stat that you’re concerned about? Also, I notice that you said “subscribers actually clicked on my site each day”, does this mean if I read more than 1 post a day, you’ll only get credit for me visiting your site that day? I want to “pay my way” so to speak..I really appreciate your (and other bloggers) hard work! I love your blog(s)!

  45. I have to say, while I agree extra pageviews are nice, I wish we (as bloggers) could just be happy with where we are at. It seems to me that if you are motivated by your pageveiws, your stats, that you lose an authenticity in blogging. It becomes less about what is creative and real and more about, what will get me more pageveiws? Speaking from experience of course. I dont want to encourage my readers to click, click, click. I want them to want to click on their own. And if they dont, that shouldnt change what or why I am blogging.

  46. Obviously I have been blogging for 5 years so I am not solely motivated by pageviews. I am very content and proud of the place I am at but that doesn’t take away my dreams, aspirations or goals of growing my blog bigger. This was an education process…as you can tell by the comments how many people had no idea that not coming to my blog didn’t give me the pageview. I definitely disagree that if you are motivated by pageviews you lose authenticity. Pageviews are a way to measure how well people are interacting with my content and what they liked the best. I don’t think you can say for one minute I am not authentic. It is something I strive for everyday and I am constantly making sure that I don’t wear a mask when I blog.

  47. A comment doesn’t count for me on my space but I do love comments for sure. If you click on my site to 4 different posts then yes, i get four pageviews.

  48. Thanks so much for all your posts. I know it must be hard to write a post like this but I’m so glad you did. I ALWAYS read through google reader and wondered if it affected your stats. Now that I know it doesn’t I will DEFINITELY click through to the sites I love such as yours, or use my NEXT button on my toolbar. I think most readers who really appreciate our favorite bloggers would be happy to change the way we read just a bit to keep us from having to pay for a subscription, and keep our favorite bloggers happy as well! Thanks again!!!

  49. I am just a reader with a question on making sure you get page views…
    How about The app Flipboard. I subscribe to your rss feed though that and I click on the latest entry. It takes me to that entry, does it count as a page view? Or do I have to see ads for it to count as a page view?

  50. I also view blogs in Google Reader because it’s so convenient and often wondered if it counted as a pageview or not. Thanks for sharing this info! I did, however, try to click on “All Items” and it’s not showing the arrow and date. I see a date, but no arrow. I’ll try to figure this out, but until then, I will make an effort to click on over to the actual site so it counts. 🙂

  51. *gasp* my mouth seriously dropped open while reading this. Thank you for posting this! I will now love that little arrow icon as much as my reader tab. Thank you for the education! And may your pageviews drastically improve!! =]

  52. I am experiencing the same thing. I see dates, but I cannot click on them… no arrow. Also – can anyone out there give me a link to Google Next? I’m not finding it anywhere…?

  53. Hey, cool! Thanks for the NEXT hint, I just made that change from reader to NEXT. Great option that I didn’t know about!!

  54. Who knew!! Thanks for the educational post. I never really stick to my blogs when it comes to google reader anyway since I kind think it’s also about the layout and creativity there. It just makes a post much more fun to read when it’s not just coming from google reader. I will definitely keep the arrow in mind though! Love your blog AND you authenticity.

  55. Thank you for posting this! It’s wonderful to know this because I have a tiny blog, no advertising, but my blogging friends use this as a means to increase their income. I have always wanted to support them in that effort. Now I know how! Thank you thank you thank you!!

  56. I am in my first week of blogging…and it never occurred to me that you could make money at it!! I have like 6 followers. It seems like this particular subject will never apply to me, but I did PIN it..for later use…HOPEFULLY!!! :)) Thank you so much!:)

  57. I didn’t know this either! Just added the next feature so I can do my part and THANK YOU for the time, effort and creativity it takes to share your passion with us!

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  59. What a great tip to point out! I’m a blogger myself, but I’m also guilty of using Google Reader for the blogs I read, and I had never thought about it this way until now! From now on, I’ll be clicking over to the actual sites!

  60. I have the “next” bookmark on my bookmarks bar and prefer to check out the blogs I follow that way, so that I can easily comment on each one. I quickly learned that page views weren’t counted through google reader and switched immediately.

  61. I love Google Reader, and one of the reasons that I love it is because I like to read blogs in bed, or early in the morning, and it’s much more convenient for me to just read it through Google Reader, where I won’t have to worry about clicking to a site that has sound, or that has flash or anything else that won’t cooperate on the ipad.

    My eyesight is not the great, so I can’t see what your little yellow arrow is pointing at – I’ve gone to the side of my reader to all items, and I see a time of a post, but nothing else on the right hand side (BTW – I’m commenting on your site, not through google reader, so you’ve gotten a pageview for this visit!). What am I supposed to check?


  62. I don’t have the arrow to the right in reader, but I have the little arrow right next to the title. Are you saying that clicking the arrow will give you a page view automatically or that it will just open up your actual post on your site?

    You also can just hit the letter “v” on the keyboard while you’re in reader and it will let you “view” the original post which somehow just seems easier than dragging the mouse and clicking a button, ha!

    Great post! Would definitely be nice if more people clicked over!

  63. Good to know! I always click open that little arrow so I actually go to the blog… I did it out of preference before now, but it’s nice to know that’s adding a pageview for my subscriptions!

  64. I’m really glad to have learned this. I’m sure most of us would push an extra button if we knew it would help you blog writers!

  65. OMG, thank you so much for the tip about giving page views through google reader. I so dependent on it, but I definitely want the bloggers to “get credit.” I’m off to tear through my reader now…

  66. Thanks so much for sharing this info with us, Beckie. You’ve forever changed the way I read my favorite blogs. I’m more than happy to make sure you get credit for my pageview. The way I see it, more money in your pocket = more projects in your hands = more inspiration in my head.

  67. Beckie,
    I’m loving this series! Thanks for posting about pageviews…..very helpful. I pinned this with a good explanation of what this post was about, so hopefully others will read it too…which will help all of our pageviews!!!

  68. Glad to have stumble onto these series. I’m new to blogging and wanted to start one for a really long time. Seems like I have LOTS to learn. Good thing I prefer to read blogs on the actual site. Thanks for these tips!!

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