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It has been awhile since I posted in the “What Every Blogger Wants you to Know But Doesn’t Want to Tell You” series.

One of the things that every blogger wants you to know is how much we love comments.  It is like a giant pat on the back, high five, atta girl, etc., when we receive comments on a post we have written.  I have known bloggers to wait at their computer refreshing their screen waiting for someone to leave a comment.  Sound desperate to you?  Maybe. (Confession: I have SO done it!)

But it is the same reason why we enjoy watching someone open a gift that we know they are going to love. When we do a project that we think you will like we get excited for:

  “Thank you so much that was exactly what I was looking for“

“ I love it, you are so talented”

“Thanks for inspiring me”

In the past 6 months I have noticed a huge decrease in the number of comments I get which seems to be in direct result to the rise of Pinterest. It kind of bums me out for a number of reasons.  Obviously I love the affirmation, but even more so I love the interaction with my readers. 

I am the type of blogger that really means it when I say if you have questions – email me, if I can help you in some way – let me know, etc.  I would love nothing more than to have coffee with my readers one on one.  I love that!  That is what originally drew me into blogging. The camaraderie and community meant so much to me when I first started my blog 5 years ago and had just moved across the country to begin a new stage of life.

Now there are some very positive things about Pinterest.  I mean how can I complain when I get 30% of my traffic from Pinterest alone? However, one of the negatives is that since there is SO much inspiration out there people will hop and flit from one to another not stopping long enough to interact with people.  So I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest.



But I get it, you want as much inspiration in the time frame you have available to blog surf or Pinterest. (Yep, I made it a verb).  So by taking the time to comment that might be one less blog you get to see.  What is a girl to do?

With the sea of amazing talent and the limit on your time I can see why you don’t want to comment. I struggle to do it too.

I am in no way saying EVERY TIME you come to my blog you need to say something.  But when I see a post that has been pinned over 17,000 times yet only has 27 comments on it I am like “what in the world?”  But then I ask myself the question back “would you rather they pin it or leave a comment?”  And I have to choose “pin it.”  To me there is no no greater compliment than sharing me or my projects with other people…and of course sending people my way!



So Beckie it sounds like you are talking out of both sides of your mouth?  I know, I know.  I am. In my perfect world if you like my post you would tell me via comment and pin/share it. 

But if I can’t have both I guess I choose… PIN!  So pin away my friends and I will just read between the lines that you think my project is pretty darn awesome and in the end…



So pin it or comment?  If you are a blogger what would you prefer?

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  1. As a blogger with very few followers, it drives me crazy that I can have a project get pinned a few hundred times, but yet get NO comments on the post/craft related to it. I have to kinda get my feedback by seeing if anyone is actually pinning my stuff. I agree with the love/hate relationship with pinterest.

  2. Well, I agree. I LOVE comments. I too have noticed a marked decrease in them, and I also think it has to do with Pinterest. I loved being pinned it is nice, but I think i prefer comments. I dunno… just cause it is a little more personal.

  3. I’m not great at commenting, but I do pin quite a bit. I think a REALLY nice way of showing your appreciation is to pin your items on Pinterest CORRECTLY! Let people who see it on Pinterest KNOW where it came from without having to click on it just to find out the name of the blog. I always go through and look at pins that I’ve repinned, but it’s nice to know that the person is paying attention to the fact that they GOT the content from somewhere. And I’m amazed how many of my pins come from YOUR blog!!! It must be because you’re the best, right? 😉

  4. LOL love reading your posts and sometimes I have a hard time leaving a comment (goofy computer)….but do keep up the posts!!! Thanks so much for all you share!!!

  5. I agree with Erin. I feel the love/hate relationship as a new blogger. I get the traffic [usually from Pinterest], but I still don’t see the traffic volume reflected in the comments made. Similar to you, I started blogging as a hobby after learning I would be making a major move to an extremely rural setting. It’s disappointing to not be building the community I had hoped to develop. But my blog is young, so there is plenty of time to change that!

  6. I’m not great at commenting either, but I really do enjoy your blog, keep up the great work!

  7. As a new blogger, I find it discouraging to see when no one comments. I feel like the content is not relevant to my readers… but every so often I see a comment or a Like on my FB page and it keeps me going! <3 I love your blog!

  8. I do miss the days that comments were the norm, but I am such a Pinterest addict and I love it when I see my work getting pinned. Honestly, as much as I am aware of the power of commenting on blog posts as a way of reader engagement and loyalty, I would rather see more pins. Maybe soon there will be a happy medium.

  9. I try to comment whenever I can make it over to any of my favorite blogs. If I find something I want to pin, I will tell them how great it is and that I will definitely be pinning it!! Thanks for sharing this, though. It’s a great reminder to let our favorite bloggers know how much what they share really means to us!

  10. Beckie, so love this topic. It’s funny, my website is not very personal in nature – meaning I don’t share a lot on my personal life, so I have come to terms with the fact that we just aren’t going to receive a lot of comments. I have noticed the posts I pour my heart out generate comments and it’s those times I gain my affirmation – they are there, they are listening.
    But for showing me love – it’s all about the sharing. To me the fact they are willing to put their stamp of approval – no better compliment!

    Having said all that, I was talking to a friend the other day who doesn’t have a blog and she mentioned that she has quit commenting, because so many bloggers have announced they are too busy to respond and how guilty they felt about that. So she figured she is doing us a favor! Really an interesting topic, and I think there are so many factors that go into play.

    Thanks for starting the discussion!

  11. I agree with you, Beckie. I’d rather have my projects shared than comments too. I also noticed a huge decrease in comments since Pinterest. That is, until I started writing about my husband’s unexpected passing 3 weeks ago. Oh my heavens! I can’t tell you the number of people who have, and still are, reaching out to me, lending support, comfort, prayers.

    So, just because they’re not commenting doesn’t mean they aren’t reading and supporting our DIY posts. They are. And it’s truly a wonderful, awesome community that i am so proud to be a part of.

  12. Thank you so very much for taking the time to express so eloquently the upsides and downs. I am NOT a blogger, not creative at all really. I see all of these wonderful things and usually fail miserably at re-creating them. However, I LOVE the genius behind and still feel ever so hopeful looking at great ideas.

    In a nutshell…I thought about why I don’t comment. I feel ever so inadequate and that my comment is a bit of jab at my ability to successfully recreate a project. I feel a little like a fraud in that by commenting, I am putting myself on the level of “the creative ones”.

    So…I will now comment but when you guys see my name…take a little pity on me. ;0)

    With much admiration,
    Rene – a person who would love to be creative

  13. I read blogs on my breaks and at lunch while at work. On average, there are 100 posts daily amongst all the blogs I read. Trying to comment on all of them isn’t possible. However, it takes just a few seconds to Pin It to a board! I do leave comments from time to time when I can (like now!) but as much as I would love to respond to all the amazing things I see and read on blogs, it isn’t going to happen. I probably leave 3-4 comments a day amongst all the posts, but easily Pin 50+. I think pinning is as much a compliment in it’s own right since I only pin things I genuinely like or find inspirational. 🙂

  14. I have noticed a drop in comments since the popularity of Pinterest has increased. It’s kind of a bummer, but I too like to see my projects “pinned”. Oh what a complicated life we bloggers live ; ) Love the series!

  15. Oh the battle I have with comments! I sure do love the very few that I get. I have one post that has gotten over 20k view and has been pinned hundreds of times. Yet, I have one comment on it… and you wanna know who it was from? my MOM! I love comments. I love getting pinned. Pins give me more exposure. Comments give me more one-on-one relationships with my readers, which is really what’s important to me. I feel your pain, and I wish i had a solution.

  16. Love your posts…love your stories….keep up the good work I check out your posts everyday.

  17. So true Beckie–
    As much as I want to say that I only create things for the joy of making something beautiful–part of me also wants to hear that someone else thinks it’s beautiful 🙂

    It’s got to be kind of hard too that there has been an explosion of craft blogs lately (I’m one of them) and I know that my blog is competing for time against so many others.

    I’ve been trying harder to leave more comments on the blogs I actually follow, instead of ones I just click on from a link party (as my duty, since I linked up myself)

  18. I love comments, but I understand it is so much easier/quicker to just pin something. And obviously, if it is getting pinned people like it. If I am on a blog and pinning an image, I try to leave a comment, even if it is just – “this is an awesome project, just pinned it.” Kind of the best of both worlds. But, I also do a lot of repinning from Pinterest itself, and don’t always go to the original source right away. I do love the connection you can get with your readers through comments. I know I appreciate and read each and every one!

  19. Oh man, I agree, it’s a dilemma! Since I’m a fairly new blogger I actually get about 60% of my traffic from Pinterest, which is awesome! It’s great exposure, but I REALLY love getting comments cuz you’re absolutely right, it’s a more personal relationship. And the community is the whole reason i started blogging! When I pin something I usually leave a comment too just so the blogger knows that I loved it and pinned it. But it’s time consuming and probably not the easiest solution for people who pin 100+ things a day! Overall, I don’t know…I love comments and pins!

  20. I started blogging first as a way to share my photos with friends and family.
    Being from Florida,and moving to and living in Denver was quite an eye-opener!
    I quickly fell in love with the beauty of the area..and just wanted to shout it to the world!
    Several photographer friends had also begun blogs which i became a follower..they encouraged me to start my own..and i did!
    My point is..the COMMENTS are what made me stronger, more confident..plus the critiques helped me to improve my skills as a photographer!
    I did join Pinterest..but quickly lost interest.
    It is fun to peruse occasionally..but not to become so addicted that it overshadows everything else! it also does not offer the camaraderie of personal interaction found in blogging! Some of my best friends are those first met online..and later in person because we shared the same ideals!
    I try to comment each time i visit..even if only a few words..
    My vote COMMENTS win every time!!
    also.. even tho i do not blog for income.. i too have noticed a drop in comments
    I do not post every day..i limit my time on the computer.
    okay..’nuff said..
    warmest hugs..

  21. Oh, and here’s another weird thing I’ve noticed–
    It seems like I’ve been getting fewer responses from the comments that I leave.
    (not trying to hint-hint that you need to respond to me here, just saying bloggers in general)

  22. Sometimes pinterest is the devil because the pinners don’t follow your blog or actually read the post, they just look at the picture that is pinned and write “How is it done?”. Maybe they are new to pinterest and don’t know to actually click the picture to read the blog post (maybe they are too lazy and expect the information in/under the picture). Grrr, really?

    I remember when I first started blogging last year and no one would comment or interact. Don’t get me wrong, I love comments, but I’ve gotten past the “Why don’t they love me” phase and have moved into the “I’m doing this for me and if they like it, great” phase. I started the blog as kind of a diary of my home projects and getting to know fellow DIYers. Sometimes I forget that and think it as a popularity contest. But I do try to give out a comment to each new blog I visit and each great blog post I read.

    PS Love all your posts Beckie! Thanks for blogging. I hope to see updates on your garden soon.

  23. Totally with you on this one Beckie! Love that Pinterest sends traffic my way, I just wish more of that traffic would stop to chat every once in awhile. 🙂

  24. I admit that I’d rather have someone pin my stuff than comment – but I’ve actually had an INCREASE in comments lately on my blog, which is also great! I find that most of my interaction with my readers happens on Facebook and we get a lot of one on one there. I also like to check my source on Pinterest and see what is being pinned – that’s the way I know that my readers really like my stuff or don’t 🙂 Great post again!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  25. I’m a blogger, and I hardly get any comments or pins. I’ve been blogging for years, but it doesn’t really bother me. I think what you have to consider are what your goals are for blogging. For me it’s purely self-expression. But if your primary goal is to increase hits and potential traffic to your blog sponsors or advertisers, then Pinning is awesome! It sounds like you really want 2-way conversation or some sort of verbal validation, in which case I can see why you would be frustrating, but you might need to find that in another way.

  26. There has been a lot of talk about this lately and I just sort of came up with my own system … if I clicked over to a post from a link party, Facebook, my feed reader, for whatever reason … I try to leave a comment and add that I’m pinning the project or recipe (it applicable). This is a community and we all work so hard … so a quick little note is easy enough 🙂

  27. I so love this section. You hit the nail on the head every time. Comments are always more welcome and anticipated than pins but pins means the word is spreading. Since I am still in the baby stages I get sooo few comments that when I do it’s like gold to me. I can totally relate with the sitting in front of your computer refreshing the page kind of thing(I try not to do that anymore). I also like the idea of leaving a note when you pin. Great idea Keri.

  28. Hi Beckie! Love reading your blog…all of them, actually! I rarely comment anymore. I don’t know why that is…maybe I figure you’ll get tired of hearing from me. I do love when someone pins one of my projects. That goes a long way in making me feel like I’m presenting something that others find useful or interesting. Plus it adds to the traffic on my site. I’m still pondering which I prefer…I like comments A LOT, but boy is it a treat to see something going pin crazy!!!

  29. This is my first time to comment on your blog. And probably only my third ever comment on any blog – although I read a ton of blogs. I never looked at commenting as a way to thank and encourage the blogger -I’m glad you’ve changed my perspective on that. I have to say that I LOVE YOUR BLOG and always look forward to your new posts.

  30. I have a lot of blogs I follow and because I just had my 3rd baby, I am short on time. Instead of viewing the blogs on a reade on the Internet, where it’s easy to leave a comment, now I mostly read them through a reader on my phone and it’d really hard to access the comment feed and leave a comment.

  31. I guess this post will draw a comment out of me if nothing else will. Hi, Beckie. I have to say that I don’t comment on blogs for the reason stated above. I have only commented a couple of times on blogs, when I had a really important question, but it felt impersonal because I checked back many times and the blogger responded to a couple other comments but not mine. I guess readers want to feel a blogger out to see if they notice and respond to comments. It can feel like a waste of time to comment instead of going to Pinterest because I don’t know if anyone is even reading my comments. I have noticed that a lot of comments come from bloggers, and that must be because they know how important comments really are and they know the comments are being read. As a non-blogger, I need more of this type of discussion in order to feel like comments are valuable.

    The thought process that goes through my mind when I read a good post is this, “I love this post (like I love a good book or magazine article). Maybe if it’s just been written, the blogger is checking comments and might read mine. But there are so many other comments from bloggers that sound so well-put, mine would just be more for her to read and wouldn’t really communicate anything. I’ll go ahead and pin this and not waste the time filling up her space saying nothing of value.” If I do want to comment, and have something valuable to say, I will take a lot of time writing it, rereading it, and rewriting it to make sure it says what I really want to say. That’s a lot of effort to put into something that feels like a one-way conversation in the first place. You know what I mean? I guess us non-bloggers just don’t know if our comments are being read. We feel like you know you’re reaching us because we keep coming back. So, generally, we will put the effort into commenting that you put into responding to our comments. I hope that doesn’t sound gruff. It’s hard to know whether to view blogs in general as businesses or buddies. You’re a buddy, so I’ve taken the time to write all this… I do feel indebted to you because of the leadership you’ve taken at church and on the blog. I don’t want to sound petty or stupid, so I hestitate to know whether commenting is the right way to say thanks.

    Anyway, thank you for writing this article. Now, I can picture you reading the comments and I think you will probably read this, even if you don’t respond. That makes it worth writing. Great topic!

  32. I read all my blogs via my iTouch. I do it while I am breastfeeding my little one and I rarely leave a comment. I don’t pin everything I want to becasue of this, too.

    I don’t get many comments on my [small] blog (I’ve noticed my spam comments have increased, though, bummer) so I guess I don’t tend to leave many comments. But I love when ppl pin my projects!

  33. So am I missing out on a lot since I a not on Pinterest?
    I dunno’ there’s so much to do in a day, Pinterest seems like ‘one more thing’… and when the next, better-than-Pinterest thing comes out, there will be another thing to do!

    I have just over 50 followers, and since I get almost 0 comments, I really wonder if ANY of them are actually reading my posts. What am I doing wrong? Not posting enough? Posting boring crap?
    It is frustrating… people tell me they like the things I make, and the transformations… but the lack of comments over the last year have just made it harder and harder to post. Am I posting for myself? Well in a way, but what that means is that I post to get feedback and alternate ideas… it doesn’t serve me to post if no one comments or reads. Frustrating.

    Are my less enthusiastic, less interesting posts the reason I get few comments.. or are the few comments leading me to be a less enthusiastic, less interesting blogger?

  34. I too love comments…in fact my blog is just a family blog but I have noticed lately I do t get as many comments as well. I think it has to do a lot with things like google reader or being on phones/tablets and people just don’t like to have to click over. I also want to tell you that I’m so glad you are such a great responder to emails. I remember a year or two ago emailing you about how you recovered the glider in Kayla’s room since I needed to do it for my Abu girl and sadly by the time iota roundup recovering mine it broke 2 months later…so much so that we couldn’t repair it! I did just score a bunch of lockers though and I’m excited to use your tutorial to spray paint them…I do have a question though, how have they held up over the past year or so.

  35. Hi Beckie:

    I don’t think I’ve posted more than one comment ever on your blog. But I communicated with you and Jen from Tater Tots and Jello during one of those coffee house blog things, and that was so fun. You were so nice. We were talking about how to keep a marriage alive and you said something that I STILL remember and still think about:

    Can I cover it in love?

    Many times, I have not said something negative to my husband because I think about this and what you said.

    So, please know how inspiring you are and the change that you make in people’s lives.

    Thanks for sharing about how comments get you excited. As you can tell from the comments already posted, many many people admire you, your creativity, and your business sense.

    And you helped me with my marriage.



  36. What a great topic! I’ve noticed a decrease too but then some of my posts have just exploded on Pinterest. Definitely a Catch .22. Pinterest has increased my traffic, but generally on just one post. It’s harder to get those pinners as regular readers. I guess as social media evolves we just have to evolve and figure out different ways to create community.

  37. I agree about pinterest! But in all honesty I would much rather have a comment… that being said I have been quiet recently. I see things on blogs (yours definitely included) but I just can’t bring myself to comment… I’ll explain in an e-mail. You really are an inspiration and I love dropping by for bits of encouragement!! Take care!!

  38. Maybe you just need to keep up this series, since it’s bringing so much discussion and plenty of comments! 🙂 I agree — comments have totally decreased. But ya, I guess I prefer people repinning my stuff even if they are bouncing on and off my blog quickly. And I think a lot of people that aren’t bloggers don’t understand what the comments mean to us who put the work into our posts. Unfortunately, there is no happy medium I’ve decided. It is what it is & it’s hard to say “please leave comments” and not sound like a desperate person! But it is nice to hear people like what you’re doing! Thanks for being so fabulous Beckie & saying all these things none of us know how to say! As always, love the post!

  39. Last year one of my goals was to leave more comments on blogs when I enjoy a post. I got pretty good at it for awhile there, but I’ve definitely slacked off a lot. Partly I feel like I’m reading fewer blog posts this year and I do attribute that to Pinterest. I’ve noticed that a lot of my web surfing time is now spent on Pinterest instead of in my reader. I pin things with the idea that I’ll come back to them later — which I do frequently — but that means I’m less likely to spend time on the blogs where I feel like I have a “relationship” with the blogger. I’m way less likely to comment on a blog if I think I’m only going to visit it once, which probably isn’t fair to the blogger.

  40. I have to say I’m much more likly to comment on a blog post with fewer comments, so the author knows it was enjoyed, rather than a post with 50+ comments. There are only so many ways to say “I loved your project/tip/remodel” and as I don’t blog, the only way for a blogger to reach out to me is an e-mail, which makes me woefully (and happily)behind the times. 🙂

  41. I love both comments and pins so much but get an extra little charge when I see someone that has pinned something of mine. I’m brand new to blogging and crafty/DIY stuff so I’m definitely like a kid in a candy store with both.

  42. Oh my gosh i totally know that feeling. And let me tell you, it doesn’t go away after blogging for 5 years. I still get giddy seeing my stuff shared.

  43. Oh I get that too. I (blushing) tend to be the same way. But if I can encourage you…I don’t think anyone ever gets tired of hearing “you’re awesome” wea re gluttons for compliments right? HA!

  44. A little confession time…I love it. Pinterest definitely has changed the game. I guess as a blogger we have to adapt and evolve with all the new social media changes.

  45. You nailed it on the head. Evolve! We can’t complain or cry about it we just have to buck up and embrace the change for sure. My traffic has tripled this year but I have only gained about 4000 readers. I feel like turning a reader into a follower is so hard nowadays.

  46. Edie I TOTALLY REMEMBER that. I loved those talks because I felt like I really connected with people! I am so glad that made a difference in your marriage. that is the best comment of the day for sure. I would rather do that then inspire you to make a pretty…although I like that too. Blessings my dear and thanks for saying hi today.

  47. Kristen…like a champ! Love my lockers! If you can’t find a color you like in Dual (their line is really limited_ you can always use metal primer and regular paint though. thanks for saying that about me getting back to you. I try to respond back to all questions and that means a lot that you think that of me 😉

  48. And that is the question 😉 I hopped on over to your blog and I noticed your last post was super long. That could have been three posts. I think that consistency is important. People lose interest if you don’t post often enough. So on a post like that i would try and write three different posts and space them out a bit. I am dying to know how that dresser turned out btw. When are you posting next ? 😉

  49. Dude the fact that you commented in impressive. You get a get-out-of-jail-free card for sure since you are new with child and breastfeeding. HA!

  50. Hah. Well, he’s almost 11 months. Still eats 6-7x/day. So he’s not new. And I was at my computer. I should’ve said ‘most’ of my blogs via iTouch, not ‘all’. So I’m commenting again. Via computer.

  51. Sara thanks for your comment. I love hearing from a reader perspective. And I totally get that…especially if you are trying to connect with the blogger and you get no response. I try and respond to every question asked and of course I read EVERY comment. But I…like you…sometimes won’t respond to comments. I feel like…umm….how many different ways can I say thank you. But I am toooootally grateful when people take time to affirm what I have done. But your comment made me want to do more to try and interact with the comments i do get. So thanks!

  52. that totally makes sense…and you had had your third babe…you are off the hook. Grateful for your as a reader 😉

  53. Thank for coming out of lurkdom Shelley. And thank you for reading IC. I totally appreciate it and I am grateful you find it a place of inspiration1

  54. I can’t imagine being a newbie blogger now. Getting no comments has got to be hard. But know that people read and pin and the like. i just think blogging as I have known it has changed. if you traffic continues to increase you know you are on the right path.

  55. Anne Marie I totally agree! That is something that I didn’t hit and you are right we all blog for a different reason. I am not sure why I do it…haha! Just kidding. I do it because i love teaching and inspiring others and I can’t imagine not sharing what I do with people. I also love that it has brought in an income. But I also love the interaction. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like I can have my cake and eat it too 😉

  56. I love FB for that. I know now is a downtime for comments and interaction in generalky because summer is here. So I am sure that has something to do with it.

  57. Karen my garden is going well. I had some fresh basil for the first time last night and made lemon basil pasta. It was so good! I will do a post soon. I am struggle with my spinach and green beans though. They are taking forever and I had to replant.

  58. I think it could be the season too. I know summer is crazy so I am sure the lower comments or responses has somewhat to do with that…as do the tank in pageviews. boo!

  59. That is so true. Some of my closest friends are people I met through blogging. I agree that once you find something you love and have it in common with someone else you totally bond with them. I hope blogging doesn’t lose that!

  60. both please? Exactly. I NEVER comment on pins. It never really occurred to me because I am not sure if the blogger will actually see it. But maybe they do.

  61. I know right…we need a program that won’t allow people to click off our sites until they say something even if it is just boo! haha!

  62. {giggle} you crack me up Rene. We just love that you read and say we inspire you. And no mattter your level of creativity you matter! And I guarantee there is a whole list of things you are better at than me. It is so hard reading blogs and comparing your worst to their best. You don’t see my piles of laundry or my unshowered, unshaved self. It is easy, but a facade at the same time, to just show the creative side of me and not the whole she bang. But I never want you to feel less than. YOU MATTER and I am glad you came by today.

  63. It is an awesome community. Forgive me Colleen for not commenting or reaching out to you. I have prayed for you a bunch and should have told you so. I am so glad you have found arms wide open in the blogging community when you are going through a tough time. You are a gem Colleen and pray God teaches and molds you through this tough circumstance. He never wastes any experience! Hugs my friend

  64. that is a good point too Destri. I know I don’t respond back to every comment because I don’t have to time to either. that is something I am always trying to be better at

  65. Yah it is tough especially being a newbie! Trying to build your audience is difficult. Unfortunately it takes years! Thanks for taking time to comment.

  66. Brooke I wish I had a formula for it. Everything changes at such a rapid rate, it is hard to keep up. I think the days of really building community are going by the wayside and I hate that.

  67. Amen to the pinning correctly. I have changed my plugins to make it virtually impossible for people to mispin from my site. I am not the best but hopefully I rise to the top a little ha! ha!

  68. I totally agree – love the extra traffic – but at the end of the day the traffic doesn’t usually result in more followers or comments.

  69. I love comments. I honestly don’t think I write anything worth pinning… haha, but I love hearing what people have to say. 🙂

  70. Hi Becky – As a relative newbie I’m another one who tends to comment when the blogger has few if any comments. I kmow how I myself feel when I get a comment or two, so I try to share the love!

  71. I am torn right along side you!! I am not a huge blogger, but I have to say, I have seen several of my things on Pinterest that are linked to someone’s blog other than mine. SO, what now?? I try to understand that a LOT of Pinners are not bloggers, nor do they know what a blog is. So maybe they just don’t get it! As for today, I am so pinning this post, as well as leaving you my comment! LOL Beckie I adore you, and I know I only pop up every so often. But know, here in Oregon we speak a lot of Beckie, and the infamous roadkill!!

    Hugs to you!!

  72. i am joining forces with another blogger to do a series on blog etiquette and we are talking about comments this thursday. love all your insight…. i try to pin and comment when i love something… and tell the blogger loved it so much i pinned it!
    i think for me personally, i don’t comment on a lot of the huge blogs (like yours ) because i think, oh she gets SOOOO many comments, so if i don’t make the time it’s ok. i will try to do better.

  73. I also think the decrease in comments has to do with more people reading blogs on phones and tablets. When I read blogs on my iPad is it a pain with the auto correct, etc. to comment on blogs that I don’t. And when I do, my mobile media doesn’t always let me publish it. Gah!

  74. I LOVE pinterest, BUT I am not a professional blogger. I can certainly understand about pinterest and have never thought about it that way. I usually pin (a lot) but don’t leave a comment until I made the project or have a question on it. I am a reader of yours though google reader, but am one of those that doesn’t comment, although I have loved every post of yours 🙂

  75. Love your blog Beckie! And I love this series. You are changing the way I read blogs and I’m loving it.

  76. This has so been on my mind lately. And not only the Pinterest side of it, but also the way I feel that, as my blog becomes more popular, less and less people are commenting on it. In fact, it’s something I’ve been thinking about writing about for days, but I just feel whiny and conceited saying, “I’m so cool now that nobody comments anymore. Boo hoo.” Your post sums up nicely what I’ve been thinking about without being whiny or conceited. So thanks for putting it all down in these nice words of yours.

    It’s hard not to look back on the way things used to be and think, “The community was so much more intimate then.” In many ways I think that, for better or worse, it’s true. Things were more intimate in blog land even just a few years ago. There weren’t as many and it was harder to get noticed and publicized. I love that Pinterest has become somewhat of a great equalizer among blogs and that new bloggers can get noticed right away, but it’s also hard sometimes to think, “I’ve been at this so much longer and now someone had one project with one pretty picture and they’re getting more traffic than me.” Again with the whinys.

    Anyway, I’m never sure exactly what to say about comments and the lack thereof, despite increased page views and readership. I love the extra traffic from Pinterest, but there are days I think I’d choose comments over pins. Growing stats are exciting, but lonely. Comments are more than statistics. They’re company. And being in the good company of my readers is the real reason I blog.

  77. Pinterest hasn’t changed my commenting habits. I comment a lot more than I pin. I tend to comment more on posts that ask a question or ask for an opinion, though. And I tend to comment more on non-blogger blogs, which is why I comment here.

  78. That is great that you excel in that! I wish I could be more like that. I usually just pin but don’t think to comment. I definitely usually don’t do both.

  79. You said it perfectly when you said that Pinterest has been an equalizer. I love that for newer bloggers for sure. The yep the good ole days are gone. Which saddens me. I think that is the hardest part of blogging – evolving. I think you should write about it. Your heart came out perfectly in your comment here. I think your loyal readers would love to hear that.

  80. Awwww thanks Lisa. I don’t care how you read me but I am glad you do. Thanks for choosing to comment today.

  81. HAHA…well thanks for saying something today. Huge or small blogger we are all the same at heart for sure!

  82. Awwww Jenn love you back. Thanks for commenting today. One way that might help is if you truncate (Shorten) your posts. Then people will have to click through to the permalink and pin correctly.

  83. Thanks Beckie. And I definitely agree with what you said about evolving being hard. Especially since when you start out you think, “I want to be cool like ___,” and by the time you get there, things have changed. So you never really get “there.” You know? It’s great, actually, because who wants to be finished with fun? But it does get tricky sometimes when the goal posts keep changing on you. (Not to mention the goals.) If I take a whack at writing about it I’ll let you know. 🙂

  84. From the perspective of a complete non-blogger, who just follows lots of blogs and actually comments often, I’ve actually stopped following blogs where the bloggers don’t respond to my questions or even acknowledge one out of ten of my comments. I definitely get that you all are busy, but if you don’t appreciate my comments or answer my questions, then I’ll stop appreciating you. 😉
    I know you don’t have that problem, but that drives me crazy. 🙂

  85. I’m a non-blogger who reads a lot of blogs over breakfast in the mornings. I try to comment where I can but I suppose it’s laziness sometimes – how awful is that!? Keep on blogging!

  86. This makes me want to go through my pinterest boards, visit a few and leave some comments. It’s so easy to just pin away, without crediting/telling the original blogger. 🙂 You’ve inspired me to make sure I don’t do this!

  87. Thanks for sharing all of your talent! I’m guilty of pinning without commenting at least 98% of the time if not more. I’ll try to do better. Hope you have a great day!

  88. If I had to choose, I’d take a pin any day but I do love comments. When I pin something, I almost always leave a comment on the blog first, just to let them know I think it’s a great project.

  89. I love comments. Without them, I feel like nobody’s reading my blog…. and I just blog about my little Dachshund. I follow pins back to the original blog (*fingers crossed*), but I never think to add a comment. I’ll start doing that because, yes, I want comments too! CH

  90. Yum!!! Can we get a recipe for your lemon basil pasta? I made lemon chicken last night. I’ve always made it with new potatoes in the roasting pan under the chicken, but the pasta sounds like it would be a good match, also! And I can grill the chicken instead of baking and with pasta i wouldnt have to turn on the oven!

  91. Are those coffeehouse bloggy things still.happening? If not, can we start them up? I’m just building my blog now. (The Dude is designing me a logo and then he’ll build my sight around ut. Hntil.then, I’m at featheredruffles.blogspot.com and my first post should go up today….)

    I used to blog in myspace(before facebook killed it dead) and was frequently in my the top 25. But it was just my *first name basis with the fire marshal* life and not diy and sewing. As a complete and total newb it would be awesome to find something chatty like that to be part of…. where readers and writers can connect and get to to know each other. I think that connection is what keeps people comijng back. I know that for me…. when my email is crammed full of 100+ blog feeds a day, I’m skimming titles and reading only what grabs me.

    Unless we have connected through comments. Those blogs where the author has taken time to respond back to what i took time to respond to… they have my loyalty. And my daily showing up to see what they had to say….

  92. I love comments on my blog too — when they are relevant to the blog post. I don’t get alot of comments — but I know people are coming by — so I’ll keep blogging (for me) and anyone else who wants to visit! 🙂

  93. Hi Beckie – I am definitely a lurker and don’t comment as much as I should. I am a crafter and the main reason I have a blog is to enter online challenges and competitions, and all my posts are about my craft work. My little blog is nowhere near as popular as yours and many others I visit, so at this stage with few comments and only one (yes you read correctly, only 1!) pin, I’ll settle for any kind of affirmation 🙂
    I guess what I really want to say though is – keep up the good work – I appreciate it even if I don’t comment. I think each comment is just the tip of the iceberg and for every compliment there are 50 others unwritten out there.

  94. Hi! I’m new to your site but I love it, esp the candy crafts. I agree with whoever said, You shouldn’t repin without crediting the originator. I never repin, I always go to the original source so that the originator gets the marketing/advertising value of people referring to her. 17,000! Wow, that’s a lot. There’s a lot of lurkers out there, my brother even admitted to me that he reads my emails but never comments. And I never just forward him jokes! I send him family photos and cute reports my kids wrote at school and funny stuff they say/do, plus questions about what to get his wife for her bd. and stuff! What’s up with that?! People are busy and I like to think that Pinterest is my reference board. When I am ready to make a certain type of craft, cake, project, etc., I go to it and find the posting, and use the Pin as a photo reference for all the things I can do. So maybe it doesn’t mean the Pin is “deadending,” maybe just for now 🙂 . I enjoy your work, keep it up, and enjoy your 117+ comments today!!!!

  95. I prefer comments. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to be pinned – it drives traffic, but my blog is probably never going to be a real money maker, so traffic isn’t my end goal. I like the dialogue that opens up with comments. Without comments, I’d have never developed the friendships that led to being able to meet up in real life with Carrie who used to write Dittle Dattle or Judy who writes DIY by Design. I know that the next time I head to the west coast, I’ll have to visit with a few blogging friends I’ve made along the way. It’s the camaraderie with like minded people that I love about blogging, and that camaraderie only happens with comments & e-mails.

    Interesting discussion. I liked reading all of the comments on the subject today. Thanks for sharing.

  96. I scrolled to the bottom of these 50 gazillion comments to tell you that this is the major reason I don’t comment. I feel like when I comment to someone who happens to be super popular, I just get lost in the sauce of comments, and surely another commentor has already said what I’d like to say.
    But I do understand. I have been blogging for about 9 years on a closed blog site, and nothing thrills like the “amen” from lots of readers.
    I have a Pinterest account, but really don’t spend any time there. Be assured that I read and love every post, and you have given me many great ideas.

  97. i was wondering if you can let us know how you put your business name on your pictures.

  98. You set the gold standard for an interactive blogger, I have to say. I noticed that when I first came here… you put in way more effort than any other blogger I’ve seen to respond to comments. I’ll make it a practice of commenting more now that I know it matters. Thank you for responding 🙂

  99. I don’t comment often and generally feel that pinning a project is my way saying “Great idea! Must try this!” I’m probably more likely to comment on a personal blog rather than a craft project.

    I have to stay that sometimes the comment form is difficult to use or even locate on some blogs. I like the ones that have a short cut at the top of the comments that takes you right to the form, so you don’t have scroll through multiple pages of comments.

    Love your blog! It’s a daily read.

  100. I have to agree with you. I LOVE comments. We both started blogging when there were way, way, waaaay less blogs out there and people were able to comment more. I’ve gone from having anywhere from 30 to 50 comments a day to maybe 10 if I am very very lucky. It is a huge bummer b/c I personally find those comments very encouraging…they make me want to keep trying.

    BUT, the traffic that I get from Pinterest is fantastic. I don’t want to put all my eggs in one basket, so I continue to link to a few blog parties a week, comment on my favorite blogs, and social media…but I do love the Pins!

    In all honesty, lately it seems as if there are just soooo many blogs out there that I have to try even harder than I already was to get people’s attention. I don’t have the funds to do lots of big projects, and I am trying desperately to keep some semblance of balance with my kids, but it is tempting to be discouraged at the lull around the blogosphere and seeing all the awesome talent out there! 🙂

  101. Great topic – I’ll definitely try to comment more often. I really enjoy your blog(s) and check in everyday!

  102. Hi there
    As an avid follower of your blog (receive your posts via email) I’ve learnt so much about the blogging world. Whilst I don’t blog myself I love to read all posts associated with my favourite bloggers, whether that be a mum trying to get through another day or a super talented ability to make something from nothing! To be honest, I’m not great at commenting and I never thought much about it to be honest but reading this post from your perspective was an insight into this. Yes I do love Pinterest and am guilty of Pinning and not commenting. But before I ‘repin’ I always make sure to correctly pin so the correct source is credited. Thanks for your post, I’ll make an effort to comment more.
    Keep up the great work though. Love your blog.

  103. Thanks Leah and I am so grateful for you as a reader. Thanks for taking time to comment and I am glad you are enjoying an insider’s prospective.

  104. HAHA…well thank you. I don’t always do well at it but I want to be a role model in my blogging niche for sure.

  105. I blog in windows live writer (free download you must use if you blog) and there is a watermark feature in there

  106. Yah I can view it the same way. I totally get it. But you know what…I never tire of hearing I inspired people that is for sure. I don’t even feel like you have to comment. But every now and again I would love for you to pop by and say hi

  107. I totally get you. I have loved the real life friendships I have built through blogging. I feel like that is totally going by the wayside with the influx of amazing talent and just the competition for attention. 🙁

  108. You KNEW this post would get a lot of comments! 🙂

    1st let me say that you — unfortunately — don’t get to see all the comments that are on the pins and re-pins of your stuff. I see them often (your stuff and comments from others). That doesn’t help you in interaction, I know, but you are SO out there as a presence on Pinterest that it’s kinda scary. Those of us (me!) who are just now thinking about getting our toes wet in blogland (and thus, Pinterest, hopefully) can find it kinda intimidating–and exciting at the possibilities!

    2nd let me say that I adore you and think you’re uber-talented! I’ve read not EVERYTHING on your blog, but a whole stinkin lot of it. And LOVE getting your ‘new post’ notice in my email. Like a good little blog-follower…who was taught by YOU…I always click on the post and come over here and give you another site visit.

    Keep up the fabulous work. You DO inspire!!!

  109. I can’t say I am the best for sure. I try to ALWAYS respond to questions but I am guilty of not responding to every comment. Ineed to be better at that. thanks for your two cents today.

  110. 🙂 Just wanted to clarify, that I definitely do not expect a response back to every comment I make on blogs. I understand that could take up so much time and just isn’t realistic. But if I leave 10 different comments on different posts and I don’t get one response back, I definitely don’t feel like commenting ever again. Or if I ask a question for clarification or something, and it doesn’t get answered, then I’m again also very discouraged from visiting the blog again, no matter how great the content is.
    Anyways, thanks for the response and all your great content! 🙂

  111. Hi!
    Just found your wonderful blog today and I love it! I added you to my Bloglovin to follow your blog and really look forward to becoming a regular!


  112. I am guilty of coming over….and not commenting. Although I will say that I have only been on Pinterest for about a week….so I am not one of those latecomers to your party! Honestly, on “big” blogs like yours, I consider myself just a number to you….and, in a way, that you would consider a comment a hassle because of your busy schedule and being all big and successful in the blogging world, you know? I will try to start thinking of you as a person like me….that loves to get compliments and feels validated somehow that people read what you wrote and took the time out to say something!

  113. I have to say I am sorry, I am not a blogger (yet) but I have a few blogs that I check everyday and of course you are one of them. I never leave comments, I just did not think of it that way and I always thought that you would probably get way to many to want to read them all… so here is my first and will not be my last comment on your blog. I love all the projects and I really enjoy reading your blog. You are doing a wonderful job…

    I have to say I do love pinterest just because it is so easy to just like an item and go back to it when you have time and not mess with looking through a whole blog.

  114. As someone with a smaller blog, I have to say I value my comments a lot! It makes me so excited when I see a new comment on my blog, especially if it’s from someone new!! I love seeing people pin my things in Pinterest, as well, but in my mind, there’s nothing like a comment or e-mail to really make me feel good!

  115. Well thank you for coming out of lurkdom Bethany. I really appreciate you as a reader and hope you will continue to find IC as a place of inspiration.

  116. Kayla – that is my daughter’s name btw…love! I never tired of comments. And I never want people to feel like a number to me. It really does mean a lot to me than another person somewhere in the world desires to check in with me daily to be inspired. I am still blown away that people come. No matter how big I get each and everyone of you matter to me. And if there is anything I can do to help you with a project please ask away. I am never too busy! 😉

  117. Welcome Krystin. Thanks for stopping by and sticking around. I hope I will be a daily stop of inspiration to you!

  118. I totally agree. I actually think it is rude when you ask a question and a blogger doesn’t respond. That drives me batty. But yes I understand that what you were saying that not ever comment warrants a reply.

  119. Not sure, but I’m pretty sure I discovered your blog before I discovered Pinterest, then I pinned everything of yours that I’d saved, because I love your blog & your ideas! I try to leave comments on blogs whenever I see something I like, as long as I don’t have to go through a long process or join or sign into something to do it. And when I discover something else on Pinterest, I try to track it back to whoever had the original idea & leave a comment-kind of hard sometimes since other bloggers share ideas they found somewhere else,then someone else picks it up, then someone pins it,then….so on. I wish that when I re-pinned something, I could pin it from the original site it was on, but I guess that’s considered bad manners to do, so I pin it from whoever’s pin I saw it on. I think it’s a real shame that your comments have dropped because of Pinterest, I’ve certainly seen where many people take the time to leave a comment for whoever pinned the idea! I have to admit, I don’t leave comments every time I look at, save, or pin something myself – I didn’t think it made much difference sometimes when I see someone’s had 50 or more comments in just a few hours from people & all I can think is that I sure wouldn’t want to, or have time to read all of those comments & the blogger probably doesn’t either. But I will make a bigger effort to take the time to leave a comment when I see something I like. Too bad the blogs don’t have the “like” or “thumbs up” buttons, they are so quick & easy to use & would be great for people who say they don’t have time. -Judy

  120. From the POV of a non-commentor…….

    I’m one of those people that don’t feel the need for interaction (rare, but we DO exist lol). I don’t comment because 9 times out of 10, I feel that I have nothing to say that a) hasn’t already been said b) will add anything of value to the conversation or c) would matter to anyone. I do, however, almost always read comments on blogs because a lot of people have tips to add that would make the subject of the post easier to do. The few times I do comment are on blogs where my input has been asked for (in a general way) and I have a tip to do it easier. I honestly don’t care if anyone responds to my comment or not unless I’m asking a question about the post. Its not that I’m being rude or what-have-you, I just assume that most people are like me and only reply if it is to address a specific thing. Silly of me, isn’t it? 🙂

    As for the whole Pinterest craze, I admit it. I’m a bit of a junkie. I’m guilty of pinning things and never looking at the tutorial. I actually do this as a bit of a test to myself. People always say to go with what draws you in the most so I pin whatever catches my interest and then from time to time I go back to see what style I’m into so I know how I want to decorate at that given time. Then, as I have the money to buy supplies, I go to whatever pin is stuck in my mind and follow it to the proper webpage so I can find out how its done.

    So you see, its not you, its me. Y O U are doing nothing wrong. I’m just an antisocial twit that doesn’t even remember to text her real life friends more than once every week or two. Not kidding.

    By the way, I do enjoy your blog. Lets just go ahead and put that out there. Now think of it each time you open up the comments and mine isn’t there.


  121. Amanda you are hilarious. I think you need to comment more often. I understand there are people out there who are not as social as I am. My hubby is one of them. each personality is different and if you never comment again that is okay. I am just glad you are out there and that I have inspiredy ou enough for you to keep coming back. Thanks for your POV!

  122. Judy…that is funny you say that about the thumbs up button on a post. I wish they had hat on the comment section so I could thumbs up when someone leaves me a comment that necessarily doesn’t warrant a comment back from me.

  123. I don’t normally comment on blogs because I’m not comfortable repeating what many others have said, & I’m new at this so I have lots to learn about blogs & blogging manners. I did end up here because of Pinterest…that’s a good thing. I’ll be sure to leave comments when something is interesting to me in the future.

  124. Awww thanks Carol for taking time to say something…anything. I just like to know people are really out there 😉

  125. LOL I tend to skim… if it looks really interesting, or like something i’d like to try to make, I will read further. And there’s some, probably 6-8 (you’re actually one of them) that I look forward to and tend to read daily.

    But most of them get skimmed. If they don’t hook me in the snippet that shows up in my inbox, I probably won’t click thru to the site.

    and then, like the moda recipe-tutorial blog… I really like an image, especially if it’s a tut. i go to the moda site usually when i’m looking for something in particular. but i don’t look at it daily, because to see *anything* i have to clock all the way thru. and i might not have internet access right then, or time… *shrug*

  126. I get your blog through my email.. and I saw this topic and saved it until I could take the time I needed to comment … I have a small blog, and I so live for the comments folks make. I love Pinterest a ton check out my pins that’ll tell you my love of Pinterest! LOL But I’ll pin my stuff to Pinterest myself..I mean if I make something I’m proud of- I’ll pin it.. and if it gets repinned great…if not I can’t help that… I’d rather have someone comment.. I want and maybe I’m a sickie but I need to know someone’s actually read the post checked out the photo’s and either likes or dislikes it… I want that honest feedback. I also ALWAYS respond to every single comment someone makes on my blog.. I have this close knit group of like 6 where we comment back and forth on each others blogs on a regular basis… and then some fly bys.. I always make comments on any blog I read. I do have a ton of blogs I follow and I don’t get to them every day or even every week.. I kinda have to spread it around and I usually decide based on the blogs topic. As a blogger I must admit I’ve gone to larger very popular blogs and am totally disappointed in the fact that they don’t respond to my comments. I generally quit going once that happens. Bottom line for me… give me comments anyday… and I’ll pin what I like from my blog onto Pinterest…
    I do love your blog..
    Thanks for all you do…

  127. Yah it is such a dance isn’t it? I wish i had time to say something back to everyone that comments. That is the double edge sword I suppose when you do get a tad larger. I do respond though when people ask specific questions. I do love comments though too so I need to be better about responding and thanking people for taking the time to actually say something.

  128. I at this time am a good commenter,because i want comments on mine..from other bloggers I want their sage advice as much as anything. I may change as i know the time to get on Fbook and Pininterst is over due…read a stats survey today.. they opened my eyes.I hope I will still comment….it kinda like a real letter in the mail…i need to put reply on my comment to make it easier….I do wish that a comment would jump to the top page,instead of having to scroll … but you do learn from others post…a plus on any issue…

  129. My girlfriend referred me to your page because of the DIY things along with this series on blogs as I was getting interested in starting my own – which you have been very insightful. There is always someone who needs to take the lead or shine light on does and don’t. For a new blogger like me, I don’t know the rules. But I appreciate your site and LOVE your ideas. Thanks for your time and compassion!

  130. Well thank you to your friend and thanks for taking time to comment. I love helping bloggers because I was there before feeling all alone too. I hope IC continues to be a place of inspiration for you.

  131. I am super new to blogging and I am doing it to have fun, have a central location for all that I like and am involved in, and to hopefully inspire and encourage at least one person. As long as I see that I am actually reaching people that is all that matters at this point. And I have to say that you are such an inspiration!!

  132. I have been following you for quite sometime & love all that you write & do! 🙂 I’m pondering with the idea of starting a blog and have gotten a lot of great tips from your posts!

  133. This is a great series you are writing for both new and experienced bloggers. After reading it I realized that I tend to leave comments in a few places– on newer blogs to let the blogger know that someone out there IS reading, in response to comments on my blog, and on blogs that belong to people who take time to comment on or follow my site. Sometimes I look at blogs (like yours, The Pioneer Woman, The Idea Room, etc.) that have established followings and just figure that the writer probably is overwhelmed with comments already and probably doesn’t need to be bothered with one more from me… Well you’ve reminded me that we all appreciate encouragement and support and that no matter the size of the blog, comments are the fuel that keeps the blogging community going. Well done on this post and many others!

  134. Thanks Holly. I read each and every comment and believe it or not don’t actually get that many anymore. I know people out there are reading and I just love it when someone says so. So thank you for taking time today.

  135. Thank you Stephanie. I remember the days when I just purely blogged for myself and there was much joy in it. It gets a little crazy and stressful with money involved for sure, enjoy it!

  136. Thanks so much for this series. It’s helpful to me both as a newbie blogger and as a seasoned blog reader. I was just reading your post about linky parties, and it called to mind one question I’ve always had about blog etiquette. And it relates to comments. How do you feel about commenters including their blog name with their name (e.g., Erin @ BlogName)? Is that gauche? I’ve been doing it sometimes and sometimes not. I’m always leaving genuine comments, but if I’m really being honest, my motivation for including my blog name is that it might intruige someone. (Cringing as I type…) But again, that’s not the motivation for the comment. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks so much!

  137. I love your honesty. The general consensus is that leaving any link in a comment is a no no. I already know what blog you are from because it tells me when I log into my comments. But if you just sign it Beckie @infarrantly creative I don’t think that is bad.

  138. Thanks so much, Beckie. I’ve puzzled over this one since I see blog names included with commenter names maybe 50% of the time or so. (Although I notice not so much on your site–this is a classy joint you’re running.) I always felt a little creepy about including my blog name. Note to self: trust your gut and don’t go for the “everybody else is doing it” defense…Thanks, again. Consider me reformed 🙂

  139. I really enjoyed reading your article! I found that you really summed up pinning versus commenting. I definitely find myself pinning more than I am commenting, but I will definitely do both now!
    PS- I love your blog, always inspiring ideas 🙂

  140. Hi Beckie!
    I ironically found this article on Pinterest, and I love it! I’m a relatively new blogger, and since I have a small following (so far), I know I appreciate every comment I get (and I reply back to them too!). And because I love comments, I make sure to comment on as many blog posts that I pin as possible….even if it’s leaving a Pinterest comment! Thanks so much for writing this!

  141. You are welcome. Comments seem to be a dying thing in blogland. Which makes me so sad. Thanks for taking time to say hi and say you enjoyed my post. I greatly appreciate it.

  142. I just finished your series on what every blogger wants you to know. I am a new blogger, and love what I am doing. I stepped back for a few months because I also have a full time job I just started. But, I have been reading your post for a couple of years now. I love all of your post and now know how important it is to comment on these post I love.

    Anyways thank you so much for making this site a great place to be.

  143. Thank you so much, Megan. I really do appreciate all my readers’ comments! I cannot tell you how much they encourage me. Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment, and I wish you the best with your new job.

  144. I know this is over a year old but I am just reading through the series and wanted to leave a comment telling you how helpful it is just in case you are still sitting by your computer hitting refresh waiting for comments! 🙂

  145. Beckie,
    I um…found this on Pinterest and obviously had to leave a comment, because of the content of this one. I’m trying to figure out how to get comments on our relatively new/niche blog, so it was kinda ironic! I have really enjoyed reading this “guide”, and appreciate tremendously you sharing your wisdom. I, like all women in America I believe, have very little spare time, and so enjoy your to-the-point advice. I’ve wondered about link parties, and the time factors of building a following, and feel like you’ve answered a lot of my questions. My daughter is my partner in all of this, and I’ve been sharing your info with her as I’ve been reading! Congrats on your success and know that your work is valued!

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