What Every Blogger Wants You to Know…{Part 5}

but doesn’t want to tell you…


It has been awhile since I posted in the “What Every Blogger Wants you to Know But Doesn’t Want to Tell You” series.

One of the things that every blogger wants you to know is how much we love comments.  It is like a giant pat on the back, high five, atta girl, etc., when we receive comments on a post we have written.  I have known bloggers to wait at their computer refreshing their screen waiting for someone to leave a comment.  Sound desperate to you?  Maybe. (Confession: I have SO done it!)

But it is the same reason why we enjoy watching someone open a gift that we know they are going to love. When we do a project that we think you will like we get excited for:

  “Thank you so much that was exactly what I was looking for“

“ I love it, you are so talented”

“Thanks for inspiring me”

In the past 6 months I have noticed a huge decrease in the number of comments I get which seems to be in direct result to the rise of Pinterest. It kind of bums me out for a number of reasons.  Obviously I love the affirmation, but even more so I love the interaction with my readers. 

I am the type of blogger that really means it when I say if you have questions – email me, if I can help you in some way – let me know, etc.  I would love nothing more than to have coffee with my readers one on one.  I love that!  That is what originally drew me into blogging. The camaraderie and community meant so much to me when I first started my blog 5 years ago and had just moved across the country to begin a new stage of life.

Now there are some very positive things about Pinterest.  I mean how can I complain when I get 30% of my traffic from Pinterest alone? However, one of the negatives is that since there is SO much inspiration out there people will hop and flit from one to another not stopping long enough to interact with people.  So I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest.



But I get it, you want as much inspiration in the time frame you have available to blog surf or Pinterest. (Yep, I made it a verb).  So by taking the time to comment that might be one less blog you get to see.  What is a girl to do?

With the sea of amazing talent and the limit on your time I can see why you don’t want to comment. I struggle to do it too.

I am in no way saying EVERY TIME you come to my blog you need to say something.  But when I see a post that has been pinned over 17,000 times yet only has 27 comments on it I am like “what in the world?”  But then I ask myself the question back “would you rather they pin it or leave a comment?”  And I have to choose “pin it.”  To me there is no no greater compliment than sharing me or my projects with other people…and of course sending people my way!



So Beckie it sounds like you are talking out of both sides of your mouth?  I know, I know.  I am. In my perfect world if you like my post you would tell me via comment and pin/share it. 

But if I can’t have both I guess I choose… PIN!  So pin away my friends and I will just read between the lines that you think my project is pretty darn awesome and in the end…



So pin it or comment?  If you are a blogger what would you prefer?

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