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I got the HomeRight Finish Max Fine paint sprayer in the mail about two months ago.  I didn’t want to do a review until I really used this bad boy.  For years I have been happy with my cheapie $20 one from Harbor Freight.  There were a few downsides to it, the biggest one being that you had to have an air compressor with it.  So many of you don’t have an air compressor but still want to do a few painted pieces here and there.  Well here you go…the Finish Max paint sprayer.

beginner paint sprayer

I worked it over so I could give you a good and honest review.  I painted the yellow dresser, the painted and stained barrel table, the Pottery Barn inspired dresser and my kitchen island with it.  And I must say…I was impressed with the results.

painted furniture pieces


1.  It is electric. Yay no more hauling the air compressor every where I need to paint!

2.  I really like the three-way setting on the nozzle which makes spraying from any angle possible unlike the Harbor Freight one I previously used.

3.  It is a lot less noisy than using a paint sprayer attached to an air compressor.  When the air compressor refills it is enough to scare my kids back inside the house.

4.  I was really impressed with how little overspray this has.  It really has less than regular spray paint has.

5.  At less than $60 I think it is a good bang for your buck.



1.  It is heavier than my Harbor Freight one.  You can see by the above picture that I have to brace it with my other hand at times when my hand starts cramping up.

2. It is a pain in the butt to clean.  Now this isn’t really a con to this specific paint sprayer but cleaning any sprayer is a pain in the bootay!  So you really have to evaluate if pulling a paint sprayer out is worth the effort.

3.  You can adjust how much paint comes out but it doesn’t seem like it makes a huge difference.  I wish it had the feature to really spray a small amount or a larger amount.  More control would come in handy when spraying small things like knobs.  While it comes out nicely I just wish I could have more control (control FREAK in da houuuuse!).

painting with a paint sprayer

Paint Sprayer Tips:

1.  You have to thin your paint big time.  It seems so thin when I water it down to their recommendations but it works every time.  So you definitely need to make sure you get the right consistency to receive quality results.

2. When it sprays out it seems splattery which kind of freaked me out.  Now it dries perfectly smooth but it does take some getting used to.  At first I tried to go over and over it to smooth it out but the paint self levels so there is no need to do that.

Overall I think it is a great bang for your buck especially if you are looking for an entry level paint sprayer for small projects like furniture and small molding projects.  This could certainly handle painting an entire room it would just take a while to do. I love the fact that is is electric because it makes it way more portable.  So I give it 4.5 stars and would definitely recommend it.

Here is a Finish Max sprayer video so you can get more information.



Disclosure: I received this paint sprayer as payment for running this giveaway. Obviously this review is my own opinion and was not influence by Home Right in any way, shape or form. I also used my Amazon affiliate link in this post.


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