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Hi everyone! It’s Kim from Sand & Sisal hosting today on Infarrantly Creative! Don’t you just love the beauty of wine crates? I find each one so interesting, each marked with different fonts and graphics. What is nice about wine crates is that they are quite sturdy. Think about it, they are made to hold 12-15 bottles of wine! Using wine crates for simple storage is a great alternative to baskets. Today I want to show you how to change a new wine crate into a handled storage box with a touch of a vintage feel.
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The first thing you need to do is get yourself a wine crate. My best resources are big box stores and wine stores. Just ask the manager if they have any crates you could have to free. Most of these crates sadly end up in the trash. What a waste! The wine crates are very fresh and new looking and we need to age them up a bit. So let’s gather our supplies and get DIY-ing!
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foam brush

wood glue

4 paint sticks

box cutter

sand paper

2 cabinet handles

1. I recommend working outside since you’ll be sanding and staining. The edges of your crate are most likely quite sharp and rough. Take sand paper (I used 100 grit) and sand every edge, inside and out, until they are slightly rounded and smooth.
sand the edges (800x533)
2, Next, you apply the stain. Chose any color of stain you like. Be sure to stir your stain well. I chose a new stain by Minwax called Weathered Oak. It has a nice gray tone and will surely help your crate look aged. I applied the stain with a disposable foam brush.
apply stain (800x533)
3. Allow the stain to sit for several minutes. The longer the stain sits, the deeper the color will be. I wanted just a subtle tone difference to blend with my décor.
stained box (800x533)
With a soft rag, wipe off the stain.
wipe off stain (800x533)
4. Now your hardware comes with screws which will most likely be longer than you need. You need to fill the gap, so we’re going to use paint sticks. This box required using 2 sticks for each end of the crate. Measure the interior width of your crate and mark that on your 4 paint sticks. They can be easily cut with a box cutter. Just score each side and then snap the end off.
cut paint sticks (800x533)
5. Place wood glue on 2 of your sticks and then place the remaining sticks on top.
glue paint sticks together (800x533)
6. Here is a trick on how to mark where your hardware go. Generously rub chalk on the holes where the screws will fit and then press it on to your crate. (Yes, I’m holding the hardware between my knees. It’s hard to take a picture when you need both of your hands!)
mark hardware with chalk (800x533)
7. See the small white chalk marks? That is where you will drill your holes. You can mark it with a pen now incase your chalk blows away in the wind. Go ahead and drill your holes now. Use a drill bit that is the same size as your hardware screws.
place chalk marks on box (800x533)
8. Apply another bead of glue on to your double sticks and press against the crate where your screw holes are. Now drill through those same holes again, this time going all the way through your sticks. Screw in your hardware and voila! You’re finished!
glue and screw in paint sticks (800x533)
You can now use it to store blankets or toss pillows next to your sofa, or perhaps fill it with magazines. Mine is being used to hold rolls of fluffy towels next to my soaking tub in my master bathroom.
Wine crate storage (800x533)
wine crate towel storage (800x800)

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  1. What a great idea, Kim! Love the idea of adding handles.

    -Erin Spain
    DIY On the Cheap

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