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I spent hours and hours planning and thinking through every aspect of my craft room.  I thought through where to put my iron, how to store my paint, what color scheme I wanted, how to organize everything, where the kids would create, and most importantly… what would function best for our family. I literally looked online for hours trying to figure out what work table/island would work best before I landed on my large craft table idea.

So when it came to making a sewing area for my studio I thought through that as well.  And this is what I came up with…


In the original plan Sandra designed for me we had planned on building a sewing workspace/desk too.

Craft room plans

With the cost of wood and hinges for drawers, I was thinking through whether or not that was the best option for the space/money.  Also since the cabinets are so highly functional for anyone, this space wouldn’t need to be limited to a craft studio down the road.  This room could transition into a home office, playroom, TV room, or game room.  However, putting a built-in desk in the mix could potentially limit this room’s functionality for the above ideas.

In the end I opted for a desk on Craigslist.  It was actually the Shutter Desk at Home Decorators for $499.  Somehow this guy on Craigslist buys furniture in lots from storage units, etc.  I don’t know.  I didn’t ask questions. So I was able to get it for $200. That is a wee bit higher than I normally would have wanted to spend, but it was the perfect size I needed.  It has drawers to put my sewing supplies in, as well as, a filing cabinet to the left and doors on it to hide my computer and Silhouette machine.  Plus it was brand new.  Seeing as how I was going to spend at least $160 to build a desk with all the wood and hardware I didn’t think it was a bad deal after all.

sewing machine desk

The only problem was that it was black.  However, it was nothing a little primer and paint couldn’t rectify.

sewing table

Originally I wanted to get a Parsons chair for my desk. I was thinking I would find one one Craigslist and reupholster it. In the end, I opted to respraypaint (yep that is totally a word!) my sewing desk chair from my previous studio a Rust-Oleum Deep Blue blue to fit in this new space.

spray painted pink chair

Yowsers!  I am so glad I have more of a calming color palette in my new studio.

sewing table chair

A couple of years back I showcased a trash can I had made out of an old chandelier arm.  I had spray painted it a bright pink.

trash can from a chandelier

While that worked for the color scheme in my old studio it needed to be subdued in my new space.  Some primer and Rust-Oleum Metallic Silver Spray Paint made it fit right in.

silver trash can

And here is my new sewing space that also functions as a desk when necessary or a vinyl cutting station when I pull out my Silhouette machine.

sewing table

sewing desk


The entire studio reveal is coming soon.  Stay tuned.

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  1. It always amazes me what a difference a little paint makes. We just saw three great paint makeovers and they all look great. I’m off to check out that trash can project now. 🙂

  2. Hi what a lovely transformation!!
    Please tell me where can get one of those spool stands from, its a must have!!

  3. is that a NEW singer made to look antique?????? LOVE it! Gosh, it’s amazing what you can do with paint! this is a GREAT sewing area! nicely done . . . . 🙂

  4. I love your desk! I agree, sometimes it isn’t worth it to DIY when the price is right. Love your garbage can, so cool!
    And to think, I have to put up with a machine that is in it’s own ‘desk’. It was my MIL’s, very old, I think it will have a new paint job down the line. I had planned on a muted grey/green, but I think I really love the white.
    So excited to see the final reveal!!
    Debbie 🙂

  5. Love the pop of the blue chair! And I love how you were able to take things from your old studio and bring them into the new! And the changes you made were so small and simple. Don’t know if I would have thought of that.

    Everything looks so AMAZING! I can’t wait to see the full reveal soon.

  6. Love your new sewing space Beckie. I also liked that you reused a lot of things by just painting them. That must have saved a decent chunk.

  7. Yes it sure did. I wanted to buy new but couldn’t justify it when all it needed was a coat of spray paint 😉

  8. Thank you Stella. It was hard to buy new when the items I had just needed a quick coat of spray paint. Reveal will be this week.

  9. Definitely inspired! I was teasing about being envious. I had my days of tons of energy, and I am slower now. That’s OK. I have adjusted, and I do what I can do. I think it is great you have a wonderful studio. You need it.

  10. Congratulations!! It looks awesome. You know I converted an old ping-pong table into a craft table one time. Don’t have it now because I don’t have that space anymore. but it worked great. Maybeeeee you could play ping-pong on your craft table. hee hee. Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

  11. I love the whole new look. I am in the middle of switching sewing room to my son’s ole room. But I love how you use a desk. I would love to switch my office desk to my sewing table like yours, however, I use both serger and sewing machine and I roll back and forth when I sew. I am in love with your sewing machine. LOVE it.

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