So remember when I made my vintage sheet into a skirt and I told you about the auction I went to?  Well this piece was one of my purchases.  Sad, ugly, dilapidated, but ready to be transformed and pop next to my chalk painted sofa table.  So when Michaels invited me to join in the campaign to showcase their new line of fabrics I knew it was the perfect little piece to tackle. 

yellow chalk painted stool

I love the black and white chevron paired with the bright yellow.  So cheery and fun!  But let’s start at the beginning….ugh!  not only was the fabric terribly ugly and nasty it was so uncomfortable because the padding was gone.

chevron stool makeover 

I polled my followers on Instagram regarding the fabric I should chose for this stool.  Black and white chevron won out.  So I picked up the Crafty Cuts 1 yard cotton canvas fabric from Michaels.  It is basically upholstery weight and perfect for this project.  A one yard cut retails for $9.99.  But who doesn’t go to Michael’s armed with a coupon, right??

black and white chevron fabric 

I ended up cutting a new piece of wood to staple the fabric to since the other one was split.  Then I double upped on the foam I had on hand since I wanted more cushion.  Then I wrapped it in batting to soften the edges.  Next, I stapled like crazy the fabric to the back of the board.

stool cushion chevron upholster 

Next I used CeCe Caldwell’s Carolina Sun Yellow to paint the base.

painting the stool

I distressed the edges…

distressing the stool

and use a little CeCe Caldwell Clear Wax to protect it and make the color pop!

waxing the stool

cece caldwell clear wax 

It found its home in my living room.  It was meant to be!

yellow chalk painted stool 

chalk painted stool

carolina sun yelow chalk paint 

CeCe Caldwell Carolina Sun Yellow 

One of the things I do when working with any kind of chalk or clay paint is I just paint it with messy stroke.  I mean it is an even coat but sometimes I go up and down and sometimes side to side.  It gives it a cool texture, like you can see in the picture below.

Black and white chevron stool makeover  

Fabulous right?

Before and After stool makeover

If you are looking for basic fabric choices check out Michaels. They don’t cut it by the yard like other fabric stores but they are 1 yard increments and reasonably priced (if you use a coupon and all 😉 and great for small projects.

Also check out Michael’s summer lookbook.  Here is my favorite project they share.  Such a cool idea with the burlap and the canvases flipped over.

michaels summer lookbook

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  1. Love this! I recently re-did a chair and used the HGTV fabric you recommended on here. The result was a goregous new chair!

  2. Isn’t it amazing the difference a fresh coat of paint and new fabric make? I’m loving my new little stool!

  3. Love it!! I am a huge fan of chalk paint and making over old furniture. 🙂 it is so fun to see the transformation. I noticed in the picture that you used sandpaper to distress. Did you know that you can just use a damp rag?! It is sooooo much easier and leaves no dust behind. I am able to distress in my living room, right where I painted! So easy! I bet you would love it.

  4. I am a huge nerd. Totally just typed my own blog with the wrong address!! It’s 🙂

  5. I absolutely love this! Great job! and thank you so much for sharing it:) I love the spindly legs in that fabulous yellow!

  6. Beckie,

    This is a great before and after! I love the fabric, and what a great stool for your kids to site on. I know my grandkids would love something like that.

  7. What a cute redo and great pop of color! Cannot wait to check out the fabrics they are carrying now, have a wonderful 4th 🙂

    xo, Tanya

  8. Definitely check them out. They have some great options if you are looking for the basics, and I like the idea of being able to grab-and-go as opposed to waiting for them to cut it. Guess it just shows how impatient I am. Ha!

  9. I have several pieces in the garage to tackle, never distressed before. Can I distress with regular paint? Chalk paint is so expensive

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