White and Green Living Room numbered

These days, it’s becoming fairly common to find homes that have two living spaces:  one near the front door that is for more formal entertaining, and one closer to the kitchen that’s designed to be a little more comfy.  This lovely room photographed by Alex Hayden at Home Bunch is definitely of the formal variety.

White and Green Living Room feature pic

I like to keep the decor in my home fairly casual and kid-friendly, but I have to admit to dreaming just a little bit about rooms like this one.  I kinda love all that beautiful trim work, the eclectic yet elegant furnishings, and the fun punches of color.  This is a beautiful room that manages to look formal without feeling fussy or unapproachable.

White and Green Living Room numbered

In real life, I’m pretty certain that there are some designer fabrics and furnishings in this room that could be pricey, but I’m confident you can get this look for less.  Check out the DIY tutorials I found to replicate 5 elements of this room.

DIY elements collage


1.  DIY Color Art

Pleated Poppy diy color art

The art over the fireplace in my inspiration picture adds extra color and keeps this room from looking too catalog matchy-matchy.  It’s not hard to DIY something similar by using this tutorial from The Pleated Poppy.

2.  Refacing a Fireplace

Young House Love fireplace makeover

If you love the elegant look of the fireplace in this living room, but only have a brick fireplace to work with in your own space, never fear!  The talented folks at Young House Love have come through for you with details on how to cover brick with a trimmed-out box that looks very similar to the one pictured.

3.  Settee Makeover

Miss Mustard Seed settee makeover

The pretty settee in this room is an unexpected departure from the more typical sofa/loveseat combintation.  With it’s graceful lines and slim profile, it really helps to keep this space open while still offering plenty of seating.  If you can find an old settee, Miss Mustard Seed can show you how to make it look terrific.

4.  X Leg Stools You Can Make

The Chronicles of Home x leg Benches

Don’t you love that pair of x leg stools in my inspiration photo?  Believe it or not, it’s not too hard to make your own!  There’s an excellent tutorial at The Chronicles of Home.

5.  Pick a Lamp, Any Lamp 

Infarrantly Creative painted lamp

It’s no secret that lamps can be expensive…if you buy them new!  But you don’t have to spend a lot of money if you get yours second hand, or use lamps you already have.  The secret is out–you can paint just about any lamp, replace the shade, and have a gorgeous “new” lamp.  Check out one of my lamp makeovers HERE.

What is your favorite part of the living room pictured?  Did you spot any other items in this inspiration photo that are DIY-able?  Share them with me in the comments!

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  1. I’m really enjoying this series. It’s nice to have somebody break a great room down into “do-able” pieces.

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