I need to tell you about a quick and easy way to update those plain builder’s grade mirrors that 95% of you probably have in your home.

It is a company called MirrorMates.Their mission at MirrorMate ® is to transform your mirrors beautifully, easily and inexpensively.  They offered to send me a mirror to try out in my master bathroom free of charge.DSC05972The process was simple. All you do is measure your current mirror and note any outlets or obstructions close by and pick out your frame. I chose the Venetian Silver Wave. DSC05973

Simply glue all the sides together and then hammer in place the small connectors into the back of the frame.DSC05948 DSC05951Then place your mirror, leveling it if necessary, and then use the markers they send along to know where to place your frame.DSC05969Tear off the protective sheets on the sticky foam tape on the mirror’s back and set your mirror on top of the markers and press in place.  Remove markers, clean mirror and you are done.DSC05971 It made a huge difference in the look of my master bathroom.  The only bummer is that the mirror looks so regal that now I have to upgrade those awful Hollywood lights and paint my craptastic oak cabinets.  Look at these before and afters!


DSC05970 MirrorMates is having a contest.  If you purchase a MirrorMate frame you could win $500 by entering their makeover contest.  You have until August 15th to join in so there is plenty of time to order yours.

I highly recommend MirrorMate.  The frame is high quality and the install is a breeze!  The frame arrived quickly and their customer service responded to all my inquiries in a timely manner.

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  1. I have one bathroom I could do this in…out of three. The other two have those nasssty medicine cabinets in them. No, not the cute ones you see in Restoration Hardware. No, the nasty metal, on the surface of the wall (or slightly sunken in), or the pressed wood oak laminate three mirror paneled ones…ugh. Got a fix for *those*? Cause I need one…and the metal one has a built in light…sigh…

    Mirror mirror on the wall…lol

  2. I love your phrase "craptastic"! Makes me laugh every time!

    Mirror looks great! What a good idea!

  3. I really love the look! But, for the mirror in my guest bath when I plugged in the dimensions it would cost $173… I'd rather spend that on a new mirror! 🙂 Awesome setup, though… definitely an option for smaller ones.

  4. Love the look!! How easily would they come off the mirror. As in, I rent, will I be able to take them off the mirror and have no damage to either the frame or the mirror when it is time to move?

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