ruffle pillows

I, just like the rest of the free world, am totally into ruffles right now.  They are the rage…a fad per se…but I don’t care.  Call me a follower and ruffle me any day.DSC05526Ok this isn’t really ruffles it is more gathering, I guess.  But I did use a sewing machine attachment called a “ruffler foot.”  It was my cousin’s attachment and I must say I fell in love with it and must get one soon.  I want to ruffle everything.DSC05529 DSC05530 DSC05524 DSC05525 Here is the tutorial I used.  You have to check it out, it is totally adorable.

Since ruffles on pillows ROCK here is some more for your viewing pleasure…(click on the picture to go directly to the tutorial)

Ruffle on!

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  1. I'm currently in ruffle rehab. I can tell I'm about to fall off the wagon, though.

  2. DARLING!!!! Love them all. I like your white ruffly one better than the inspiration one. Love those wavy ruffles.

    Did I tell you that my ruffly lamp shade was a project disaster? LOL!


  3. So pretty! I need to get my machine out and teach myself how to do this. Sooo cool!

  4. love them – – so funny because I just did a tutorial on Monday on how to use a ruffler!!

  5. It turned out great!! Love it. May need to learn how to make some of those for one sweet little girls room or the living room 🙂

  6. Love it!! I love Just Another Hang Up!! She is awesome! So glad you did one of her pillows!!

  7. Oh my goodness that is beautiful – the color of that pillow is delish! I want my toes that color! Totally sings of happy sunny spring time – LOVE it. And the gathering or whatever you might call that lovely texture you added is so cool – I like it better then any ruffling – it is unique. Are you not thinking that your sewing skills have gone off the charts this year – this has so been your year of becoming an expert amazing seamstress. Your mom must be ridiculously proud of you!

  8. Those are simply fabulawesomacious! I REALLY need me some ruffled pillows, but barely know how to sew. I think I just need to dive in and try! Thanks for sharing!

  9. There's just something about ruffles that equal fun. I picked up some very pretty burnt orange fabric that I'm dying to use…I think ruffle pillows are a perfect fit! Happy Friday ~ Sam

  10. Love these!!!! I made some purses with ruffles…we share a love..hehe~

  11. I think I might very well need ruffle rehab, Tara!

    LOVING the ruffles.

    The end.

  12. Love it, love it, love it! Want to head to the fabric store tomorrow to make one or maybe two for my living room!

  13. Love the pillows! Can't wait to make some myself. BTW, where did you get the fabric for the pillow sitting behind the red ruffled one? I want that fabric, it is awesome! Thanks!

  14. Got mine all cut out and now to ruffle it up. Thanks for the inspiration and its RED my favorite color. YIKES!

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