Today was my baby boy’s 4th birthday.  I can hardly believe he is four…such a big boy.  We had a Larry Boy from Veggie Tales party with nine loud and rowdy kids.  Isaac was dressed up in this get up.  He is totally going to kill me one day for allowing him to wear that hat.DSC05571 Look at the fabulous cake my friend Lisa made for the party…love you girl!DSC05597

Since there is no such thing as a Larry Boy “pinanna,” as Isaac would say, we decided to make one.

DSC05544 They are super easy to make and ultra inexpensive.  You start with two paper bags.DSC05531I decided to double bag mine so we could get more hitting power but it actually took a long time to break it open so I would use just one bag.  I guess it ultimately depends on the age of the children swinging at it.

Cut a slit in each of the four creased corners cutting out the excess in between on the left and right side of the bag.DSC05532 Fill her up with goodies…DSC05533DSC05534 Grab a sturdy hangar and some packing tape.  Folding one edge over the hangar, tape it in place.  DSC05535DSC05536Now fold the other side over the first side and tape it in place. Don’t worry about the ugliness right now you will cover it all up.  DSC05537

Using crepe paper, tissue paper, or streamers start decorating.  I used streamers because I HAD TO RUFFLE THEM! I just glued them in place with a hot glue gun.  To save time, I ruffled the paper in the the front and then just put the streamers flat on the sides and back.DSC05538DSC05539DSC05540 Then I googled “Larry Boy” and found and image and printed it out on cardstock. DSC05541 I cut it in an oval and glued ruffled streamers behind it…

DSC05543 Then I hot glued the whole thing onto the ruffled front…DSC05579

Worked just like a store bought pinata…


Thanks Kim for the inspiration!

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  1. Perfect post – Ellie wants to do a Barbie Musketeers party for her 5th party the end of June and I've been on the hunt for a pinata for the theme but haven't found any that are the sword swinging version/tough girl Barbie – the only thing at Party City is a make-up glam Barbie one… I'll have to think about this!

  2. Oh my heck – I expected you to do some huge paper mache (however that's spelled) thing or modge podge or something! That is so stinkin' clever and oh so cute! Happy b-day to your little guy. Looks like you had a blast. Thanks for this idea – I'm sure I'll use it for one of my girls! Best part is – no sewing required! LOL

  3. Oh so glad you posted that! I think I can do this one and my girls will be so happy!

  4. ADORABLE!!! And so easy and fun. What a great alternative to a store bought pinata.


    p.s…..your little Larry Boy is precious! And yes…he will hate you for letting him wear that hat! Gotta love it!

  5. My goodness, he's just yummy! And the pinata turned out really adorable too!

  6. I love Larry Boy! He's so funny. I'm sad Indy's too old for Veggie Tales and Larry Boy now. What a cute party, and what a great pinata!

  7. Brilliant idea!!!
    I never wanna buy Pinatas cuz they cost so much just to snack a hole into them.
    But with your wonderful idea…
    my kids can have PINATAS!

  8. haha, i love this b/c i have made a larry the cucumber, bob the tomato, french pea, AND mr nezzer pinata over the years but, b/c I am insane, I made forms out of balloons and carboard and all manner of stuff to make them just the right shape and paper mache'd them and painted them 'just so' and while I loved them and was (a little too) proud of my creations, a WHOLE lot of time and sleep could have been saved if I had done it your way!!! thanks for sharing- keeping this in my future tricks bag! 😉

  9. That pinata is absolutely over the top with fabulousness! Thanks for sharing!!!
    God's blessings,
    Sarah 😀

  10. Spectacular, Beckie! Thank you for the super easy, transformational & inexpensive tutorial.

  11. Great idea! It's amazing how much kids love pinatas. Oh, and we have that exact same Larryboy hat. 🙂

  12. Thank you so much for posting this! I made one for my son's birthday party. :)

  13. Love it! Super cool. We might just have to make a Bob version for Miss Add!

  14. Awesome! My son's 4th birthday is next week and he asked for a Larry Boy Party! Thanks for the great idea!!!!

  15. OMG!!! How easy!!!! I love it!!! My son’s birthday is coming up in two weeks and I was going to buy one…but this is super easy and inexpensive!!!! Thanks so much!

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