Burlap patch display

Are you looking for creative ways to show off your patch collection? Or maybe to get rid of them as you declutter your life? I have been debating about this lately.

Patches are a great way to add personality and flair to any wardrobe or home decor. And, as long as you are willing to get crafty and have some inspiration, it can add style and warmth to your home. Some ideas take more time – and skills! – than others of course.

What can I put my patches on?

Patch displays are an excellent way to show off your favorite patches, whether you want to add personality and flair to your wardrobe or home decor. This creative form of accessorizing can be done in various ways, from patch boards and jackets to patch walls and even your tabletop.

With the right ideas and craft skills, patch displays will not only help you express yourself but also provide a unique way to organize your patches. Also, as a collector, you’ll make sure that they are kept safe and protected.

Showcasing patch collections with creative ideas can be both fun and rewarding. It also adds personality and style to any room or space.

How can I display my patches?

A patch display is a way of showcasing a collection of patches in an organized and visually appealing way. There are a few different approaches you can take when creating a patch display:

Patch Wall Display

This is a wall-mounted display that features patches arranged in a pattern or design. You can create a patch wall by mounting the patches onto a piece of fabric or foam board and hanging it up on a wall.

No, you don’t need sewing skills at all for this, don’t worry. There are great options, like this Double-Sided Patch Adhesive that works wonders! Or, depending on the surface, a simple double-sided tape will suffice.


So inexpensive, simple and right up my street with the rustic look! Simply attach your favorite items to this canvas from Amazon and hang it on your wall. Only needs a simple hook or pins since it is so light.

On the right, an example of other items you can display in these canvasses (I just think is sooo cute!). On the left the patches display wall art.


This is possibly my favorite since it lets room for expansion. If you are an active collector it will be an amazing way to unfold the fabric as you need it.

This one needs a bit more crafting skills (if you want to build the holder yourself) and imagination. You’ll just need a Vinyl Roller Shade (or any other fabric and color you choose).

You can even do this in the actual window roller! (Considering to do this in my son’s bedroom now).

If this sounds too much trouble for you, this cotton canvas rectangle, although not extendable, can do the trick for much less. Or even these Canvas Banners with Wooden Dowel can make a great display too if fabric is your choice.

Extendable patch display


This one I find particularly nice and classy.

To celebrate its 175th anniversary in August 2013, the Waldoboro Fire Department organized a town-wide celebration and received congratulatory letters from fire departments across the United States. These letters included patches that were added to a collection.

For the celebration parade, three large, 42-inch diameter plywood boards were made, stained, and decorated with the patches. The Hammond Lumber Company also provided a parade float featuring the boards and a sign that read: “Congratulations Waldoboro Fire Department from across the U.S.A.”

The boards are now displayed on a wall in the department’s training room.

Circular wooden patch display

This option can get a bit more pricey but it is a more durable material that’ll last much longer. A 30 inches plywood circle board on Amazon can cost around $50.


Another cute and cheap option is to get these Mini Natural Wooden Clothespins with Jute Twine. You can hang your patch display directly in the wall or in an existing board. Using fairy lights will give it a unique warm touch.

The advantage for this one is that it can be changed around and updated very easily and don’t need any glue or velcro tape.

Batches pins and string

Patch Collage Display

A patch collage is a collection of patches that have been arranged and displayed together. The patches in a collage can come from a variety of sources. They can also represent different themes, hobbies, or interests.

Patch collages can be created for a variety of purposes, such as for display or for sale. You can assemble them by attaching the patches to a backing or by mounting them in a frame.

Some people enjoy collecting patches and creating patch collages as a hobby, while others use patch collages as a way to display their achievements or affiliations.

Patch collage display
From Pinterest

Patch collection

This is a display that showcases a complete collection of patches in a way that allows viewers to easily see and appreciate each patch. These might have been gathered and saved by an individual or organization. 

Patches can come from sports teams, schools, clubs, organizations, or businesses, and they can represent different themes, hobbies, or interests. People collect patches for a variety of reasons: for the purpose of display, as a way to remember a specific experience, or as a way to show their support for a particular organization.

You can organize them in a variety of ways, such as by theme, by source, or by date. Some people enjoy collecting patches as a hobby, while others use their patch collection to show their achievements or affiliations.

Ways in which you can do this include a shadow box, on a cork board, in a display case. And even in a coffee table or a pillow!

Patch collection display

Anyway…Are Patches Still a Trend?

Haha, sorry but this was my teen daughter first words when I asked for her advice. The truth is that she has a point if she questions it, right?

Patches have been a popular decorative item for many years, and they continue to be popular today. They are often used to show support for a particular cause, to commemorate a specific event, or simply as a decorative element. Patches can be found on a variety of items, such as clothing, bagpacks and other accessories.

The popularity of patches may vary from place to place and from time to time, but as long as people continue to value self-expression and individual style, patches are likely to remain a trend.

Here’s a wonderful tutorial from Itstatical.com. You can follow their Step-by-Step guide and make your own Make a DIY Morale Patch Display Frame.

And also check out this video about How to Build a Patch panel. I am sure will be useful if you are into making one.


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