There is something about the weather changing, the flowers blooming and the May showers that makes me want to ORGANIZE.  After I saw TDC’s post last week about decrapifying her kitchen I couldn’t do anything else until mine got done. 

I am sure like everyone else organizing isn’t necessarily the problem…it is keeping it that way that is.  Let me show you my unhealthy habit of “not putting things back where they belong.”



Can I even find a Tupperware in here…ever?


Great organization system…but a phone charger in there?


Holy cow how can I clean when my cleaning supplies look like this?IMG_2002

Don’t even get me started on this corner cabinet that is the WORST DESIGN EVER.  I just shove stuff in there, it is BAAAD!

IMG_2001I took everything out of the cabinets, wiped them down and got rid of 5 garbage bags full of stuff.  Yes…five…you read it right.  I figured if I have not made a homemade pie with a homemade pie crust in 12 years of marriage I can probably get rid of my pie pans and borrow one if I ever get a wild hair…not happening.




DSC05490DSC05521 DSC05523I tackled the pantry today and I felt so satisfied.  Every time I open a drawer there is joy.  Every time I see room in the cabinets I am happy.

P.S.  As much as I drool over open cabinets with beautiful white dishes there is no way I will ever have them unless of course I never use the dishes and then they just sit there as eye candy.

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  1. You are awesome! Can you come do my kitchen? (I'm glad I'm not the only one with messy cabinets!)

  2. Congrats! That looks so much better, I thonk I will do a little organizing myself tomorrow. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Doesn't it feel good to get organized! I have to constantly organize my drawers and cabinets because my kids & husband just put things away haphazardly!

  4. Everything looks awesome. I have many-a-cabinet that needs an overhaul. One thing we did when we bought our house was install some of those pull-out drawers in my biggest bottom cabinets and it's really helped me cut down on the clutter since I can get to everything much easier. I tend not to just chuck everything in them because of those wonderful pull-outs!

  5. Ok, I'm just gonna say it… kitchen has never looked that way! na, na, na, na, na, na. I found something that I do better than you! I've waited a long time for that. It probably comes back to the whole energy thing. I just wouldn't have the energy to dig through all of that each time I needed something. I would just throw my hands up and say "forget it…I'm not cooking tonight."

    You're too funny!

  6. Oh how funny, I couldn't help but laugh about your pie tins! I am such the kitchen geek!! My counter tops may be cluttered right now but if you open the cabinet doors everything is lined up nice and neat. I'll admit it, this includes having the labels lined up and facing the same direction on all the cans. I said I was a kitchen geek, didn't I? LOL But then I really do love to cook when the rest of my house is in order and properly decorated!!

    Your kitchen looks lovely now! Doesn't it feel good!?! Now if only I could figure out your knack of decorating… you home is absolutely stunning!!

  7. My cupboards are suffering right now…especially the tupperware/water bottle/other stuff cupboard. Yours turned out fantastic…maybe I can conjure up some organizational energy this weekend.

  8. It looks like your before pictures are totally from my kitchen… but they sure don't look like the afters. yet. 😛

    One thing I have started doing is to put away the sippy cups with their plugs in them, so they are ready to go, and put all of the kids silverware in a plastic cylinder container. It makes grabbing all of their little bitty silverware easier.

  9. Well done!! I hate organizing my kitchen! I just mess it right up again!

  10. Ha! The pie comment made me laugh. I think I might have a pie pan, too, but I'm not sure since my cabinets look similar to yours :). Good for you. I'm ALMOST to the point of doing this myself!

  11. SOOO inspired… thanks for the motivation – there is something so good feeling about purging and getting rid of things you don't use… unfortunately, all of my purging has resulted in piles and piles of items that are stacked behind the couch in the formal living room that we don't use because I keep thinking that I could make some money if we do a garage sale this summer but then I know half the stuff is crap and I need to decide if it is throw-away or Goodwill crap… so the piles… they still exist – just in a new centralized slightly conspicuous spot – ha!

  12. I love that you used bins for the tupperware. My kids job is to unload the dishwasher, and since they are young, The tupperware falls out everytime I open the cupboard. I really like this.

  13. Wow. Your cabinets look eerily like mine! I bet it hurt at first to go through and find things to toss. But I'm sure it feels so freeing to know you now have only what you truly need. Great job!

  14. Great job organizing! When we moved recently, after sixteen years in the same house, I found things in the backs of some cupboards that I had not seen since the nineties!

  15. Organization is the best feeling in the world!!! I posted my Kitchen Revamp and mentioned your Kitchen Makeover. If you find time I hope you'll come by. =)

  16. My cabinets look just like your "before" photos. YOu have inspired me to take on this well-needed project!

  17. This is hilarious! Just after I read TDC's post I did the same thing!! Only I decrapified my kitchen counters. They were looking way gross. 🙂 I'm so much happier now. I should've taken a before for my blog. Oh well!!

  18. OOOO…everything looks so neat purdy, boog! 😀

    I'm glad you are now as organized (cough) as meeeee……..

    Yo Momma

  19. Oh how nice! I would never want to make anything again because I wouldn't want it to get messed up! Great job!

  20. I'm luckily married to an exNavy man who has some OCD 🙂 He will randomly announce a few times a year that the cabinets HAVE to be gone through… right this second. When he unloads the dishwasher, all the Tupperware and GladWare is all stacked nice and neat… then Hurricane Shannon hits and I don't stack it and ShutTheDoorQuickSoNothingFallsOut.

    Luckily, this is an area where we balance each other. But I always dread the… "Shannon, we have GOT to do something about this…" But, he's a trooper and helps along the way so I really can't complain 🙂 Who can gripe about a man who ENJOYS cleaning the kitchen?! Not this lucky gal!

  21. Oh girl! you are so not the only one with cabinets that need redoing lol!!! I am approaching the 30 year mark and I don't think I have ever use my pie pans. But have I bit the bullet and got rid of them? No, not til now. Hehe you have inspired me 🙂

  22. *sigh*
    Cabinets. Deep cabinets. Oh, how I miss thee.

    *giggle* I have exactly three drawers, three upper cabinets, and three lower cabinets in my (rental) kitchen. Talk about figuring out what is necessary and what is not! LOL

  23. I just did the same thing in my own kitchen a few weeks ago. It makes cooking dinner so much more enjoyable when I'm not fighting with the cabinets.

  24. Are you sure you didn't sneak into my kitchen to take the before pictures?! Seriously, it's like my kitchen's twin.

  25. Something you may want to look into is installing those half-lazy-susan type thingys in your big corner cabinet (the abyss I like to call it because once something is way back there…it's gone). I have NO clue what they're really called but it's basically half a lazy-susan that sits flush to the door when it's closed then swivels out (manually of course!) when you have the door open. HUGE help for the "abyss" and I'm sure you could do it yourself. 🙂

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