Welcome to my home tour.   I hope you enjoying perusing through my home.   I am excited to be part of the Parade of Homes from Poppies at Play today! I am Number 13 but you can see all the participants here.


Welcome to the IC house.   I am so glad you stopped by.   I love going on home tours.   I have been to the Parade of Homes and similar tours and I love looking at how amazing designers and decorators create a space and bring about ambience.   But my house isn’t like that.   No designer lives here and no professional has decorated my space.   I truly believe that the beauty of a house is in the people who live there. So this isn’t going to be your typical home tour.

The ambience I hope my home conveys is this…a place of warmth, of love, of hope.   A place where you feel comfortable and adored, cherished and special.   Because that is what my home means to me.

“Hi I am Isaac and I am 4 years and 11 months old.   I have never had a bad day, I am super outgoing, have a tender heart, and love people. The best part about my house is that I get to share it with others.   My motto is, I don’t want to be home unless there are a ton of people in it.

Farrant Family Fall 2010 IMA_83

Here is the hub of our house…our family room.   This is where my family has movie nights, wrestles, has dance parties and plays hide and seek.   We also build some pretty amazing forts.   But ideally…this is what mommy would love it to look like all the time…”






“I am Kayla and I just turned two years old in January. I am shy and independent and love to be cuddled.   I prefer to hang out with just one friend and get a little nervous when there are a lot of people around.   The best part about my house is when I sit on my daddy’s lap (with my blankie!) and watch Mickey Mouse or rock with my mommy before I go to sleep…

Farrant Family Fall 2010 IMA_34

Here is the room that my mommy decorated just for me.






“I am Mr. IC…a.k.a Tim.   And even though sometimes it is overwhelming when there are multiple remodeling projects going on in our house at once, I love the way that Beckie has completely transformed our house through her creative eye and commitment to excellence.   The best part about our house is it is my place to relax, laugh and enjoy time with our family.”

Farrant Family Fall 2010 IMA_58

Here is our master bedroom…yep with a treadmill in it.   My wife says it throws off the ambience but I insist it stay in front of the TV.   So it was my contribution to the décor.   Nice touch, wouldn’t you say?”





“I am Beckie, tone setter of my home.   I am opinionated and outgoing and love to be around people.   I am a straight shooter and you will never have to guess what I am thinking.   I am creative and live for the next project.   My best part about my home is it is a representation of me. I love sharing it with others and hope that my home continues to be the place that all the kids want to hang out.


Is it weird to stop at the bathroom? I just really want a chance to brag about it since I just finished my purple board & batten bathroom a couple of weeks ago. I am so proud of it and I would love to show you the bold but classic look I created in here.


I took a risk on purple.   It is bold and bright but I love it.   I think the cream board & batten softens it and makes it look so regal.



Thanks for coming by and spending time with some of my favorite people in my favorite rooms.

Next stop on our tour…

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  1. EVerything looks so nice. You were brave when it came to your bathroom design but it looks terrific. I don’t know that I could have been brave enough to have painted the ceiling purple but it looks nice. Your home looks very large so I am guessing it is a challenge to tackle quite expansive rooms but you always seem up for a challenge. Have you been helping your mom with her decorating of her new home too?

  2. I am a runner and for the record…the treadmill has to stay in front of the TV. Running on a treadmill can get quite redundant. But I don’t think it takes away from the beautiful room.

  3. I love all the rooms! You have fabulous taste! And I love the purple; in fact I just spray painted a pair of shoes that color. You can’t be sad with purple around.

  4. Not really…my mom and I have quite different tastes. She is not a fan of mine nor me hers so each decorate our own. I do help paint and stuff but she doesn;t ask for my advice.

  5. Thank you for letting me into your lovely home! I LOVE the bathroom! May I ask the name/brand of that color? My daughter is insisting on purple for her room and I have been hesitant. But after seeing how pretty yours is, maybe we can do a similar treatment with the batten… Great home!!

  6. Your home is beautiful, Beckie! I love the way you wrote this post…it really was like a personal tour. Your master bedroom is huge…so envious! I love your color schemes. Everything is pulled together in each room without being overly matchy matchy.

  7. OMG, I’m in LOVE with Kayla’s room! I’ve been looking for inspiration for my little girls room, and I found it! Thank you!!! And someday if we ever finish our second bathroom (haha!), I totally want to do the board and batten in it. Yours looks amazing!

  8. I LOVE that you included your family in your tour! What a beautiful life you have! Your rooms are completely gorgeous and welcoming. Your family is precious!! I laughed out loud about the treadmill. My husband and I had the same exact discussion. Lol. Its sitting there in our bedroom too! I love how your purple bathroom looks! So unique an lovely. Sorry about the confusion today. Thanks for doing such a fabulous job! You work well at 3 am;)

    Thanks again!


  9. Beckie – great family pics – Kayla is getting so big and Isaac absolutely looks like a kid who has never had a bad day. My fave of the tour besides the obvious of your creativity and talent was those awesome vacuum lines on your bedroom carpet – I LOVE vacuuming just to see those carpet lines – just feels cleaner seeing them! Hugs

  10. Hi Beckie,

    What a bright and beautiful home you have. Your daughter’s room especially is perfect, those colors are lovely!

    And I love that you have that bench at the end of your bed. {Always wanted to do that, but I’d have to rearrange, maybe someday}.

    Thanks for taking us on a tour 🙂

  11. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us! I really love your attitude about how the home feels. That is a great thing to think about as we decorate our homes!

  12. I love the color scheme in the master bedroom and envy how huge it is! Your reupholstery job on that love seat in the corner looks great with everything else in there. So fun to see your beautiful home.

  13. That is hilarious…I will be honest and tell you I spent a couple of hours cleaning to get them picture ready. My friend came over and took the pics since she is a professional. It is really hard to shoot a room.

  14. Tell me about the art over your couch! Is that framed fabric? I have a big blank space to fill…

  15. I love the colors in your home. You have a lovely home and lovely family, and kudos to you for not hiding that treadmill:)

  16. Thank you so much for the lovely tour! Love those black and white wing chairs! Thank you also for sharing what makes a home most special – the people who live there!

  17. Your home tour made me smile! You have achieved the perfect balance of whimsy and sophistication. I ADORE those black and white wing chairs! STUNNING!

    Kayla’s room is so sweet and cozy. I also enjoyed your great photos and the shots of your family.

    So glad I stopped in today.

    Starviewl Sonnet

  18. I love your pretty purple bathroom! Nice job. If it makes you feel any better I have a treadmill in my front office, my hubby won’t move it either. 🙂

  19. Love the colors you’ve chosen! My master bedroom is exactly the same shade of grape as your bath – but since our bedroom is pretty big, it’s a LOOOOOOT of purple! I’ve gone a different direction with our decor in that room and may eventually paint the walls… but there are too many projects in line in front of it. 🙂

  20. beautiful home, beautiful family.
    Love all your attention to detail. that fabric on your wing back chairs is just stunning.

  21. Becky,
    Your home is beautiful! So spacious! I don’t think I had seen your daughter’s room before. Precious!
    Thanks for inviting us in. 🙂

  22. Thanks for the tour! The rooms in your home are so big and open. I can definitely see some wrestling going on in that living room (my boys would love that). And Kayla’s room is so pretty. No need to change anything in the years to come as she will grow into it beautifully. Best wishes to you and yours, Tammy

  23. Tammy, thanks so much for the heartfelt comment. My goal with Kayla’s room was exactly that…to create a place she could continue to grow in for years to come. I pretty much just have to switch the bed out soon and we have a big girl room.

  24. Yah I did a 5 part series on those chairs. It was my first upholstery project ( a friend helped) and I got hooked!

  25. LOVE your home, Becky and the way you set up your post using your sweet family. Your colors are awesome, I love your choices and I think the purple turned out great against the white board and batten. I love the contrast. I would love to feature some of your colors on my blog, let me know what you think. Thanks for the wonderful tour!

  26. I love the black and white chairs! Your house is so unique and lively. I like what you said at the beginning of your post: Home is really about the people who live there. I hope that I’m creating a home for my kids that they’ll remember forever, not for the trappings but for the good memories, love, and laughter.

  27. Thanks for the tour, and it was nice seeing teh family interspersed. I really like the turquoise -y blue in your MBR – it’s a color I am wanting to add in to my bedroom, too.

  28. Found it! I cannot do any working with wood (boo hoo) because the only thing I know about jigsaws involves Springbok. However, I have been seriously considering doing something with fabric and canvas to fill my ginormous wall space. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction! If you are ever going to be in Louisville, give me a ring and you can stay with us. You can bring your jigsaw, lol!

  29. Been stalking your blog for awhile now, but had to tell you how AMAZING your house is! Wow! Seriously, so gorgeous! And I agree with others…aren’t vacuum lines fabulous?? :O)

  30. Hi Becky!
    Love your home. So gorgeous and happy! A fun place to be a family in.
    May I ask the color of paint in your family room? I’ve been searching for this color and as close as I can come is Rainwater by Sherwin Williams, but that just isn’t “quite” it!

    Thank you for giving us a glimpse into your home!


  31. It is called Into the Sea by Dutch Boy. I love it so much. I never believed in color therapy until I used this color. l love it.

  32. Thank you so much for taking your time to write! I agree about color therapy… it’s amazing what it can do for your spirit!

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