Two Tiered Table Revamp

After I had just finished reupholstering the two wingback chairs in my family room my mom found a two-tiered pedestal table on Craigslist for $10.

IMG_1800 She brought it to my house in hopes that I would refinish it for her.  I told her I would and placed it between the two chairs just to get it out of the way.  And then lo and behold I fell in love. I had to have the table.

This smaller table was there before and I was planning on changing out the fabric but now with the new chairs it just wasn’t making the cut when this beauty was sitting there begging for a place in my home.IMG_1566_thumb1

For weeks I begged, pleaded and bargained with my mom in an  attempt to get her to give it to me… to no avail.  I even offered to clean her whole house and she still said no.  Eventually my wonderful step dad intervened and talked her into giving it to me…thanks Mark…youdabest!

I love the vintage look to it and I thought it would complete the space with the two antique reupholstered chairs.  Structurally, it was great but the finish was cracked and needed some love.IMG_1841

My only option was to strip and sand it down so it was all smooth.  I felt like I was wasting time doing all that when I was going to paint it anyway.  However, your finish is only as good as the surface underneath.  So I spent way too much time sanding and stripping off the old finish.  But I got the surface all even and ready for some primer.IMG_1856 I actually cheated on my favorite black paint (Rustoleum’s Canyon Black) and opted to try Behr’s Suede Black in Satin and I must say I LOVES!  I was won over by the beautiful, rich, one coat, lush black.  IMG_1860



I have not accessorized it yet.  That will come another day and another dollar but I do love how this table works in this space.  I also need a few other pillows to complete the look.

Speaking of pillows…the Definition of Nest pillow is available in my Etsy shop.  Three options available for your spending pleasure 😉

IMG_1864Check out Miss Mustard Seed’s gorgeous two-tiered sheet music table.  WOW!DSC_0024_edited