I have been hinting around the past few posts about a family member that was coming to live with us.  My teenage nephew named Zack arrived today.  We are excited about the opportunity to influence him as he acclimates and becomes part of our family.  Isaac just thinks it is cool to have a permanent wrestling partner.jh I had to convert the pink guest room to a more masculine teen room. 


pink room

Afterzack's room

I wanted to create a space for him as a welcome gift.  I wanted didn’t want to go overboard with decorating it.  I wanted to give him some creative license in making the space his.  Even though creative license to a teenage boy means posters and punching bags. 🙂

I broke my cardinal rule.  For some reason I really like the bed to be on the wall facing the door.  In order to listen to my husband’s advice create more space for him I had to put the bed on an adjacent wall.

IMG_1764Here is what he walked into when he arrived today.  It is a huge 6’ x 4’ wall mural from Pottery Barn Teen.  Yep I got the cobwebs out of my wallet for this one and ordered the “Rush the Field” wall mural.

IMG_1757One of his big goals in moving here is to be able to play football.  I thought this would be a great visual and reminder of his goal.

I got his bedding from Target.  I liked the colors and thought it would pick up on the blue in the mural.


Can I just pause to say bed skirts drive me crazy!? I am a big fan of the bed skirts being long enough to come to the ground.  A big goal of a bed skirt for me is to hide the junk under the bed.  The one that came with the set wasn’t cutting it…

IMG_1759 Besides the fact that it is ridiculously wrinkled, it doesn’t come close to the floor.  So I cut it apart and stapled it to the bed frame.  IMG_1761 Ahhhh….much better…

IMG_1762 I like how you can see part of the bed frame too.


So as much as I am dying to accessorize the space I decided to take my friend AnNicole’s advice and to respect the man cave

She said…

“I respect my son’s need to create his own space that reflects him. I respect his need to have a space in our painted, pillow filled, artfully arranged house that makes him feel like a man.”

Thanks AnNicole…love you girl!

IMG_1767 I listened intently from downstairs when he walked in.  I heard a few “SUH–WEET” and a couple of “awesomes.”  I think I scored.

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  1. What a precious aunt you are!!! Praying his time with your family is everything he needs and more!

  2. Love the wall mural – I am seeing how silver on the TV stand works here… thinking the bed frame looks a bit girly in the white – but I'm guessing this bed might turn into a Kayla bed at some point… but all in all you have done a super nice job in creating a space to make him a welcome part of your family. That being said – a few books for you to check out – Love and Logic for Teens and For Parents Only – both really good at parenting in the teen years — were very crucial in helping us adapt to a teenage son in the house!

  3. You did a great job! Good luck to you with adding a third "child" to your house.

    ~ Sarah

  4. YOU are such a nice aunt. You did great! I bet its way more than he was expecting.

    If he were a woman and a blogger and a twitterer he'd be even more excited about his new home. 🙂

    We'll just assume that he's more of a texting/facebooking/myspacing highschooler and that he won't really appreciate being featured by his Infarrantly Creative Aunt.

    But i bet he def appreciates his "awes" "sick" new "pad".

  5. Oh wow… it looks fantastic! A few wonderful pieces made the room great, leaving enough space for him to add his own touches. I think you did a perfect job!!

  6. You and the McNairs now have something more in common! I admire you like I admire them for opening up your home and heart to your nephew.

  7. How awesome for your nephew to get a welcome like that! Or, as my high school students say, "That's dees" (as in "decent".)

  8. I am so behind in blog-reading, I didn't even know you had anyone coming to live with you!

    Congrats on the new kid! 😀 This reminds me of that one episode of Roseanne where the younger daughter's boyfriend comes to live with them; Roseanne goes to Dan and tells him she went off and had another kid. Ha!

    The bedroom look good and clean, I'm sure that will change in due time. 😀

    He will make it his own with lots of posters, clothes, and personality!

  9. That is awesome – the room looks great. I hope he enjoys his room and his time with you.

  10. Aw – that's such a nice story! Good for you for creating a room he can be comfortable in and totally make his own. And I love everything you bought!

  11. With 6 sons, my whole life is a 'man cave'. You did a wonderful job on the room, but your heart behind the project is what makes me smile.


  12. Whoa… does he have a single brother around 30???
    Love the room, the bedding is gorgeous! And even though I am no fan of American Football, the mural struck something in me. Me wants!

  13. You did great! And LOVE your idea of stapleing the bedskirt! I will have to remember that one.
    Congrats on your new member! 🙂

  14. Very cool. I think it was just the right touch of your style but leaving enough room for him to stretch. Now don't forget to take pictures once he's put HIS "touch" on it.

  15. It's so refreshing to see Jesus with skin on! What a blessing you'll be to your nephew and what a blessing he's already been to you! God Bless you on your journey!

  16. You are a wonderful person for opening your doors to him. In today's world not too many people do such an act, especially with the eagerness you have demonstrated by creating a space of his own. May God bless you and your family always..


    PS. The room looks AWESOME!

  17. Well done, Beckie! so welcoming and comfortable, but definitely room for him to make it 'his' – awesome!

  18. Ok I have to admit I'm little sad about the pink room being gone……..but what a great thing your doing and that murral is awesome! And I'm totally doing that with the bed skirt to my beds, looks so much better!

  19. I think you did a GREAT job of giving him a nice start instead of a cold, blank room. He'll have fun making it his own. Good job! 🙂

  20. Really great job. Your nephew is lucky to have caring family members like you.

  21. That is so sweet to do that! And that wall mural is awesome, I hope he loves it!

  22. Very well done for your nephew. Don't you love the "suhweeeet", my grown up sons still say it! I hope you all will enjoy the experience.

  23. It is good seeing that another woman besides myself will go to no end to make another feel at home and comfortable in the home. I think you did a fabulous job making it "boy neutral"……Teenage boy at that. lol.

    Wishing you and your family well,

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