This week we have an awesome giveaway from My Design Guide.  They are giving away $50 gift certificates to five, lucky, Infarrantly Creative readers!


My Design Guide was started by Champe Granger (a girl who has the coolest name EVVVA!) and Roger Bouchard. They are experienced home renovators who have an eye for decorating but a love for a good bargain. They created My Design Guide for people who want real, professional, custom interior design, but don’t want to pay a ton for it.

My Design Guide offers online design consultations for simple things like paint selection and window treatment recommendations, all the way up to complete custom room designs! They can help you with your project whether it’s big or small.

For chance to win one of five $50 gift certificates go to their style finder quiz and share your style with in the comment section…

Here’s my Style Finder ProfileUntitled I am a traditional decorator at heart with a splash for the romantic, tuscan and country.  I would say that describes my style pretty well. 

Also if you take their style finder quiz you get a free room fix.  They will give you some basic ideas for making the room that is driving you crazy a place that fits your style.

So what are you waiting for?  I am anxious to hear what your style profile is.  I am wondering if my readers will be similar to my tastes or completely different.  You have until Friday for a chance to enter.  On Friday I will announce the five winners and show you a little peek into a simple fix My Design Guide did for me!

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  1. I am really traditional with a little bit of modern and rustic. No wonder I have such a hard time making decorating decisions…HA!

  2. that was fun, and yet also strange. i am almost all modern except for some…rustic? i have no idea how they got that, the images that it shows upon result don't look rustic to me. too funny.

  3. I am almost allll Romantic, with a little bit of traditional! That was fun! Hope I'm one of the lucky winners.

  4. I took the quiz and I am almost 100% romantic and traditional! Can't wait to check the website out a little more =)

  5. I got 100% modern… haha. not too surprising… 🙂 what a fun quiz… I love stuff like that!

  6. Almost completely modern with a hint of coastal and country. The country had to come from the bedroom choice, and the coastal because I'm an uprooted West Coast girl, and my heart still longs for the Pacific Northwest… sigh.

  7. I am overwhelmingly country, with a good chunk of traditional. Now I wish my house matched what my style is!

  8. I am mostly traditional with some romantic, rustic and coastal too! Sounds like a crazy mix to me!

  9. I am coastal, country and traditional. I think those all fit me very well, I'm impressed! Also, you commented on my blog that you are an Indy Girl too,(which made my day I must admit) I'm from Fort Wayne 🙂

  10. I am very rustic/traditional with a little bit of country mixed in. Not what I would have guessed at all.

  11. I am almost completely country mixed with equal parts modern, romantic & rustic. If that isn't Decorating ADD, then I don't know what is! HA! That was fun!

  12. Wow! I'm 6% traditional, with 4% rustic…pretty interesting that I wasn't even a little bit of something else! I'm anxious to check out the site more!

  13. I'm nearly all the way Traditional, with healthy doses of Country and Rustic! Sounds just about right! 🙂

  14. it would appear that im an even almost ALL traditional, modern AND country. Never thouught I was country.

  15. Equal parts….

    Not so sure about this, but fun just the same!


  16. What a cool site! I'm equally traditional and rustic with a touch of modern =)

  17. Traditional with a little country and coastal mixed in. No wonder things are crazy around here.

  18. My style is mostly modern, with country, traditional and tuscan influences. Which sounds pretty close really 🙂

  19. How fun! I'm mostly traditional mixed with equal parts romantic and tuscan. What a great website!

  20. A little bit country and very heavy on traditional, guess that pretty well sums it up…lots of fun!

  21. Alarmingly, I was 95% Romantic with equal parts Traditional and Country. That's just because "Wacky" or "Dr. Seuss" wasn't a category, LOL. Very cool!

  22. I have been wanting to put a name on my design style for a while! What a fun way to find out. Surprisingly I was .6 Rustic and .2 Coastal, .2 Romantic.

  23. OH this was so fun! Turns out I Rustic with equal parts Modern and Tuscan… which is pretty indicative of my style. I can't wait to submit the room quick fix. Now which room will it be the living room, dining area, or our bedroom (aka storage overflow att)

    Thanks for the opportunity!! And what a great service!!!

  24. I'm 60% modern, 20% traditional and 20% rustic. The rustic part is a little surprising, but not the rest!

  25. I am 80% traditional, with some country thrown in – which totally shocked me because I HATE country. I have no idea how it got in there. LOL I like traditional but not formal, we're pretty casual, so not sure what it would be for real. 🙂

  26. Coastal
    Those are my three according to the quiz… Didn't know I was coastal at all, lol! Thanks for that!

  27. I'm mostly traditional with equal dashes of country and rustic. Rustic was a surprise. I got my Quick Fix last week. I love their suggestion that I use chocolate brown as my accent. I never would have thought of that. I'd love to win. Thanks!

  28. I'm country/traditional/rustic with a touch of garage sale chic. I love antiques and using things for totally different uses than their original purpose. I miss my favorite decorating show, Country Style. Ki Nassaur and Sue Whitney are my heros.

  29. This would be a huge help for me. I'm a good mix of coastal,country, traditional and romantic. I can't decide what to do with our mismatched living room…help!

  30. So I'm about 98% traditional with some Rustic/Coastal flair. I knew it! 🙂

    sikcoe at gmail dot com

  31. I'm mostly Rustic, with a combination of costal, country and tuscan. That does make sense, I like older and more simplistic looking things.

  32. such fun! i am traditional with a lot of country and decent amount of rustic mixed in…very true i have to say! great site too!

  33. I'm all coastal and traditional with a little bit of romantic mixed in there. Pretty cool!

  34. I am 100% traditional! Funny, but I would never describe myself that way. When I look at what I chose, it makes sense. This is a great giveaway!

  35. I'm 20% Country, 20% Modern, 20%Romantic, 20% Rustic, and 20% Traditional. I never would have thought I was such a broad mix.

  36. Country Rustic Traditional
    Yeah I would say that just about sums it up correctly
    Now where is my cozy outdoor quilt so I can go sit by the fire and listen to the owls oh yeah and the dog next door

  37. I'm as traditional as you, with an equal part of rustic, and about half that amount of country.

  38. Mostly traditional with about half modern. That is so me! I love the mix of the two.

  39. Very interesting. I am a little bit country but predominately Rustic and Traditional. Who knew, right? Absolutely love your blog. The inspiration you give to someone like me who decorator challenged is au-inspiring. Thank you!

  40. I loved this and think this is a most unique idea! I came thru the test as almost all romantic, with touches of country and traditional! That sounds like me! I will love redoing my home like me! Thank you!

  41. I am almost all traditional with country, modern, and romantic mixed in there 🙂 That describes me pretty well because I like the traditional country look but I have been influenced by my husband's like for the modern look.

  42. Nearly all traditional with a bit of country, modern and tuscan. Who knew I could fit in all of these categories?!

  43. I'm almost all Traditional with a little bit of coastal. I think that's pretty much right, but I tend to think I have a little bit of romantic in there too.

  44. Hmmm…. Im not sure about the results, but it says traditional and country. I would have said romantic and modern, but whatever!
    I'd still love to win the giveaway. 🙂

  45. I am all country, all traditional and halfway rustic.
    I'm surprised that I fit so neatly into the three.

  46. I scored equally across Modern, Romantic, Rustic, and Traditional. I found it interesting since I would not consider myself modern or rustic, however I consider the traditional and romantic pretty accurate.

  47. I'm mostly traditional, with equal parts coastal, country and rustic thrown in for measure.

    I definitely am going to email them some photos of my master bedroom. I definitely could use some ideas!

  48. I am mostly romantic, with rustic and traditional tied for second. You wouldn't think so by looking in my living room though.

  49. I'm SUPER traditional…like 95% of the bar filled and 50% modern!

    momtoboys30 at yahoo dot com

  50. That was fun. I came out heavy modern with equal amounts of Rustic and traditional. Not sure it works for me. I had to choose my last house since I full time in an rv now. In real life I am early rv working on eradicating the 90's from my home. lol

  51. I am mostly Traditional with a good mix of Coastal & Rustic styles. What a fun quiz!!! I'd love to be one of your lucky winners!
    God's blessings,
    Sarah 😀

  52. According to the quiz, I am rustic/traditional, but a tad of asian style here and there never goes amiss!

  53. I am mostly rustic with modern and romantic tied for second. Hmmm no wonder my home looks a bit hodge-podge at times!! oy! 🙂

  54. I'm a bit confused by my results. I'm totally rustic and tuscan with a half a bar of traditional thrown in…apparently I don't know what tuscan is. I would have thought coastal would have popped up there heavily and at least some country… fun quiz, thanks for posting it.

  55. I got Traditional with a little Country and a little Modern, but didn't agree. When I retook it, all the Modern got tacked onto Traditional. Am I the only one who rails against being considered "Traditional"? 🙂

  56. I am REALLY modern, then romantic and traditional after that… I really like this site, I hope I win!!!

  57. I am way modern with a little country and rustic thrown in. 😀 Can't wait to upload my photos and get my Quick Fix.

  58. I am way modern with a little country and rustic thrown in. 😀 Can't wait to upload my photos and get my Quick Fix.

  59. I am way modern with a little country and rustic thrown in. 😀 Can't wait to upload my photos and get my Quick Fix.

  60. I am way modern with a little country and rustic thrown in. 😀 Can't wait to upload my photos and get my Quick Fix.

  61. I am @ 40% romantic, and 20% each of country, rustic and traditional… hmmm no wonder i feel a bit schitzo when I want to decorate and don't know how to work it all in! Ah, hubby just said "eclectic" har!

  62. I am traditional with a little bit modern, country and rustic….interesting mix..huh?

  63. I sooo need this! I have no sense whatsoever when it comes to decorating or doing things in my house. Give me a head of hair any day & I'll create something – but my house — sigh ….
    I had no idea what to pick on their little survey – as I have no style … but it says I'm everything except Asian, Country and Tuscan – the little graph shows completely full on all the other styles! I think that just shows how I totally clueless! Soooo sad!

    Thanks for the chance to win this!

  64. I'm mostly traditional with a little modern and a little romance to steam things up…funny.

  65. An interesting mix? Almost exactly the same amount of modern and traditional with a splash of rustic thrown in. Looks like a fun site. I will have to look around some more 🙂

  66. Hmm… I'm mostly coastal with a bit 'o rustic and tuscan thrown in. Not sure it's exactly on the mark, but it's not off in left field either. That was fun!

  67. I am really traditional with a lot of modern and romantic taste! I LOVE your website!

  68. I am all equal with coastal, modern, romantic and traditional. Pretty interesting.

  69. Oops, I put my comment in the wrong spot! I was "rustic" with country and traditional coming in second and third. I was really surprised by the country! I blogged about it, too, because I thought it was so cool!

  70. I am mostly modern with a touch of rustic. I started following your blog after seeing your kitchen redo-absolutely awesome! You have the most wonderful tips and tricks. You've also turned me to the piggy paint for my three little pigs, I mean girls. =)

  71. Thanks for sharing your ideas/projects!! They are very motivating! My stylefinder Profile shows me to be mostly Rustic with some Tuscan and Country thrown in. Sounds about right!

  72. I loved this site! I actually enjoyed the quiz. I was mostly Traditional with an equal amount of Modern and Rustic behind traditional.
    afarmer25 at hotmail dot com

  73. I took the test, then forgot to comment. Turns out I'm an even mix of modern, rustic and traditional. Interesting combo.

  74. I'm a mix: mostly traditional with a little rustic. I really thought there'd be some modern in there but nope.

  75. I got mostly country with some rustic thrown in for good measure. I wish my house really looked like that!

  76. I'm a little bit Country, I'm a little bit Coastal. Sorry bad Donny & Marie reference….I liked that my bent towards traditional showed up to…maybe I'm Eclectic? Loved the site though. Yours too 😉

  77. what a fun quiz! I am mostly romantic with equal splashes of country and traditional! That's me!

  78. there were a few questions on that quiz that i felt didn't have an exactly right choice for me – but i have to agree with the results! mostly modern, with equal touches of traditional, rustic, and romantic.

    which pretty much describes my house – a little bit of everything except shabby chic!

  79. I'm mostly traditional as well, which surprised me. 🙂 I also had a splash of Tuscan, Romantic and modern. Go figure. haha!

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