I am starting a new thing on the IC facebook page where I upload your pictures to try and help you brainstorm what you can do to make the space yours, the piece of furniture fresh and new again, or what you can do with that thing that you don’t know what to do with.


Since I get so many questions that sounds like this…

“I got this piece of furniture from my grandma…”

“I was driving along and I found this on the side of the road…”

“I have owned this piece of furniture for years and I hate it…”

Well now I have a place for you to upload your pictures and get advice on what you can do to make it a space/piece/project you love.  Because I know my readers are similar to myself — opinionated!  We love to weigh in don’t we?  So click on over and help Lara who says:

“We have a dresser and a vanity that was my grandmother’s. We’d like to someday paint them, but we aren’t sure on the best color. I attached pictures of the pieces, along with the pillows from our bedding. You can see the wall color in the pics (a grayish blue…ghost ship, I think).


Do you have a dilemma?  Send your pictures to infarrantlycreative@gmail.com with the subject line “reader dilemma.”


P.S.  Come check out me on the Silhouette blog today where I show you how to make a birth announcement pillow.

birth announcement pillow (6)

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